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CoD: Mobile – Best Oden Loadout & Builds (2024)

There are over two dozen choices of assault rifles (AR) in CoD: Mobile. Some offer a great deal of power at the expense of maneuverability, operating more on the submachine gun (SMG) side of the weapons spectrum. One such AR is the Oden, and today we’ll be going over the best loadout and build for it in CoD: Mobile for every situation.

The Oden is worthy contender for title of most potent weapon in the largest and most popular weapon class in CoD: Mobile. However, power always comes with a cost, so we’ll be focusing on off-setting the downsides of the Oden to make you a devastating reaper of the battlefield.

The Oden (Stock Version)

The Oden (Stock Version)
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

The two primary discussion points surrounding the Oden are its Fire Rate and Damage. This punishing Assault Rifle (AR) deals a staggering 48 damage points per round – 11 greater than its nearest competitor in the game’s largest and most popular weapon class. Two-shot kills are a regular feature of carrying the Oden into battle.  

But there is always a drawback when it comes to these weapons, and the main one for the Oden is its worst-in-class rate of fire at a rating of 41. The Oden’s full-auto mode shoots no quicker than a fast semi-automatic trigger pull.  

It’s the perfect yin-and-yang of a weapon, compounded by the fact that the Oden is heavy and suffers from a sluggish aim-down-sights (ADS) scanning speed. Getting the enemy down sights first is critical, but if you can do it, it’s often a guaranteed kill. 


The Oden is heavy to turn, so the stock version fares worse in game modes with a lot of spinning and running. Getting attachments and updating the weapon as fast as possible is the goal.

We strongly recommend starting with game modes that have points to guard and sufficient room/angles for you to maneuver and shoot from. Ideally, before the enemy can even get their eyes on you and the point you’re guarding, to make the most out of the cumbersome but powerful Oden.


Best (Stock) Oden Loadout in CoD Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Perks: Agile, Toughness, Hardline

The Agile perk gives players a boost to mantling speed and reduction of aiming-after-sprint time, getting the player up and in position before an opponent with a quicker gun. The Toughness perk gives flinch resistance for getting that fatal second shot on target, and Hardline helps level up the stock Oden as soon as possible.

Streaks: UAV, Predator Missile, Stealth Chopper

Climb the skill streak ladder of kills with ever more effective nuisances for the enemy.

Best Game Modes & Maps

Best Game Modes to use the Stock Oden
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

The stock Oden is not an ideal weapon for turning and running modes, such as Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch. Stick to game modes with predictable lanes of fire and predetermined points to rush and defend.

Game Modes:

  • Domination
  • Search-and-Destroy


  • Hackney Yard
  • Dome
  • Slums

Close-Quarters-Battle (CQB) Oden

Close Quarters Battle Oden Loadout in CoD Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • MIP Light Barrel (Short)
  • Classic Holographic Sight
  • YKM Light Stock
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stippled Grip Tape

The operator strides along the battlefield with a snappier Oden in this CQB-oriented build. The Classic Holographic Sight is enough to put rounds on target in close-to-medium range without the mobility penalties of a larger scope. The low rate of fire is controllable and allows the player to spare a magazine upgrade for a different attachment if desired. We trade it for Sleight of Hand, as nothing beats beating the other guy to the reload. 

Most of the remaining build is geared toward quicker movement and faster target acquisition. The Stippled Grip Tape, YKM Light Stock, and MIP Light Barrel combine together to reduce ADS speed and movement, and the perks for this loadout (below) serve the needs of a speedy shooter. 


Get a feel for the flow of the map. If it has objective points to protect or assault, anticipate the enemy route through the area, bringing the gun up and on target to disorient with an accurate first shot. 


CQB Oden Loadout
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Perks: Skulker, Cold-Blooded, Alert

Watch that footwork and close in on enemies smoothly with Skulker. Cold-Blooded helps stack streaks by keeping you out of enemy kill zones. Alert shows approaching enemies a moment before they arrive, giving you the early warning needed to beat them to the draw. 

Streaks: Predator Missile, Cluster Strike, Stealth Chopper

Continue raising the stakes with increasingly violent strikes against the enemy.

Best Game Modes & Maps

Best Games Modes to use CQB Oden
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

The quiet and deliberate Ghost Oden serves well in medium to long-range combat, favoring long firing lines, sneaky sniper hides, and opportunities to flank. 

Game Modes:

  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Hardpoint
  • Team Deathmatch


  • Crossfire
  • Crash
  • Firing Range

Battle Royale Oden

Battle Royale Oden Loadout
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Battle Royale in CoD: Mobile is a different animal from the other multiplayer modes. One critical difference is the looting mechanic. Players jump into action unarmed and scrap together loot from locations on the ground, cobbling together the best kit they can find. 

However, Arsenal Airdrops deliver custom kits to players who have set them up. Battle Royale engagements often happen at longer ranges than other modes in CoD: Mobile, so the Battle Royal Oden loadout focuses on hard-hitting stability. 

Best Attachments for Battle Royale Oden
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • OWC Light Suppressor
  • OWC Marksman
  • 3x Tactical Scope 1
  • RTC Steady Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tip

A mid-range scope paired with Stippled Grip Tape, an RTC Steady stock, OWC Marksman Barrel, and OWC Light Suppressor all combine to improve accuracy, range, and control with a slight loss in mobility. The upshot is a stable AR that works from close to long-range and two-taps enemies on the regular. 

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And that’s it for our guide to the Oden. Once you unlock all the attachments needed for its ideal loadout, few guns can reach the sheer killing potential the Oden provides in CoD: Mobile.

Let us know in the comments below how much success you have with this two-tapping weapon of destruction and if there’s any recommendations you would make to improve our builds. And don’t forget to subscribe to the High Ground for more CoD: Mobile guides!

Happy gaming!


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