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CoD Mobile: The Best Sniper Rifles (2024)

Call of Duty: Mobile condenses the depth and complexity of the shooter franchise into a portable format. Despite being played on a handheld device, the game offers a full range of weapons. If scoring long-range kills while maintaining your ability to 360 no-scope the guy who just ran around the corner sounds interesting, you’ll want to get acquainted with the collection of sniper rifles in CoD: Mobile.

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There’s a large selection of sniper rifles in CoD: Mobile. Luckily, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each weapon, including how to choose one for your play style and tips on which attachments will help fine-turn your weapon to your preferred method of play.

Weapon Attributes

Before we dive into our list, we’ll go over what each attribute does for your weapon in CoD: Mobile. If you’re already familiar with each one, feel free to skip ahead to our sniper rifle rankings.

Weapon attributes are split into six categories: accuracy, damage, range, fire rate, mobility, and control. Each impacts the lethality of the shot and the feel of the weapon for the player.


Accuracy brings to mind adjusting minutes of angle and jotting numbers in a D.O.P.E. book, but this stat applies to the weapon’s lateral recoil and bullet spread. Higher accuracy also translates to reduced scope sway.


Sniper rifles are the most potent weapons in CoD: Mobile, capable of one-shot kills, though it’s not always guaranteed. The higher the damage rating, the more likely you’ll be able to eliminate your opponent in a single shot. Lower damage rifles might take two or more hits to secure a kill.


Reaching out and touching the enemy from long-range is the calling card of sniper rifles, but there is a drawback: the bullet round loses efficacy over distance, meaning long shots may do less damage.

Fire Rate

Choosing the correct fire rate for your play style is critical, and in no other class does it have the same impact as it does for snipers.

Sniper rifles in CoD: Mobile come in two flavors: bolt-action and semi automatic. Bolt-action requires the player to cycle the bolt between each shot, while semi-automatics get rounds downrange faster


Sniper rifles tend to be bulky and poorly suited to close-quarter fighting. The mobility stat accounts not only for how long it takes to aim down sights but also your travel speed when using the weapon.


Control accounts for vertical recoil, which is especially important for quick follow-up shots. Losing the sight picture tends to be problematic when your first shot doesn’t finish the job. Control is critical when two-tapping with semi-automatic rifles.

Every Sniper Rifle in CoD: Mobile, Ranked Worst to Best

There are twelve sniper rifles to choose from in CoD: Mobile. The entry-level offer is a fine start, but the rest must be unlocked through challenges or level progression. Check out our tier list to find out which weapons are worth the grind.

NA-45 (D Tier)

Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

The NA-45 is by far the weakest sniper rifle in CoD: Mobile. With a paltry damage rating of 30, even its respectable fire rate can’t do much for its overall performance. One-shot kills will be the exception rather than the rule with this under-powered weapon.

SVD (C Tier)

Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Everyone’s favorite Eastern bloc DMR – the SVD. It offers good stability, accuracy, and ADS but lacks power. Don’t count on too many one-shot kills while carrying the best the Iron Curtain has to offer.

XPR-50 (C Tier)

Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

This semi-automatic rifle provides a class-best 37 fire rate, which is good because it ranks amongst the lowest in stopping power. The quick fire rate and average mobility make the XPR-50 a practical option in close-up situations, but is that really what you want in a sniper rifle?

Rytec AMR (B Tier)

Rytec AMR
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Those who score 30 headshots with sniper rifles get access to the Rytec AMR. This semi-automatic gun comes with good range, reasonable control, and a respectable fire rate.

Unfortunately, the Rytec is not the best at anything. However, it does remain a serviceable all-around sniper rifle for those with a penchant for landing shots in the torso.

Arctic .50 (B Tier)

Arctic .50
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

The Arctic .50 is a competent piece of weaponry offering high damage, a solid fire rate, and superior range. This rifle is capable of one-shot kills, but only in the upper body, and it’s not a guarantee.

What sets the Arctic .50 above its peers is an impressive 68 control stat. The reduced recoil allows the wielder to quickly follow up on their initial shot, just in case the first one isn’t enough.

DL Q33 (B Tier)

DL Q33 (B Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

The DL Q33 is the entry option for the would-be sniper. Luckily, it’s a competent and deadly bolt action magazine-fed rifle. The fire rate might not be the fastest, but its power and excellent range ensure you’ll have a fun time unlocking the other options.

