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The Complete Guide to CoD: Mobile Zombies Mode (2024)

Whether new to the hunt or an experienced demon destroyer looking to prepare for MWIII, our CoD: Mobile Zombies mode guide to battling the undead will tell you everything you need to know about how to thrive and survive in the zombie apocalypse.  

Resident Evil has been taking gamers into the zombie survival world since as far back as the original PlayStation. But the tail end of the 2000s was a high water mark for zombie-based games. Some legendary developers injected the genre with fresh blood (pardon the pun) and created franchises that resonate a decade and a half later. 

Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, and Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC took zombie survival to suburbia, space, and the Wild West, respectively. Each spawned fond memories and — with the exception of Red Dead, despite popular demand — franchises and game modes are still being enjoyed today.  

Call of Duty got into the action with developer Treyarch’s take on the genre in 2008’s World at War, which proved wildly popular. It marked the genesis of an enduring fan-favorite game mode: Call of Duty: Zombies

The upcoming November release of the Modern Warfare III remake reportedly includes a zombie mode entitled Outbreak 2.0 — celebrating fifteen years of undead hunting fun across multiple titles. 

Call of Duty: Mobile has not missed that boat. While we wait for Modern Warfare III, we’ve been warming up our trigger fingers with CoD: Mobile’s iteration of the zombie fighting experience. 

CoD: Mobile Zombies 101

For those new to the game mode, players strive to survive an onslaught of zombies seeking to break into their base for some delicious brains. Players spawn in a single room equipped with a pistol. 

The attacks begin slowly, ramping up as a horde of undead tear down makeshift barriers trying to get inside. Working as a team of up to four, players defend and repair these weak points. Proximity to a damaged entrance results in repairs even as players fight.

Shooting zombies and repairing barriers awards players credits. They can use these points to unlock new weapons, abilities, upgrades, ammunition, and skills and unlock new portions of the map. Beware, opening up the map leads to more escape routes but also additional angles to defend.

Between each round, a break allows players to repair, refit, and rearm, including upgrading ammunition, weapons, equipment, and abilities. 

Zombies become faster, more powerful, and more numerous as the game progresses, meaning they’ll eat many more shots before going down. This makes for some hectic situations — especially if you’re cornered.

CoD: Mobile Zombies Game Modes

Cod Zombies Game Mode Selection Screen
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

➡️ Zombies Classic – Normal

In normal mode, players must survive 8 rounds of increasingly intense attacks before being transported to a new location to fight a monstrously powerful boss.

➡️ Zombies Classic – Hardcore

Hardcore is more prolonged and more intense, with 12 rounds of undead on the hunt. As the game progresses, a control character known only as “Operator” appears on the screen and invites teammates to vote on missions to complete, be they unlocking a new area, investigating strange noises, finding equipment to repair machinery, or achieving a kill quota at a certain point on the map.

➡️ Zombies Classic – Endless

This is a battle of attrition, and you’re not getting out alive. The name of the game is seeing how many monsters go with you. Zombies are aggressive, and their numbers are high in this mode.

Zombie Enemy Types

Not all zombies in CoD: Mobile are created equal. We’ve compiled a guide to the basic types haunting Shi No Numa. 

Common Zombies

Standard Zombie in Cod Mobile Zombies
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Standard walkers are the most common enemy in the game and the closest representation of an actual zombie. They move slowly and are especially susceptible to headshots- though, unfortunately, most weapons won’t one-shot them (see weapons below) like in the movies.   

Hell Hounds

Hell Hound Enemy in Cod Mobile
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Fast and low, Hell Hounds imitate the K9 Unit from multiplayer with charging attacks that are hard to defeat. Hell Hounds explode when killed, damaging nearby characters- including their allies. 


Inferno Enemy in Cod Mobile
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

A fire-based monster that takes a moment to generate power, the Inferno unleashes a flaming fury that easily knocks players to the ground. Keep away from these dangerous foes and down them from a distance. 


