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CoD: Mobile | Best RUS-79U Loadouts (2024)

The RUS-79U has the double distinction of being an excellent overall weapon and is available early in the game. These characteristics make it a prime candidate for an early grind session to level it up. 

But what attachments and loadouts work well with the rugged little submachine gun (SMG)? Well, that depends on playstyle, game mode, and map, but High Ground has all the eventualities covered with our guide to the RUS-79U in COD: Mobile

Loadout #1: The Quick & The Dead RUS-79U

Grab the enemy by the belt, and don’t let go. 

Attachments & Setup

MIP Light Barrel (Short), Classic Red Dot Sight, OWC Skeleton Stock, 50-Round Extended Magazine, Stippled Grip Tape

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

This build is like Napoleon: short, competent, and a prodigious killer. Getting a good sight picture before the other guy is a matter of tweaking aim-down-sights (ADS) speed. The general rule is the faster a weapon is to shoulder, the more it loses on accuracy. The QD RUS-79U is no exception to this rule, but accuracy is not the highest priority as a pray-and-spray quickdraw machine. 

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Stippled Grip Tape, OWC Skeleton Stock, and the MIP Light Barrel all boost movement and ADS speed. The result is a feather-light sub that can feel downright squirrely at times. Temper some of that insanity with a 50-Round Magazine upgrade. It levies a slight penalty against movement and ADS speeds, but that is more than overcome by the other attachments. 

Cap it off with a Classic Red Dot Sight for an enormous and clear sight picture, and get to hunting. 


Whirling and twirling around capping points and enemies is where the Q&D RUS-79U loves to be. It works as well in capture modes as in Deathmatch, making it a jack-of-all-trades capable of carrying into almost any battle.

This build is most suitable for players who love to rush the enemy, get in close, and send them to the respawn point. Distance shooting is not something this build thrives in performing, so get inside the enemy guard and hold that trigger down. 

Perks: Lightweight, Toughness, Alert

Toughness reduces flinch when hit by 60%, which is handy when playing close to the fire.

With improved sprint-to-fire times courtesy of the Stippled Grip Tape, going with Lightweight only makes sense. Falling damage reduction and a 5% boost in sprint speed play perfectly to the Q&D’s strengths. 

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Alert gives a brief warning when enemies approach, giving the player a warning that allows them to get their gun up before the enemy is even in sight. 

Streaks: UAV, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper 

UAV goes hand-in-hand with Alert, giving players the best in situational awareness. Sentry Gun and Stealth Chopper combine to send the enemy team scattering, then hose them down in their confusion. 

Maps & Modes

As mentioned above, the RUS-79U is a jack-of-all-trades, but the Q&D build is best left to CQB. Small maps and crowded game modes are ideal. 


  • Nuketown
  • Dome
  • Shooting Range


(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Free-For-All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Gunfight

Loadout #2: Silent But Deadly RUS-79U

Go full assassin mode with this sneaky sub.

Attachments & Setup

YKM Integral Suppressor Light, MIP Strike Stock, Holographic Sight 2, Stippled Grip Tape

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Get a good shot and put rounds on without the enemy figuring out where you are. The YKM Integral Suppressor Light makes it challenging for the enemy to identify where the shots are coming from. Combine the Merc Foregrip with MIP Strike Stock to reduce bullet spread, recoil, hipfire bullet spread, and hit flinch, and that sweet, sweet 50-round Mag. The sum of these parts adds up to a quiet and steady little submachine gun. 


This build works best at mid- to close-range. The 50 Round Magazine shreds up close, but pecking from mid-range makes most of the suppressor, preventing enemies from knowing where the shots are coming from. 

Perks: Skulker, Ghost, Dead Silence

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

This trio of perks accentuates quick and steady movement for the stealthy. Skulker increases speed when crouching and walking. 12% faster than the rest of the players trying to be quiet is a significant bonus. Ghost and Dead Silence combine to keep players off of enemy radar while granting silent movement unless sprinting.

Maps & Modes

Maps with multiple avenues of approach and twisting turns serve this build well. Being able to flank the enemy without them knowing is crucial to the stealth playstyle. Let your team engage theirs while you approach from a different angle and lay down the hate. 


  • Hacienda
  • Seaside
  • Terminal


(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Search-and-Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination

Loadout #3: Battle Royale RUS-79U

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The entire Battle Royale idea is based on the premise of scrounging for weaponry, but COD: Mobile includes a way to call in a custom weapon. Players can set up custom guns in the Loadout section of the matchmaking lobby. Though setting up an entire kit is impossible, getting your preferred gun just how you like it is not. 

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Set up the RUS-79U for battle royale by clicking on the weapon in the upper right, quick equipping, and going to gunsmith. From there, assigning the best attachments for getting to the final circle is the same as in multiplayer mode. 

In the game, the customized weapon will appear as an Arsenal Airdrop. They are marked on the map by a purple wrench icon and emit red smoke when dropped.

Attachments & Setup

3x Tactical Scope 2, MIP Laser 5mW, Tactical Suppressor, OWC Skeleton Stock, FMJ

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Fights in Battle Royale mode happen at longer ranges than in multiplayer. A 3x Scope combined with a visible laser is a handy way to fight close up while still being able to hit at a distance. The Tactical Suppressor is invaluable as it prevents enemies from identifying where you are in those ambush situations. The Skeleton Stock is light and, with only a slight increase in bullet spread and recoil, boosts ADS stats.

There are hundreds of thousands of combinations in CoD: Mobile. The RUS-79U is an early-game weapon that is fun, effective, and worthy of grinding out new attachments. 

What’s your favorite setup for a weapon that is available early? Leave it in the comments below, and happy gaming!

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