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CoD Mobile: Best Guns of Every Category (+2024 Tier List)

The debate over the best gun in Call of Duty: Mobile is a quagmire almost too deep to enter. The first thing to address is what “best” is. Dozens of weapons multiplied by dozens more attachments and customization options equals many ways to approach combat in COD: Mobile. 

Game modes with differing objectives add more choice to the mix. It’s hard to quantify which gun is best across all these boards. The upside is it’s a blast to debate, and even if no gun is the best, every gun on this tier list is the best at something and a ton of fun to play.  

Tier List: Best Weapons Right Now

SDR-H, LAPA, Dingo
ARUS-79U, M16, PP19 Bizon, DL Q33, Holger 26
BHS0405, MAC-10, ICR-1, AK 47
CM21 EBR, PPsH-41, Echo

A Closer Look at the Weapons in Our Tier List

Here we’ve split the guns in our tier list into 5 primary weapon categories and talk about the top attachments for them.

Read on to see a closer look at the weapons from our tier list above. This guide is broken down by the different weapon classes in COD: Mobile, and within, some of the best weapons from each class. We have included a few of our favorite attachments for each weapon and left a few spots for you to fill in your own. 

Section #1: Assault Rifles


The largest and most utilitarian weapon category, there are 26 assault rifles (AR) to choose from in COD: Mobile.

As a class, ARs tend to excel at middle-range fighting, with some skewing toward the mobility required for Close Quarters Combat (CQC) while others pack a long-range punch. 

DR-H – S Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The DR-H starts as a handy rifle with a lovely peep sight and evolves into a certified killer. The peep sight won’t last long; this rifle works well with magnified optical scopes. The 20-round starter mag can be a problem – better make sure you’re up on your mag drills, but the DR-H is like the real-life SCAR-H it imitates- a beefy battle rifle. 

DR-H Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • Holographic Sight 3
  • MIP Strick Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • 30 Round Extended Mag

An extended magazine is a must for the DR-H. There are four to choose from – including a 25-rounder that dishes additional damage points. We find the 30-rounder a good size. Holographic sights suit the DR-H, and Stippled Grip Tape makes it more of a gunfighter than it should be. The DR-H is pretty happy at longer ranges, so the 10% Damage Range buff from the Longshot perk fits well with this build. 

M16 – A Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The M16 is an acquired taste, but if you acquire it… *chef’s kiss.* The Cold War anachronism delivers a laserlike 3-round burst that becomes more devastating with modifications. A trigger pull at close range is a kill- satisfying in its way, and it’s no slouch long-range either.

M16 Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • 4x Tactical Scope
  • MIP Laser 5mW
  • 39 Round Extended Mag

The M16 is a long gun, and it won’t be anything other than that. The YKM Light Stock not only looks fantastic but helps mitigate ADS slowness. The MIP Laser 5mW takes some of the sting out of the M16’s handling issues by making it easy to stick the barrel in the bad guy’s gut and unleash a devastating 3-round burst. 

ICR-1 – B Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The ICR-1 is a balanced AR that feels light and maneuverable without being flighty. It’s available early in-game, so leveling up gets a head start. It is an incredibly stable weapon improved with recoil-focused attachments. It is not the fastest gun in the West, but it’s solid, reliable, and an excellent weapon to work early. 

ICR-1 Attachments

ICR with 3 attachments blueprint selection screen in call of duty mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • OWC Ranger Barrel
  • 1x Optic
  • 50 Round Fast Reload

Players can mod the ICR-1 to their liking, but we like to fill three of the attachment slots right away. The 50-Round Fast Reload, once you unlock it, is a no-brainer. Boosts to capacity and reload speed go a long way toward outlasting an enemy squad. The 1x sight of your choosing (we like the holographics for the ICR) is plenty for most situations. The OWC Ranger Barrel exchanges slight movement and ADS speed increases for Accuracy, Range, and Control points. 

AK 47 – B Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

COD: Mobile’s iteration of the most famous firearm in the world is a little coarse but extremely competent. Chunky without being loose, the AK tracks targets well and puts steel on target in full auto. 

AK-47 Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • Classic Holographic Sight
  • Sleight of Hand
  • YKM Light Stock

However you modify it, the AK47 can go toe-to-toe with any weapon in the game. We like it with the holo sights as it is not particularly mobile and does not need to be weighed down with a scope. Extended mag is a vibe on an AK, and extra bullets never hurt. The YKM Light Stock shakes off some of the stiffness to help get the enemy in sight through a 1x optic- we like the Classic Holographic Sight. 

Section #2: Submachine Guns (SMGs)

Subs in COD: Mobile bring a lot of variety to the table.

Some, like the PP-Bizon, come with large magazines and decent range, while others, like the PPsh-41, are bland initially, but turn fun and furious after modding.