Avogadro Enemy in Cod Mobile
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Looking more like a ghost than a zombie, the Avogadro hurls damaging electric bursts. It is faster than most enemies in the game and can move and change direction unexpectedly. 


Brutus Enemy in Cod Mobile Zombie
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

A melee monster that packs a powerful attack, the Brutus moves fast and takes no prisoners.


The final round in normal and hardcore mode transports teams to a broad open area to face a boss supported by legions of undead allies. Don’t worry if you need to revive here; chalk outlines offer additional weapons and ammo resupply points on the borders of the battle area. 

Never fear; if one of these monsters manages to down a player, all is not lost. Players can revive themselves using two different methods.


Revive Choice - Drop Weapons and skills or Keep Weapon and Skills
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Revive Waiting: Spectate until a timer runs out, after which the player will revive with a single pistol. 

Revive Now: Spend one of a few limited supply tokens to immediately rejoin the fight with the weapons and skills equipped before death. 

Players can also revive each other, so be sure to pay attention to the status of your teammates. Once the whole team is knocked down, the game ends. 


Vending machines scattered around the map offer a variety of ways to take the fight to the enemy.

Ordnance Longshot
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Perk-A-Cola machines sell additional abilities:

➡️ Juggernog: Improves player health by adding hit points. 

➡️ Speed Cola: Speeds up reload times- crucially important when stuck in a group of zombies. 

➡️ Double Tap Root Beer: Every trigger pull sends two bullets downrange. Tough on ammunition supplies but even tougher on the undead. 

Perk-a-Cola Vending Machine
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

➡️ Quick Revive: Reduces the time it takes to revive a teammate and grants an additional self-revive for the player. 

➡️ Deadshot Daiquiri: Improves weapon recoil and aids aiming toward vital points in enemies’ heads and upper bodies. 

➡️ Electric Cherry: An electric shock wave surrounds players and deters attacks. 

Electric Cherry Upgrade
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Each machine sells only one type of powerup. Check out the map section below to see where to locate your favorite unlockable ability. 

Weapons & Vending Machines

Players begin each game with a single pistol. Upgrading to better weaponry is vital, and it’s important to note that players can carry two primary weapons, so ditch that pistol ASAP to maximize firepower. 

Upgrading weapons doesn’t just prove more efficacious- automatic weapons have an obvious advantage over semi-auto, for example- but deal more damage. 

The standard pistol each player starts with deals 36 hit points for body shots and 64 for headshots- you can do better. Upgrade to an assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, or light machine gun before it’s too late. 

There are two ways to procure a new weapon: chalk outlines and ordnance machines. 

Chalk Outline Weapons
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Chalk outline weapons are static. They are always in the same place and offer only a single, unchanging type of weapon. 

Ordnance Menu
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Ordnance machines offer a choice from a limited selection of weapons. Each main class is represented. 

Available Weapons: 

M4A fully automatic assault rifle with solid handling, the M4 is more than capable of dispatching hordes of the undead.
RUS-79UThis diminutive submachine gun is not as powerful as the other choices, but a high rate of fire and excellent maneuverability make it hyper-competent against grouped enemies. 
RPDPowerful, heavy, and slow, the RPD fires a powerful round and has one thing every zombie fighter dreams of- tons of ammunition. 
DL Q33A bolt-action sniper rifle with limited application on a partitioned map the size of Shi No Numa, the DL Q33 nonetheless provides the most powerful, if slow-firing, weapon in zombie mode. 
AK47The world’s most popular weapon, the classic AK47 dispatches hordes of enemies with a heavy slug and rapid-fire options. 
AK117A solid assault rifle (AR) representing an upgraded version of an AK47, the AK117 doesn’t hit as hard as its predecessor but is more than serviceable. 
Type 25Blistering rates of fire send a lot of ammunition flying at the cost of being less damaging than comparable assault rifles. 
Bk57An ugly little bullpup, this AR nonetheless enjoys a class-leading mobility score- important when trying to John Wick a room full of the undead.
PDW-57A swingable sub-machine gun, the PDW fires fast but does not hit as hard as other weapons on this list. 