Outlaw (A Tier)

Outlaw (A Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Damage, accuracy, and mobility ensure that a sniper equipped with an Outlaw can get into a position quickly and reliably take out their target from a distance. It also boasts superior ADS speed when you have to beat someone to the draw. But don’t miss that shot; the Outlaw has a low fire rate.

M21 EBR (A Tier)

M21 EBR (A Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

A semi-automatic rifle based on the venerable M14, the COD: Mobile iteration upholds its sterling reputation for combat effectiveness. Only two sniper rifles in the game boast a higher damage stat (Locus and ZRG), but neither can compete when it comes to rate of fire, and the M21’s low recoil places it amongst the most controllable of the snipers.

HDR (A Tier)

HDR (A Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

The HDR is a natural choice for the sniper who wants to put players down at a distance. High accuracy, significant damage, and decent control make it a top-tier choice for the battlefield angel overwatching their team from a secure position.

Koshka (A Tier)

Koshka (A Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

The Koshka is a hard-hitting, accurate, and fast ADS-ing rifle best suited for players who value accuracy and control. The Kosha loses a mark for its lowest-in-class fire rate, meaning a missed shot in close quarters might leave the player on the losing end of a gun battle. However, high damage, good mobility, and excellent range make the Koshka hard to overlook as an upper-echelon option.

Locus (S Tier)

Locus (S Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Look no further than the Locus for the one-shot, one-kill sniping purist. This bolt-action option might offer little in the way of quick follow-up shots, but it makes up for it with class-best damage and range. The Locus is what most people think of when they picture a sniper in a nice perch stalking the enemy.

ZRG 20mm (S Tier)

ZRG 20mm (S Tier) - Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Utilizing a caliber typically reserved for anti-aircraft applications, it’s no surprise that the ZRG 20mm is a beast of a sniper rifle. With a class-leading 95 damage rating, no other sniper rifle in COD: Mobile hits as hard as the ZRG. Low fire rate and mediocre mobility ratings make the ZRG far from perfect, but it’s hard to argue against stopping power, and the ZRG is the hardest-hitting sniper in the game.

Attachments for Sniper Rifles

If the attributes of your favorite sniper rifle are almost perfect, consider using the gunsmith to dial it in. The player can modify their weapon from brake to butt. The categories include muzzle, barrel, optic, stock, perk, laser, underbarrel, and ammunition options.

Players can add up to five attachments of their choice, each with a performance modifier. Beware, adding a beneficial attachment will include a drawback as well.

Below is a list of attachments and their corresponding impacts.

Sprint to Fire

Sprint to fire dictates how quickly you can switch to shooting while running. Laser sights and rear grip attachments impact this attribute.

ADS Movement

How fast you can move while aiming down sights. Stock, barrel, and rear grip attachments are what to look for if the rifle is slow to come up.

ADS Speed

The speed at which you can sight in on a target through their sights. Stock, barrel, and rear-grip attachments may alter this attribute.

ADS Bullet Spread

Rear grips and barrel attachments impact the tightness of grouping when aiming down sights.

Flinch Stability

This category dictates how severely you flinch when shot by another player. High flinch stability means staying on target even if the opponent beats you to the draw.

Hip Fire Accuracy

You can add laser and underbarrel attachments to change hip fire accuracy. This statistic determines how tightly and accurately bullets land while not aiming down sights.

Lateral Recoil

Lateral recoil accounts for the horizontal kick of the weapon. Muzzle or stock attachments are best for fine-tuning this statistic.

Vertical Recoil

Vertical recoil controls how hard the weapon kicks on the vertical axis- crucial for snipers who need to land a second shot to secure their kill. Muzzle, underbarrel, and rear grip attachments impact vertical recoil.

Join the High Ground

CoD: Mobile offers a nice range of sniper rifles for every style of play. Not everyone plays the same way or wants the same things for their sniper experience. Run-and gunners may value hip fire accuracy and ADS-speed, while the stalker may prefer range and power.

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Whichever your preferred style, there’s a combination of weapons and attachments for every type of player. But don’t take our word for it- jump into CoD: Mobile and find out for yourself!

If you want us to clarify anything else, or think a sniper rifle deserves a higher (or lower) ranking on our list, let us know in the comments below! And make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on all things gaming.

Happy sniping!

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