SMGs tread the middle ground between rifles and shotguns and come in tons of flavors. Try some of our favorite combinations to get started.

LAPA – S Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The Lapa has one of the biggest upsides of any gun in the game. Out of the box it is sharp and accurate. ADS scan speed is a touch slow, but bringing the LAPA to ADS, releasing a burst of death, and spinning to face another adversary is poppy and effective.

LAPA Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • Classic Holographic Sight
  • YKM Combat Stock
  • Rustle Grip Tape

An optical sight with a good picture is a requirement. We like the Classic Holographic Sight for the Lapa; it makes the SAS-style accurate shooting easier. Rustle Grip Tape and the YKM Combat Stock provide mobility benefits, which you’ll need to be the first on target in close or unexpected situations. 

RUS-79U – A Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Carrying the RUS-79U is almost like having a buzz saw that cuts down enemies instead of trees. It also has the advantage of being one of the first SMGs available, so a logical choice to begin grinding early. 

RUS-79U Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • 50 Round Extended Mag
  • Holographic Sight 3
  • MIP Laser 5mW

The 50-Round Extended Mag instantly turns the RUS into a meat grinder. Coupling the extra capacity with a laser device and the optic of your choice, you get an ultra-competent, rock-steady compact weapon equally comfortable holding hardpoints as it is hunting in Free-For-All. 

PP-19 Bizon – A Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

This staple of game arsenals is as solid as the brick it resembles. It also sort of plays like a brick – at the beginning. It’s not particularly quick to ADS or scan a room, but with stable handling and an absurd 64-round magazine, the Bizon will shred a grouped enemy team. It spits a steady stream of death on those unfortunates in your sights. 

PP-19 Bizon Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • OWC Skeleton Stock
  • Classic Red Dot Sight
  • Sleight of Hand
  • OWC Laser – Tactical
  • OWC Light Suppressor

One of the rare cases where upgrading the magazine isn’t a first round attachment choice. We so seldom hit the bottom of the stock magazine, we save that slot for the Sleight of Hand perk. The magazine is big, but it’s also clumsy. The OWC Skeleton Stock takes hits on recoil but buffs ADS movement and time. The Bizon works as well with a scope/laser duo as it does with a standard 1x optic. Choose your combination and get to work. 

MAC-10 – B Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Israel’s infamous assassin’s weapon is a swinging SMG with tasty attachments. The Mac-10 comes ultra-light, with an initial mobility score of 107. It’s capable of some long-shot wizardry under the right conditions, but it is a certified CQB (Close Quarters Combat) godling.  

MAC-10 Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • Rustle Grip Tape
  • Extended Magazine
  • Steel Stock

If you’re using a Mac-10, you will fight at close range. The Steel Stock attachment allows players to scan ADS 16% faster. It makes a light gun feel lighter. A purely outrageous fire rate of 120 screams for an extended magazine with 43-Round, 43-Round Fast, and 53- Round options available. Rustle Grip Tape finesses draw speed. Congratulations, you’re now as fast and capable as the Mac-10. Bonus: because of all the up-close work, keep the iron sights and treat yourself to a perk instead. 

PPsH-41 – C Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

At first glance, the PPsH-41 seems like a gun to avoid. A weapon at least forty years older than most others on the list, it’s unwieldy pre-modification. But with the right attachments, it is downright spicy. It shoots with workmanlike stability and hits up close, but this is not the weapon for ranged fighting.

PPsH-41 Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)
  • No Stock
  • MIP Light Flash Guard
  • “Guerrilla” Light Short Barrel
  • Red Dot Sight 5
  • 35 Round Fast Reload

The stock PPsH-41 did not impress, but modifying this gun produces a swingable, large-capacity, gut-puncher of a sub that loves small spaces and tight confines. Equipping No Stock is an option not every gun offers, and here it manifests in movement and ADS speeds that make the PPsh feel unconquerable from close range. 

Section #3: Sniper & Marksman Rifles

Long and unwieldy, rifles are bulky and optimized for long-range shooting.

They may belong to the Assault, Sniper, or Designated Marksman class.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but Rifles tend to be suited to standoff battles or on maps and modes with long sight lines. 

DL Q33 – A Tier

The DL Q33 feels like it should be an end-game weapon, but it is the first sniper rifle available to players upon entering the game. The DL Q33 has an indefinable quality that makes it feel like it’s aching to thump a bad guy in the face. If you seek sniper satisfaction, a snap headshot from a DLQ33 ought to scratch that itch. 

DL Q33 Attachments

As fun as it is, the DLQ 33 is still a bolt-action with a terrible fire rate of 28. An effective sidearm and the ability to get to it quickly are integral to staying alive. The Fast Switch perk speeds up weapon switching- handy for unholstering your sidearm or that sub looted from a vanquished enemy. 

