COD: Mobile | Best M4 Loadouts & Builds (2024)

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COD: Mobile | Best M4 Loadouts & Builds (2024)

The venerable M4 carbine is one of the most famous weapons of the modern era, having been involved in real and virtual conflicts since 1994. There is hardly a first-person shooter that does not put this ubiquitous assault rifle in the player’s hands at some point in the game. COD: Mobile’s iteration of the M4 highlights accessibility and versatility — it’s available to players from the jump, and its deep modifications can carry the player through all levels of competition. Whether you’re trying to survive a Battle Royale, become king of the hill in Free-For-All, or charge the point in Hard Point, the M4 has something for everyone. Check out some of our favorite loadouts and builds for the M4 in COD: Mobile!

Recon M4

The 4.4x scope and recoil-oriented build make our Ranger M4 best for engaging from a distance. Save it for medium to large maps with long sight lines and set objectives for laying traps. Or haul it up to your favorite sniper nest and start collecting kills.


Best M4 Loadouts in COD: Mobile | Recon
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • Tactical Suppressor
  • OWC Marksman Barrel
  • RTC 4.4x Tactical Scope
  • YKM Light Stock
  • MIP Laser 5mW

The OWC Marksman Barrel comes with significant drawbacks — including debuffs to movement speed, ADS movement speed, and ADS time — but its perks are so ideally suited to this build that we can’t imagine any other barrel. A whopping 35% boost to damage range is just the beginning — improved ADS bullet spread and recoil calms everything down in the name of accuracy and damage. 

The YKM Light Stock may seem counterintuitive for a rifle built for range, but it cancels out some of the heaviness introduced by the other accessories. The YKM takes some of the heaviness out of the gun by taking back some ADS speed, making acquiring targets less onerous. 

Long-range is fine and well, but enemies will still attack you from close. The MIP Laser 5mW allows players to target nearby enemies without looking through the scope.


Recon Loadouts
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton

Perks: Iron Lungs, Ghost, High Alert

Improved breath-holding ability is a no-brainer for a long-range weapon. Stay hidden and off the enemy radar with Ghost, and (if you can afford it) use High Alert to turn into a recon soldier able to mark enemy points of interest. 

Streaks: Predator Missile, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper

Get additional battlefield info from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, set up a Sentry Gun to watch your back, and call in air support for a ride in the skies once that skill streak builds. 


The Ranger M4 wants to feast from a distance, but in the end, it is most effective at the outer limits of mid-range combat. Medium-to-large maps with long sightlines are best for the Ranger.

  • Crossfire: A map honeycombed with sniper hides, and one central street, Crossfire is an excellent choice for the Ranger M4. 
  • High Rise: Symmetrical map design and one large central area make High Rise a good candidate for collecting kills through scopes. 
  • Hijacked: Hijacked’s narrow corridors and balconies funnel enemies and give players advantageous sightlines — perfect for laying traps and hosing enemy teams as they pile toward the point. 


Recon Game Modes
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton

The Ranger suffers in chaotic modes such as Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch. Choosing Modes with set points to defend allows players to anticipate enemy movement and set up traps. We recommend Hardpoint, Domination, and Search & Destroy.

Rampage M4

This one is pure aggression. This is an in-your-face point domination machine with light handling and fast ADS speed. Get to the point first and go full John Wick run-and-gun to make it yours and keep it.


Best M4 Loadouts in COD: Mobile | Rampage
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • MIP Light Barrel (Short)
  • Holographic Sight 3
  • YKM Combat Stock
  • 50 Round Extended Mag
  • Stippled Grip Tape

MIP Light Barrel (Short) is all about improving the aim-down-sight performance. Boosts to ADS Time and ADS Movement Speed improve swingability and target acquisition. Popping to ADS feels light and responsive. We like the classic holographic sights for this purpose, but any 1x or even the Tactical Scope is a great fit. 

The YKM stock buffs ADS time at the expense of recoil and bullet spread, but with the 50-Round Extended Mag, this spray-and-pray machine doesn’t collect kills with surgical accuracy. Kick down the door, stick the barrel in an enemy’s gut, and hold the trigger. 


Rampage Loadout
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton

Perks: Lightweight, Vulture, Alert

This build is all about speed. A 5% boost to sprinting speed and reduced fall damage will have you running circles around the enemy. Tack the Vulture perk to collect ammo from each kill — those 50-round mags go fast. Alert warns you of approaching enemies, allowing you to get the gun up and pointed in the right direction for a nasty surprise. 

Streaks: Hunter Killer Drone, Counter UAV, VTOL

The Killer Drone fits an aggressive playstyle, keeping enemies on their heels while Counter UAVs keep them blind. A ride in the VTOL is the icing on the cake.  


The Rampage M4 thrives on chaos. Outmaneuver the enemy with fast ADS and unexpected turns (especially with the Alert perk). Small maps and tumultuous game modes with close-range fighting are best. 

  • Firing Range: Twists, turns, and small rooms make excellent hunting grounds for the CQB-oriented M4. 
  • Dome: The Rampage loves short sightlines and domination points in enclosed areas. 
  • Nuketown: COD’s most iconic map makes for short and sharp combat; the entire map is essentially in range of our diminutive carbine. 


Rampage Game Modes
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton

Any game mode that does not rely too heavily on ranged combat is a good fit for this build. The extended mag feasts on overcrowded domination points, and good maneuverability and ADS speed efficiently deal with a surprise encounter. You’ll likely do best in Hardpoint, Free for All, and Gunfight.

Battle Royale M4

Best M4 Loadouts in COD: Mobile | Battle Royale
Image: TiMi Studio Group via HGG / Mike Bruton

Wait, isn’t the whole point of Battle Royale looting whatever weapons you can find on the ground? Yes, typically. But COD: Mobile includes Arsenal Airdrop — a mechanic by which players may receive their custom build of choice during a Battle Royale match.

Arsenal Airdrops deliver pre-selected customized loadouts to the player. They are marked on the map with a purple icon with a wrench on it. Make sure to distinguish them from standard airdrops, which show up as green. Both types emit red smoke to help players locate them on the battlefield.

Our preferred Battle Royale M4 setup gears it to be effective at any point in-game. The Tactical Scope provides a bit of magnification without getting tunnel vision, and Stippled Grip Tape costs some accuracy, but in a game mode that involves so much running, getting the gun up from sprint before the other guy is imperative. The YKM Integral Suppressor Light Barrel quiets things down while saving a slot for a bonus attachment — in this case, Wounding, a nasty surprise for the enemy. 

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There is a reason the M4 is in nearly every modern shooter game. It is one of the most influential and recognizable weapons of the 21st century and a joy to play in its COD: Mobile iteration. Try one of our setups, or mix and match attachments to personal preferences. Leave your favorite setups in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Happy gaming!


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