CoD Mobile: Best MAC-10 Loadouts (2024)

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CoD Mobile: Best MAC-10 Loadouts (2024)

The real-world designers of the MAC-10 submachine gun (SMG) created a weapon meant to be concealable, quick, and devastating at close range, and COD: Mobile’s iteration of the peppy pistol stays true to this vision.

Three other weapons in the game (Fennec, RUS-79U, and MSMC) have marginally better mobility, and there is only one weapon with a higher fire rate than the MAC-10. The diminutive murder machine rips through ammunition at an absurd rate, overwhelming enemy players who, by default, have a slower-firing weapon.

Ranged combat is not where the MAC-10 wants to perform. Most enemy players will enjoy range superiority- they can land accurate, damaging shots from further away- but the MAC-10’s superior mobility allows players to flank and close with enemies before they can react. Getting in tight and unleashing a furious burst of lead at close range is where the MAC-10 really shines.

The 3 Best MAC-10 Loadouts Right Now

Below we have 2 loadouts/builds for standard and 1 for battle royale. Enjoy!

Rat MAC-10

Suggested MAC-10 attachments for CoD Mobile
Activision via Mike Bruton

RTC Muzzle Brake, 6.2” Cavalry Barrel, Haste Stock, Red Cell Foregrip, 43 Round Extended Reload

The MAC-10 absolutely flies through ammunition. Blowing through a magazine with a first-in-class fire rate of 120 does not take long. Increase the number of bangs before click by adopting the 43-Round Extended Reload- it doesn’t give the player more ammunition overall, but it prevents clicking dry mid-combat. The 6.2” Cavalry Barrel offers a much-needed boost to the range, but it won’t matter as much as the Haste Stock and Red Cell Foregrip combine for a 30% improvement in Sprint-to-Fire delay, giving the Rat-10 an edge in the quickdraw game.

Red Cell Foregrip
Activision via Mike Bruton

If the Red Cell Grip isn’t your style, there are several other penalty free options.


The Rat MAC-10 is a flanking machine most effective rushing an enemy or attacking from the sides or rear. As a submachine gun, the MAC-10 is no sniper rifle. The limited range is the MAC-10’s biggest drawback. Stock, small game modes, and maps are the only place the stock version has utility, but even on the grind to level up attachments, it’s a fun option for fast game modes.


Suggested Loadout for RAT Mac-10 build
Activision via Mike Bruton

Perks: Agile, Vulture, Dead Silence

Getting the most out of the MAC-10 is all about mobility. The Agile perk further reduces sprint-to-delay time and improves vaulting speed. Reduce the drawbacks of the fast fire rate and low damage with the Vulture perk- picking ammunition up from dead enemies is necessary to keep the kill streak going. Dead Silence helps sneak up on enemies for close-range kills.

Streaks: Hunter Killer Drone, Counter UAV, Sentry Gun

Streaks are a matter of personal preference, but for the Rat-10, the Hunter Killer Drone, UAV, and Sentry gun keep with the MAC-10’s spirit of wiping out enemies who don’t even know you’re there.

Suggested Maps & Modes

Small maps mitigate MAC-10’s poor range by forcing fighters closer together and game modes with capture points with grouped, distracted enemies.


Dome: Mid-sized but split into separate areas with many nooks and crannies to spring surprises, Dome and the MAC-10 go hand-in-hand. 

Monastery: Winding and labyrinthine, the Rat’s superior ADS and Sprint-to-Delay stats make it easy to bring up when encountering an unwelcome surprise around the corner.  

Hacienda: Hacienda’s corridors and corners are a playground for the nimble Rat MAC-10. 

Game mode selection in CoD Mobile
Activision via Mike Bruton

Modes: Hardpoint, Gunfight, Domination

The Rat-10 is a spinning, close-up killer, so game modes with crowded points or personal combat with a more heavily laden adversary are best.

Ranged MAC-10

Suggested build and attachments for ranged MAC-10
Activision via Mike Bruton

6.5 “ Rifling  Barrel, Fast Reload Kill, Tactical Scope, Steel Stock, Sturdy Grip Tape

Tidy up the MAC-10’s most significant drawback- range, with this build focusing on doing damage a little further out. The 6.5” Rifling Barrel offers a boost of 25% to Damage Range along with a 5% reduction in sprint speed. Other barrels can improve range even more but come with heavier penalties, leaving the 6.5” a nice compromise.

Tactical Scope in CoD Mobile
Activision via Mike Bruton

The Tactical Scope is the perfect mix of magnification and sight picture.

Increased range calls for magnification, so dump the iron sights and throw on the scope of your choice. The Tactical Scope is a perfect mixture, offering improved optics at a minor ADS penalty. The Fast Reload Kill is a no-brainer for this thirsty weapon and provides an alternative to using a weapon slot on ammunition.


Suggested Loadout for Ranged MAC-10
Activision via Mike Bruton

Perks: Fast Recover, Toughness, Hardline

The MAC-1o playstyle is fast and furious. Recovering quickly mid-combat could be the difference between triumph and defeat. Toughness combines with the Sturdy Grip Tape in Setup for a 105% increase in flinch reduction. Finally, get the most out of that stack of kills with a 25% XP boost from Hardline.

Streaks: Care Package, Cluster Strike, VTOL

 Roll the dice and see what fate delivers with Care Package, decimate from above with Cluster Strike, and take a break from ground combat by taking the VTOL for a spin. 

Suggested Maps & Modes

Improved range and superior mobility are perfect for spinning fights where the enemy comes from anywhere and everywhere. Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch on small-to-mid maps speak perfectly to this play style.


Terminal: This mid-size airport map provides plenty of opportunities for suppressing the enemy with a superior fire rate. 

Crash: Flowing around a central courtyard reminiscent of Black Hawk Down, this map’s design provides plenty of sneaky opportunities to flank. 

Monastery: The balconies and mid-length sightlines are perfect for the magnification on the Tactical Scope. 

Game Mode Selection
Activision via Mike Bruton

Modes: Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Gunfight

Unpredictable travel paths and a lack of central points to assault bode well for the highly mobile MAC-10.

Battle Royale Loadout

Battle Royale loadout for MAC-10
Activision via Mike Bruton

Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode is a little… different. Unlike many of its brethren in the battle royale mode, COD allows players to pick up their favorite gun in-game.

Airdrops appear periodically on the battlefield and are marked with an icon. If that icon is purple, that means an Arsenal Airdrop has fallen. Within, players will find their choice of customized weapon – if they took the time to set it up beforehand.

Battle Royale Setup Screen CoD Mobile
Activision via Mike Bruton

The Battle Royale setup screen has a loadout button that allows players to customize their Arsenal Airdrop to their preferences. Compared to multiplayer mode, the choices are limited but include a fully customizable weapon of the player’s choice.

Battle Royale MAC-10

Battle Royale Mac 10
Activision via Mike Bruton

Agency Suppressor, 43 Round Fast Reload Magazine, Steel Stock, Striker Foregrip, Tactical Scope

Traversing terrain in search of the safe zone is important in battle royale mode. The Striker Foregrip gives a 5% boost to ADS Movement Speed as well as player movement speed. Suppressed shots are also a must in battle royale- the longer the enemy cannot identify where the shots are coming from, the less likely they are to shoot back in the right direction.

Spring for the Agency Suppressor- it costs 10 credits, but there is no guarantee that an Arsenal Airdrop will appear. Besides silencing the weapon, it also improved vertical recoil at no cost to performance.

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