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CoD: Mobile – Best M13 Loadout & Builds (2024)

It’s no secret that Call of Duty: Mobile has an extensive arsenal. With a twenty-year pedigree of creating weapons, modification systems, and loadouts, sorting out which weapons should be in your daily rotation can be tricky. Luckily, the M13 is a reliable workhorse that is suited for any situation in CoD: Mobile, as long as you have the right loadout and build for it.

Of course, you’ll need to know what exactly makes the M13 so good in CoD: Mobile before you can begin to build it properly. Let’s get started!

Overview of the M13

The stock M13 in CoD Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

The M13 assault rifle is something to consider. Easy to manage and accurate, the M13 is a tidy little rifle suited to nearly any map or game mode in the game. It has the highest fire rate of any AR, but the tradeoff is a class-low damage rating of 24.

Still… it’s mobile, easy to get on target, and has a soft recoil that’s perfect for stitching center mass. If you’re looking for a reliable gun that performs consistently in any situation, the M13 is your best bet.

Best Multiplayer M13 Loadout in CoD: Mobile

Best attachments for the M13
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • .300 RTC Stack 40 Round Magazine
  • Holographic Sight 3
  • RTC Combat Stock
  • MIP Laser 5mW
  • RTC Light Muzzle Brake

The 40-round stack magazine offers increased reload speed, capacity, and damage range while curiously silencing the weapon. However, it works; it saves the barrel attachment slot and lends itself to a quiet style of play.

An optic with a bit of zoom is perfect — take your pick from the 1x’s, but we like the Holographic Sight 3. The laser, muzzle brake, and stock combination boost mobility, control, and range for a mid-style play. 


The M13 is capable of just about anything, as long as you can get rounds on target. The above combination is a great way to dominate most game modes in multiplayer. 


Best M13 Multiplayer Loadout in CoD Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Perks: Agile, Ghost, Dead Silence

Double down on the suppressed ammunition by getting off the radar, boost your ability to vault and ADS, and move silently. You’ll be gone before the enemy knows you were there. 

Streaks: UAV, Sentry Gun, VTOL

This is a great standard loadout that will have you covered for any eventuality. A UAV to find the enemy, a Sentry Gun perfect for setting up in corridors or overlooking points, and a VTOL to take the fun to the skies. 

Best Game Modes & Maps

This build works best in multiplayer game modes (see below for our Battle Royale recommendation). This build’s accuracy, stealth, and mobility lends itself well to changing directions, sneaking up on enemies, and charging a central point.

Because this build accentuates short to mid-range fighting, small and mid range maps are best, and the M13 performs well in point or kill dominated game modes like Free-For-All.


  • Free-for-All
  • Domination
  • Search-and-Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch


  • Crash
  • Hackney Yard
  • Hijacked
  • Dome

Best Battle Royale M13 Loadout

Battle Royale mode matchmaking.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

Since PUBG burst on the scene with its Battlegrounds in 2017, the Battle Royale mode has sprung up in games all across the shooter genre. CoD: Mobile is no different. Players jump into battle, scavenge for loot and weapons, and are pushed toward a central location for a climactic battle.

Though the central mechanic is looting for your loadout, there is a way to get a custom loadout in a Battle Royale game. 

Setting a loadout for Battle Royale
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton

As in multiplayer mode, Battle Royale offers a loadout customization tab in the matchmaking screen. Loadouts options are limited compared to multiplayer mode, but having one ready is just as important. Getting access to a custom loadout during battle can be a game changer. 

Customized weapon loadouts are available in Arsenal Airdrops (tagged with red smoke) available at various points during the game. Players can assign up to six customized weapons to appear in these drops. 

M13 Battle Royale Edition

Best Battle Royale Loadout for the M13 in CoD Mobile.
Image: Activision via HGG / Mike Bruton
  • RTC Laser 1mW
  • Operator Foregrip
  • 4x Tactical Scope
  • .300 RTC Double Stock 40 Round Magazine
  • M13 Skeleton Stock

Our M13 Battle Royale setup includes the same Double Stack 40 Round Magazine but replaces the short optic with a 4x, as Battle Royale ranges tend to be far longer than multiplayer modes. Coupled with an invisible RTC Laser that boosts hip fire, the M13 becomes a high-capacity weapon effective at all ranges that’s more than capable of leading a winning run into the final circle. The rest is up to you.

Join the High Ground!

The M13 is a utilitarian weapon that works well in nearly any map or mode it’s taken to. Whether fast and furious in multiplayer mode or fighting to survive in Battle Royale, there is a setup for every situation.

Let us know down in the comments how our M13 loadout works for you in CoD: Mobile. And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more CoD: Mobile content!

Happy gaming!


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