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CoD: Mobile – Guide to Ranks & Ranking System

The Call of Duty franchise revolutionized online multiplayer shooters in the original Modern Warfare days. Ranking systems, unlocked abilities, perks, scorestreaks, weapons classes, and attachments, and the vitally important Prestige system introduced a way to directly compare yourself to the guy you just headshot from across the map. Naturally, the ranking system returns in CoD: Mobile, so we’ll be going over the best and fastest ways to climb the ranks today!

So what is the best way to climb the ranks? The short answer is to just invest time in playing the game, but if you want to learn how to get the most out of that investment, continue reading on!

Types of Game Modes

There are a few ways to play CoD: Mobile. Aside from a selection of game types (including Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies), there are distinctions between ranked and unranked matches.

Unranked Multiplayer Matches

The starting point of a mobile marauder’s career, unranked matches are initially the only way to play. They include every game type, and a full selection of maps & modes are available from the jump.

This is where new players cut their teeth and learn the ins-and-outs of mobile combat. XP earned in unranked matches counts only towards progression along the unranked achievement track. 

Ranked Multiplayer Matches

Ranked matches become available only after players have proved their mettle by reaching level 10 in unranked.

Ranked players can be rewarded with cosmetic upgrades to their appearance or equipment. Some of these upgrades are specific to that season, making it possible to show off what a veteran you are with that weapon skin from way back when.

Battle Royale Matches

Battle Royale mode determines a round score differently than multiplayer mode. Players will receive a score based on survival time, number of kills, and your playing rank. 

Ranks in CoD: Mobile

CoD: Mobile players climb a progression of rank levels that are tracked separately between Ranked and Unranked, though both have an identical structure. As you accumulate points from completing objectives and securing kills, you’ll increase your rank score, eventually promoting to the next tier.

All Ranks in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

The ranks and their point thresholds in CoD: Mobile are as follows:

  • Rookie (1-1000 points)
  • Veteran (1001-2000 points)
  • Elite (2001-3000 points)
  • Pro (3001-4500 points)
  • Master (4501-6000 points)
  • Grand Master (6001-8000 points)
  • Legendary (8000+ points)

Unsurprisingly, the higher your rank in Ranked mode, the harder your matches become as you face off against similarly ranked players. Until you reach Master rank, you can expect all players in your matches to be placed within two levels of your rank.

As for Grand Master and Legendary players, they’re placed exclusively in matches with those of the same rank. This ensures newbies won’t be dominated by veterans, giving everyone a chance to learn the game without too much frustration.

Naturally, the better you are at the game, the faster you can earn points and increase your rank. But if you want to reach Legendary rank as fast as possible, it’ll be best for you to know exactly how the scoring system works in CoD: Mobile.

How Scoring Works in CoD: Mobile

Normal Kill Triple Kill Normal Kill
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Previous Call of Duty titles focused on Kill/Death (K/D) ratio and consecutive kills earned Killstreaks. However, CoD: Mobile changes this up by rewarding players for Scorestreaks. This is to encourage teamwork and obtaining objectives, as opposed to just eliminating enemies.

As such, it’s crucial to know how the scoring system works in CoD: Mobile to earn the most points in the shortest time span and climb the ranks quicker.

Standard Multiplayer Scoring

With several game modes, there are multiple ways to earn points in CoD: Mobile. Normal kill points and Assists can be achieved in any multiplayer game mode. 

Whether you find it fair or unfair, the last guy to hit an enemy will get 100 points for the normal kill. 

Major and Minor assists are nice because they credit anyone who helped down the enemy rather than just rewarding the person who got the kill shot.

Normal Kill: 100 Points

Normal kills are just what they sound like- an unassisted kill of an enemy where you did all the damage resulting in the kill. 

Major Assist: 50 points

Doing the majority of damage to an enemy before an ally completes the kill. 

Minor Assist: 20 points

Solely focusing on assists is a completely valid way to climb the ranks in CoD: Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Doing minor damage to an enemy, while an ally does the majority and completes the kill. 