The Maevwat Omega-1 is a weapon-exclusive attachment with the exciting characteristic of levying concussion effects on enemies. The 3x magnification scopes are a good ‘tweener pick that puts down enemies at either range, but a longer optic may better suit certain situations or preferences. 

The DLQ 33 is not perfect- atrocious ADS speed can put a damper on the fun – but get in the zone with it, and it absolutely claps on the battlefield. 

M21 EBR – C Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

A driven and punchy semi-automatic, the M21 is a Frankenstein. Because it is semi-auto, the fire rate is too fast to be a sniper, but it hits harder than an AR. Thumping headshots through a Tactical Scope (or any higher magnification) is memorably satisfying.

M21 EBR Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Bringing the range in on optics does not make the M21 a room-clearer but a mid-range devastator. Combined with a laser sight, a boost to ammunition capacity, grip, and stock, the M21 is counterintuitively a lot of fun at ranges closer than a typical heavy rifle.

Locus – D Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The Locus is bulky, ponderous, slow, and… the most damaging weapon in the game. Carrying the darn thing is a burden, so slide a pistol into your sidearm holster. ADS takes a long time and swings like a concrete abutment, but the Locus smacks down enemy players. One shot, one kill is a matter of routine. 

Locus Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The Locus is an artillery piece and is going to stay that way, so we don’t waste time with attachments meant to dampen that. It thrives sitting in over watch participrating from a distance. Bulk up ammunition ASAP with an extended mag, a Rubberized Grip to control recoil, and a stock to settle things down. 

Section #4: Shotguns

Shotguns occupy a specific niche in gaming. They’re up close bruiser type weapons that trade finesse for brute strength.

Shotguns shoot multiple pellets that lose efficacy at any kind of range. Up close, they annihilate enemies, but from anything further than arm’s length the shotgun loses effectiveness.

They deliver unrivaled melee power up close, and clear crowded points in a hurry and remain a ton of fun to play under the right circumstances.

Echo – C Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

A magazine-fed automatic shotgun that feels lighter than it should, the Echo is a blast in close-range game modes like Domination or Hardpoint. It snaps to ADS faster than it should and carves up grouped enemies coming for your point. 

Echo Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Lasers are the perfect complement to the shotgun style of play. They help reduce hip fire bullet spread, and a small zoom optical sight is superior to the irons. We like Sleight of Hand when it comes to shotguns, too. 

HS0405 – B Tier

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

This break action shotgun is a savage. 26 damage per pellet multiplied by 15 pellets gives the HS0405 a hell of a bite. This one is for pure fun, but its idiosyncratic enough to make it tons of fun to play. 

HS0405 Attachments

(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

One of the rare weapons which suffers from an optical sight, players can use the slot for an extra attachment of their choice. Sleight of Hand and Wounding are both great perks for this weapon. Shooting from the hip with this shotgun is ultra common, so throw on the RTC Laser 1mW – it reduces hip fire spray by 18%. 

Section #5: Light Machine Guns

Every tank’s favorite weapon class. The Light Machine Gun (LMG) category in Call of Duty Mobile is a veritable beast of the battlefield, belching bullet storms across the virtual landscape.

LMGs are hulking metal monsters. Heavy and a bit slow but the biggest bullies on the block. Everyone knows when the LMGs show up; their high-capacity magazines and rates of fire can make holding the point uncomfortable. 

Dingo – S Tier

Don’t let the stat sheet fool you, our sole S-tier LMG, the Dingo, may have a low damage per round metric, but intangibles make it as pugnacious as its namesake. With a stock capacity of 80 rounds, it’s not the biggest LMG in the game, but it offers plenty of bang per reload. The Dingo is as maneuverable as any other weapon in class.

Dingo Attachments

Accentuate the Dingo’s best qualities by adding the Black Ops Stock and Black Ops Quickdraw grip for a ten-point boost in Mobility- making an already nicely handling weapon even better. The Red Cell Foregrip is that rare attachment with no drawbacks, so throwing it on for a 15% increase in Sprint-to-Delay is a no-brainer. 

Holger 26 – A Tier

For an LMG that plays more like an AR, look no further than the Holger 26. A rifle-style magazine stuffed with 100 rounds makes the Holger reload faster than belt-fed options. Tapping enemies feels smooth and light for an LMG. The stock Holger places third in both damage and fire rate in the LMG class and boasts decent stats across the board. 

Holger 26 Attachments

The MIP Light Barrel (Short) takes a couple points off of accuracy and control, but we’re talking about machine guns here- accuracy and control are not their strong suits. The upside is it boosts Mobility to a weapon that already feels light. 

Sights are a matter of personal preference, but the light magnification of the Tactical Scope suits the Holger perfectly, and the Full Metal Jacket perk puts a little extra sting in the Holger’s attack. 

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