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Best PPSh-41 Loadouts in COD: Mobile (2024)

The PPSh-41 holds a special place in the armory of Call of Duty: Mobile. Surrounded by weapons far more modern and, in some cases, futuristic, the World War II era submachine gun begs the question: What can it offer that a newer weapon can’t?

The answer is a lot. Sure, it’s unlikely that the PPSh-41 will win any real-world military contracts soon. Still, the virtual version has some distinctive qualities that make it practical and downright fun to play. 

Come along as we detail our favorite builds for the little submachine gun that could.

Loadout #1: Savage PPSh-41

This nasty build is highly mobile, grossly inaccurate at range , and a stone cold grab-them-by-the-belt quick draw killer.

Attachments & Setup

No Stock, Rustle Grip Tape, Classic Red Dot Sight, Guerilla Light Short Barrel, Operator Foregrip

Savage PPSh 41
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The PPSh-41 benefits from a case of addition by subtraction. Remove the stock and slap the Rustle Grip Tape on the grip for significant improvements in aim-down-sight (ADS) performance and sprint-to-fire delay. There’s a stiff penalty to ADS bullet spread and recoil, but this little subby will never be a surgical shooter.  

PPSh41 No Stock Grip Tape
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The ancient iron sights are pitiful, so go for a 1x optical sight. We like the Classic Dot Sight for its excellent sight picture and simple reticle. The Guerrilla Light Short Barrel keeps the party going with further increases in speed and a boost to Hipfire Bullet Spread, and the Operator Foregrip makes a little concession to what would otherwise be a runaway barrel climber. 

The result is a nasty, up-close-and-personal submachine gun with an enormous 65-round magazine that will overpower just about anyone in the game- providing they’re at close range.


This build is a close-in murder machine- and using it in any other way is a recipe for disaster. Domination game modes and Free-For-All’s chaotic combat put the Savage PPSh-41 in the best possible position to stack kills.


Lightweight, Vulture, Alert

The Savage is all about speed, surprise, and violence of action. Lightweight’s boost to overall movement speed and reduced fall damage play nicely into the pell-mell style players must adopt to make the most of the build. 

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

This little beast burns through ammo fast, so Vulture’s ammunition replenishment is handy. 

Cap it off with Alert to give warning of approaching players so you can meet them with a nasty little surprise when they turn that corner.


UAV, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile

Savage Scorestreaks
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Forewarned is forearmed. The UAV feeds you intelligence, and the Sentry Gun and Predator missile combo keeps the kills coming with this trio of Scorestreaks. 

Maps & Modes

Small maps, chokepoints, and chaotic combat modes are where the Savage PPSh-41 wants to live. High movement speed means getting to that point before anyone else, while loose handling is perfect for spinning to confront enemies from all directions. 


  • Nuketown
  • Dome
  • Hijacked


Savage Game Modes
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Free-For-All
  • Hardpoint
  • Team Deathmatch

Loadout #2: Steady Hand PPSh-41

For those who love the idiosyncrasies of the PPSh-41 but crave a little more control and a lot more range than the Savage build.


“Banner” Heavy Barrel, Tactical Scope, RTC Steady Stock, RTC Laser 1mW, Resilient Foregrip

Steady hand PPSh
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The Savage build is a bit of a wild card. Try out this settled-down version of the PPSh-41 for more stability. The Banner Heavy Barrel improves the Damage Range by 25%, allowing players to be more effective at a distance. The downside is slower ADS speed, but the RTC Laser 1mW improves hip fire accuracy when there’s no time to raise the gun. 

The RTC Steady Stock and Resilient Foregrip smooth out recoil and reduce ADS bullet spread. Combined with the slight magnification of the Tactical Scope, the result is a quick-to-aim submachine gun with a solid fire rate and the ability to tap targets mid-range. 


A little slower but far more calm than the frenetic Savage, the Steady Hand build works well at close- to mid-range. It’s a viable choice for most game modes but performs especially well in team-based game modes that allow a lot of maneuvering. 


Skulker, Ghost, Hardline

Not-so-slow and steady wins the race with this build. Skulker increases walking speed by 12%. With Ghost keeping enemy radar clear of your presence, Hardline’s 25% XP boost will be convenient.


Counter UAV, Guardian, Stealth Chopper

Keep the enemy blind while you hunt with Counter UAV, slow them down by placing the Guardian in a key point, and call in the Stealth Chopper to finish them off. 

Maps & Modes

Small to medium maps and game modes that allow a little breathing space to maneuver are best for the Steady Hand build. 


  • Hacienda
  • Crash
  • Firing Range


Steady Hand Modes
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Search-and-Destroy

Loadout #3: Battle Royale PPSh-41

Battle Royale mode has a way to get your favorite build in the loot-centric game mode. This PPSh is a nice all-rounder handy whether you’re surprising a looting enemy or making a push for the final circle.

Players can call in a custom weapon loadout in Battle Royale- a lovely gift in a mode devoted to scrounging for weapons. Head to the Battle Royale lobby and click on Loadout in the lower left (just as in multiplayer mode) to set up your preferences. 

Battle Royale Lobby
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Whatever you set up in this area will appear in Arsenal Airdrops during battle royale games. An icon marked with a purple wrench indicates an airdrop containing your favorite setup. 

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Attachments & Setup

Tactical Suppressor, 3x Tactical Scope 1, 35 Round Fast Reload, Resilient Foregrip, Wounding

Battle Royal PPSh
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Wounding is a critical perk to add for Battle Royale mode. It slows down enemies struck by your bullets, allowing players to administer the coup-de-grace. With the PPsh’s relatively weak damage rating, one-shot kills will not happen, making Wounding a critical component of this build. 

The 3x scope offers an appropriate level of magnification for the longer combat ranges of Battle Royale, while the Tactical Suppressor keeps enemies guessing as to your location. It should be too late when they find out where you are. The Resilient Foregrip and 35-Round Fast Reload tie up this package with improved control and movement speed bonuses. 

There is no single right way to dominate the battlefield in Call of Duty: Mobile, but the PPSh-41 certainly ranks as one of the most exciting weapons available in the game. What are your favorite loadouts for this anachronistic submachine gun? Please leave it in the comments, and happy gaming!

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