Exclusive Mode Scoring

The usual kill-and-assist method of tallying scores applies to point-domination games (Hardpoint, Domination), but there are also bonuses exclusive to these modes. 

Point Owned

Point Owned
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Players receive 25 points every few seconds for as long as your team is entirely dominating the point (no half-and-half) and the player is actively within the capture zone. 

Hardpoint Kill

Hardpoint Kill Longshot
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Players defending owned domination ground receive bonuses for kills achieved while actively defending within the capture area. 

Plant Bomb in Search-and-Destroy

Bomb Planted
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Successfully planting or defusing a bomb rewards 100 points. 

Bonus XP (All Modes)

Certain actions will get you more points to climb the ranks in CoD: Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Defeating enemies in specific ways or piling up kills without dying applies XP bonuses anywhere, ranging from a few XP each to the multiplication of points. 

While these bonuses only add a handful of points to each kill, when added up over the course of the game, they have a significant impact on a player’s score.


Headshot - one of the easiest ways to get extra points for climbing the ranks in CoD: Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Scoring a headshot kill. 


Killing a foe who recently killed an ally. 


Avenger Kingslayer
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Killing the leading scorer on the opposing team. 


Eliminating the enemy who killed you last. 


Kill an enemy who is effectively attacking your teammate. 

Long Shot

Long Shot Normal Kill
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Kill an enemy at long range. 

Points for Multiple Kills

There are two ways to get bonus points for multiple kills – killing multiple enemies in quick succession and traditional killstreaks. They often go hand-in-hand.

Quick Kill Bonuses

Players earn bonuses and multipliers depending on how many kills they achieve before their streak gets interrupted. These aren’t no-death killstreaks (see the table below), but one kill right after another – such as eliminating an enemy team with a grenade.

Double Kill2 kills in quick succession
Triple Kill3 kills in quick succession
Fury4 kills in quick succession
Frenzy5 kills in quick succession
Super6 kills in quick succession
Mega Kill7 kills in quick succession

Killstreak Bonuses

Unlike quick kill bonuses, killstreaks are not time sensitive but do reset upon the player’s death. CoD: Mobile rewards not only bonus points, but medals for those adept at staying alive and hunting the enemy.

Berserker medal earned from getting a killstreak in CoD: Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
BerserkerKill 3 enemies without dying.
BloodthirstyKill 5 enemies without dying.
MercilessKill 10 enemies without dying.
RuthlessKill 15 enemies without dying.
RelentlessKill 20 enemies without dying.

Tallying Up Your Score

Regardless of which mode you play, CoD: Mobile assesses your performance at the end of each match and tallies your XP based on a few factors. 

Player XP

At the end of each match, your Player XP is totaled up and added to your rank.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • Number of Kills
  • Time spent playing
  • Win bonus (for being on the winning team)
  • Clan (playing as part of a clan awards bonus points)
  • Friend (playing with friends awards bonus points)

One thing to note is that the Hardline perk boosts match XP by 25%, a considerable amount. Equipping Hardline is the single most valuable action you can take to climb the ranks as quickly as possible in CoD: Mobile.

On the other hand, players who leave unfinished matches will have points deducted from their score, so no rage-quitting if you’re on the grind. 

Weapon XP

Weapon XP helps unlock better attachments for your gun.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Though not strictly tied to ranking up quickly in CoD: Mobile, players who use particular weapons unlock attachments specific to those weapons. These attachments alter how the gun feels and performs, allowing players to tweak their favorite weapons to their preferred play styles and game modes.

The better a weapon feels for you, the more likely you’ll do better with it – which will help you earn more points and increase your rank in CoD: Mobile.

Join the High Ground!

Ultimately, putting in the time is the best way to rank up, but properly understanding how CoD: Mobile ranks players is critical to making the most of your game time.

What’s your favorite way to attain Legendary status? Drop your tricks in the comments below and let us know. And don’t forget to subscribe for gaming guides on all your favorites!

Happy gaming!

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