Though your level as a zombie killer is separate from that of your multiplayer level, weapon XP still applies across the game. In other words, using a particular weapon in Zombie mode will apply level boosts to that weapon while playing Hardpoint or Battle Royale. 


This Pack-A-Punch in the outside courtyard does not initially work. Players will need to locate electronic components to repair the machine. These components can be found on top of a chest on the lower floor of the main building, in the Fishing Hut in the southeast corner, or in the Storage Hut in the northwest area of the map.

Ammo Crates

Ammo Box Closeup
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

These ammo crates are scattered around the map, allowing players to top up their ammunition supply for 500 credits. 

CoD: Mobile Zombies Map

Season 7 features a single map: Shi No Numa, an isolated complex in the jungle harboring many secrets. In-game, clicking the map on the upper right reveals a more complete picture. 

Open Map Upper Corner Closeup
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Players start on the upper floor of a jungle hut before making their way around the compound.

Shi No Numa Map Areas

Let’s talk about each of the most recent map’s areas and how to progress through them.

Second Floor Spawn Building

Small with several entry points and two locked exits, it’s good to hole up in the centrally located spawn point for a few rounds. Players can upgrade with a Quick Revive, a  new J35B pistol, or an RUS-79U submachine gun for 500 credits each without leaving. Sticky grenades are also available for 2,000 credits.

Unblocking the stairs leads to the lower floor while opening the door on the same floor grants the opportunity to buy an MSMC SMG and gives access to the central courtyard and first floor via an unblocked exterior staircase. 

Ground Floor Spawn Building

Upon unlocking the first floor of the central hut, players find a BY15 shotgun or HG40 submachine gun for 750 credits. An ordnance vending machine allows for upgrades to ammunition. 

Central Courtyard

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The central courtyard has a Pack-A-Punch machine requiring electrical components. Players can also shell out 4,000 credits for a trip mine. 

Four areas split off from the central courtyard. Players can unlock each area for between 750 and 1000 credits.

Northeast Corner: Comms Room

The Comms Rooms is in the northeast section of the map. It contains an AK47 chalk outline, an ammo box, and a telephone. 

East Swamp

This out-of-the-way corner of the map hides a secret: an HS045 pistol pump-action shotgun to help channel your inner Ash Williams. 

Southeast Corner: Fishing Hut

Unlock the southeast area of the map to find an Electric Cherry for 2000 credits and opportunities to upgrade your arsenal with a PDW57 for 1500 credits and a bottle of Double Tap Root Beer. 

Electronic Components on Floor
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

One of the electronic components needed to repair machinery is on the floor at the southernmost point of this area. 

Southwest Corner: Doctor’s Quarters

The Doctor’s Quarters has ammunition and an AK47. It costs 750 points to access the building.

Northwest Corner: Storage Hut

The Storage Hut has a Perk-A-Cola machine and an Electro-Shock proximity trap. Another set of electronic components is to the right along the wall with the entrance. 

Shi No Numa Map Protips

Protip #1: Work with teammates to spare the last zombie on the round for a while. Lead them on a merry chase as you repair, rearm, and resupply. Then dispatch the straggler and move on to the next round, fresh and ready. 

Protip #2: Hole up on the second-floor spawn point for the first few rounds. Repairing windows supplies credits to spend and keeps enemies at bay as they try to break inside. 

Protip #3: Opening a new area is not always a good idea. Sure, it provides more room to maneuver, but it also gives zombies a chance to infiltrate from different angles. Not to mention a bigger possibility of getting separated from teammates- an often fatal mistake. 

Join the High Ground

CoD: Mobile zombies pack enough four-player fun to keep players occupied for hours. Deciding when and where to unlock new areas and which weapons to use is subjective, but forewarned is forearmed, and our guide to Zombies in CoD: Mobile should help you gain the high ground.  

Drop your favorite weapons and perks in the chat and get to hunting! Happy gaming!


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