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CoD: Mobile Best Switchblade X9 Loadouts (2024)

In honor of the recent release of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8’s cyber future theme, we’re looking at one of the most sci-fi weapons in the game.

The Switchblade X9 looks like it came from the armory of Mass Effect’s Normandy spaceship. But the fugly little submachine gun (SMG) has a lot to say for it.

Though its Mobility rating is in the top five of the submachine gun class, this compact fires slower than comparable subs. It is a mixed blessing, as ripping through magazines at the speed of light is not always a plus- and the stock mag is a paltry 26 rounds. Regarding Damage Rating (27 in a class that spans between 23 and 34), the Switchblade is the definition of middling. 

The result is a light, manageable, albeit middle-of-the-road weapon with significant upside. We’ve played with every possible attachment to determine which plays into the quirky submachine gun’s strengths.  

Loadout #1: Buzzsaw Switchblade X9

Buzzsaw Switchblade X9 Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Attachments & Setup

Extended Mag A, Rubberized Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand, MIP Light Barrel 3, OWC Skeleton Stock (or Holographic Sight 3)

Ammunition modifications are a necessity. There is only one option for an extended magazine. Extended Mag A boosts the capacity by 15 rounds. The Switchblade tends to ride up on full auto. Rubberized Grip Tape addresses the problem nicely. 

Forgoing an optical sight is bold, but pairing the extended magazine with Sleight of Hand puts the buzz in the Buzzsaw. For those who insist on optics, a Holo sight 3 is a great choice- it’s perfect for the close-range gunfighting style of the Buzzsaw. Enhance the already absurdly quick ADS time with the MIP Light Barrel (Short)) for a nearly supernatural ability to snap to targets. 


The Buzzsaw does not like to play from a distance- bullet spread gets downright goofy further out. Twirling, whirling, and getting close is the best way to dispatch the enemy. Leave the sniping to the snipers and get into the fray.

Perks: Lightweight, Vulture, Alert

Lightweight is a must-equip. Faster sprinting speeds and reduced fall damage accentuate the pell-mell chaos. With a relatively small magazine size- even when upgraded- Vulture goes a long way toward keeping ammunition full. Alert gives players a heads-up on who is coming their way, perfect for point domination modes and Search-and-Destroy.

Streaks: Care Package, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper

Running a nuclear bomb streak is a real likelihood with the Buzzsaw. Boost your chances with an offensive scorestreak package designed to stack up more kills. Care Package is a roll of the dice, but more often than not, delivers a Scorestreak reward that would otherwise be tough to achieve, like the devastating and fun Chopper Gunner. 

Set Sentry Guns to guard strategic points and call in the Stealth Chopper. Just be sure to evacuate your reinforcements before going for the nuclear option.

Maps & Modes

Small, close-in maps and game modes are the only place for this build. As well as it performs close-in; anything beyond that and the relatively weak and inaccurate round loses its effectiveness fast.


  • Domes
  • Standoff
  • Nuketown


Best Modes to Use this Switchblade X9 Loadout on
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Hardpoint
  • Search-and-Destroy
  • Domination

Loadout #2: Steady Hand Switchblade X9

Steady Hand Switchblade X9 Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Attachments & Setup

MIP Light Flash Guard, MIP Light Extended Barrel, RTC Steady Stock, Extended Mag A, Granulated Grip Tape

If the frantic playstyle of the Buzzsaw build is too twitchy, try out the calmer Steady Hand Switchblade. Keeping Extended Mag A, but swap out just about everything else to gain stats in Accuracy, Range, and Control with a reduction to Mobility that housetrains the wild Buzzsaw. 

Granulated Grip Tape, the MIP Light Extended Barrel, and the RTC Steady Stock do wonders for one of the Switchblade’s most significant drawbacks- ADS bullet spread at range, not to mention smoothing out the recoil. The MIP Light Flash Barrel improves hip-fire performance and bullet spread.

The result is a more sophisticated but no less effective iteration of the Switchblade for game modes with more room and longer fighting distance. 


Players don’t have to move as urgently with the Steady Hand, making it efficacious at medium range. This opens it up to modes where enemy teams are not necessarily grouped around a single objective. Players can pick and pluck at enemies without needing to be within arm’s length.

Perks: Skulker, Cold Blooded, Hardline

Skulker increases walking speed, allowing players to maneuver into a good position to strike. If the position is good enough, post up and wait for enemies; you won’t appear on their radar. Take advantage of all the kills you’ll rack up with a 25% XP boost from Hardline. 

Streaks: Counter UAV, Predator Missile, VTOL

Counter UAV pairs nicely with Cold Blooded to keep the enemy team in the dark. While they’re searching for you, rain hell down with Predator Missiles and a pesky VTOL.

Maps & Modes

Longer ranges are less of a problem for the Steady Hand build than they are for the Buzzsaw. It performs well on medium-sized maps and game modes without crowded points. 


  • Docks
  • Hacienda
  • Summit


Best Modes to Use the Steady Hand Switchblade X9 Loadout On
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-For-All
  • Frontline

Loadout #3: Battle Royale Switchblade X9

The Switchblade can feel like magic under the right conditions, and it is a ton of fun to play. Dive into battle and fight to the final circle with this build geared toward Battle Royale dominance. 

To set up a custom weapon for Battle Royale mode, head to the lobby and select Loadout in the lower left. This screen allows players to set custom attachments to their favorite gun.

Battle Royale Mode Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

In-game, this weapon will appear in Arsenal Airdrops marked with a purple wrench on the map- granting access to preferred loadouts in Battle Royale mode. 

Attachments & Setup

Tactical Suppressor, 3x Tactical Scope 1 or 2, Operator Foregrip, Extended Mag A, MIP Laser 5mW

Battle Royale Switchblade X9
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Keeping enemies confused is priority number 1 in Battle Royale, so throw a suppressor on the Switchblade to keep enemies guessing which direction the fire comes from. The Tactical Suppressor is available early and keeps things quiet with minimal drawbacks. 

Account for the more extended fighting range associated with Battle Royale with the 3x Tactical Scope of your choice, and supplement it with the MIP Laser 5mW to improve firing from the hip. Magnified scopes can be difficult to use on weapons with a lot of vertical recoil, so bring the barrel down with the Operator Foregrip. Cap it off with Extended Magazine A to keep the rounds flying. 

The result is an ultra-competent Battle Royale bit of kit with everything required to fight to the Final Circle. 

Try out our favorite builds or mix-and-match attachments to achieve your favorites. Either way, the Switchblade X9 is a weird but enjoyable slice of submachine gun not to be missed. 

High Ground has you covered with guides, strategies, tips, tricks, and news on your favorite franchises. Drop your favorite Call of Duty: Mobile builds and strategies in the comments section below, and happy gaming!

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