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CoD Mobile: Best AR Loadouts (2024)

There is no shortage of ways to score kills in COD: Mobile. Whether capturing points, surviving a battle royale, or going all out in a free for all, the Assault Rifle class offers dozens of solid all-around options for equipping the best weaponry for you. Not all ARs are created equal, and with 26 to choose from it can be a little overwhelming to explore them all. That’s why we put together the guide about the best AR loadouts in COD: Mobile.

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5 Best Assault Rifle Loadouts in CoD: Mobile

The best loadout will depend on your situation and playstyle.

The Overclocked Loadout (EM2)

Screenshot of the EM2 AR Best Loadout

The EM2 has the unusual characteristics of being equipped with a practical optical sight that does not use an equipment slot. There is no zoom, but the reticle is easy to use and gives this rifle the bonus of using an extra attachment slot. 


  • 27.4” Ranger Barrel
  • BD Foregrip
  • 40 Round Extended Mag
  • Agile Stock
  • Rustle Grip Tape

The first thing to do is throw on an extended mag, as the EM2 comes out of the box capable of carrying only 20 rounds. We like the 40-round extended mag, but the 25-round speed mag is a secondary choice as it holds 5 more rounds than stock with a 25% bonus to reload speed- even better than the Sleight of Hand perk.

The EM2 has several excellent grips—many without debuffs found in most other weapons. Our favorite is the BD Foregrip, which reduces horizontal recoil by 30%. The Agile Stock makes aiming crisper with a 20% buff to ADS speed. Combined with the 27.4” Ranger barrel and the Rustle Grip tape, the EM2 is a killing machine. 

Recommended Maps: Firing Range, Crossfire, Crash (Mid-size maps with cover)

The All-Rounder Loadout (M4)

Screenshot of the M4 AR Best Loadout

The M4 has been a mainstay in gaming assault rifles (not to mention the military) for decades. On its own, the M4 is a competent weapon capable of clearing rooms and scoring long-range hits. Beefed up, it becomes dominant. 


  • OWC Laser – Tactical
  • 3x Tactical Scope 2
  • 50 Round Extended Mag
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • YKM Light Stock

The 3x Tactical Scope 2 paired with the OWC Laser – Tactical offer options for scoring long-range and close-range shots, while the 50 Round Extended Mag nearly doubles capacity. The 20% ADS speed boost that comes with the YKM stock speeds up the process of acquiring targets at medium to close range, and the Stippled Grip Tape boosts the player’s ability to get the gun up and in action. If you’re a reasonably accurate shooter, these improved stats help you get on target while the recoil and bullet spread debuffs become less of a factor. 

Recommended Maps: Stand-off, Crash, Terminal (Any size maps)

The Ninja Loadout (AS VAL)

Screenshot of the AS Val AR Best Loadout

The AS VAL is a smooth, fast-firing assault rifle that, like the EM2, comes equipped with an integral attachment—in this case, the silencer. This frees up 5 additional attachments, so if you like to run silenced, the AS VAL is the rifle for you. 


  • Large Extended Mag B
  • OWS Skeleton Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tape Long Shot
  • 3x Tactical Scope 1

The 25-round mag goes fast, so upgrade to a bigger one as soon as possible. The Large Extended Mag B gives you 15 more rounds to play with. Sleight of Hand gets the new magazine in fast, so ripping round after round is markedly improved over the slow reload time of the stock magazine. 

The OWS Skeleton stock gets the gun up and allows for faster ADS movement and target acquisition. The AS VAL suffers a tad at range; the 3x Tactical Scope 1 provides the magnification to make sure the relatively weak round is on target. 

Recommended Maps: Raid, Scrapyard, Nuketown (Small to medium sized maps)

The Marksman Loadout (Man-O-War)

Screenshot of the Man o War AR Best Loadout

The intriguingly named Man-O-War delivers one of the highest damage ratings amongst the Assault Rifle Class. It is chunky with a lower fire rate than many other ARs, but it makes up for it with stopping power. 


  • OWC Marksman Barrel
  • 3x Tactical Scope 2
  • YKM Light Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • 35 Round Extended Magazine

Loadout with the 35 Round Extended Magazine at level 36 for more ammunition and equip the RTC Light Muzzle Brake for boosts in accuracy and control with only a slight loss of mobility. The YKM Light Stock gives a 20% boost to ADS Movement Speed, and the Stippled Grip Tip boosts ADS Time and Sprint-to-Fire times. 

Combining the 3x Tactical Scope 2 with the MIP Laser 5mW is enough to deal with any situation. The Hipfire buff and Laser aim are great for sticking the barrel in someone’s gut and pulling the trigger, while the 3x magnification allows for longer shots without too much tunnel vision. If long-range kills are your style, the OWC Marksman barrel ups the damage range by an impressive 35%, letting you reach out and touch your enemies with greater efficacy. 

Recommended Maps: Stand-off, Slums, Monastery (Mid to large maps)

The Pure Assault Loadout (DR-H)

Screenshot of the DR-H AR Best Loadout

Last but certainly not least in our best AR loadouts for CoD: Mobile, we have the DR-H. For an all-around do-it-all AR option, look no further than the DR-H. Modeled after the SCAR-H rifle used by special forces, the DR-H handles as handsomely as it looks. Its initial drawback is a stock 20-round magazine that will have you reloading after most encounters, so upgrade to the 38-round magazine at level 34.


  • 30 Round Extended Mag
  • Classic Holographic Sight
  • MIP Light Barrel
  • YKM Light Stock
  • Merc Foregrip

The DR-H can feel a little mushy with a magnified scope, so we prefer the Classic Holographic Sight. The Classic gives players a little zoom while maintaining an excellent sight picture for fights in small rooms. Bolt on a YKM Light Stock for a 16% improvement in ADS Movement Speed and the Merc Foregrip to bring recoil under control.

These combined make the DR-H much more manageable for those spray-and-pray encounters.

Recommended Maps: Nuketown, Meltdown, Monastery (Effective on any map)

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We hope this guide to the best AR loadouts in CoD: Mobile sets you on the path of dominating your enemies. Or, maybe you have a favorite setup that makes you the king of the castle. Leave yours in the comments below. If assault rifles aren’t your style, check out our guides to the Sniper, LMG, SMG, and Shotgun classes.

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