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CoD Mobile: Best ICR-1 Loadout (2024)

CoD: Mobile offers players a dizzying array of weapon choices, camo options, and weapon mods. The wrong combination can turn your weapon into a mess, but find the right one for your style and it’ll turn into a true player slayer. That’s why we’re going over the best loadout for the ICR-1 to make it the menace it’s meant to be in CoD: Mobile.

Since its release in season 2, the ICR-1 assault rifle has been a fan favorite. It’s available early in-game, but don’t let that fool you on its potential. The ICR-1 is a versatile and capable weapon viable to even the most seasoned veterans.

Gunsmith Explained

Gunsmith of the ICR-1
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Leveling up unlocks modifications that change how a weapon feels and handles. Like most weapons in CoD: Mobile, the ICR-1 comes with 9 modification slots (8 for hardware and one for a perk). These mods change how the gun performs, allowing players to customize weapon performance based on their preferred game modes and play styles.

Before we dive into the best modifications to slap on your loadout for the ICR-1, let’s make sure you understand what each attribute does for your gun in CoD: Mobile.


Let’s look at the 6 attributes that dictate how a weapon fights and feels: Accuracy, Damage, Range, Fire Rate, Mobility, and Control. 

  • Accuracy – This stat applies to the weapon’s lateral recoil and bullet spread. Higher accuracy ratings also translate to reduced scope sway.
  • Damage – The higher the damage rating, the fewer rounds on target are needed to eliminate an opponent. Sniper rifles may deal 1-tap kills, but that is the exception. It will take a handful of well-placed shots to down an enemy with the ICR-1. 
  • Range – After a certain amount of travel, bullets lose power. The Range stat shows how dangerous a given weapon is at a distance. Long and medium-range shooters will want to focus on stats that improve this attribute.  
  • Fire Rate – Choosing the correct fire rate for your play style is critical. Up close encounters require high fire rates to ensure you get more rounds on target than the other guy, while tapping at long range doesn’t require anything more than 1 bullet at a time.
  • Mobility – The mobility stat accounts for ADS and movement speed, which is equally vital for players who value getting on target before the other guy. 
  • Control – Control accounts for vertical recoil, especially for quick follow-up shots with medium-strength weapons like the ICR-1. The control stat is critical for long-range shooting.    

Best Builds & Loadouts for the ICR-1 in CoD: Mobile

As we mentioned above, the ICR-1 is a solid weapon despite being unlocked fairly early on. With a moderate accuracy and a high mobility rating for its class, you can turn this gun into an incredibly reliable weapon of death with the right loadout.

But if experimenting with the Gunsmith isn’t your idea of a good time, check out a few of our favorite loadouts for the ICR-1 in CoD: Mobile.

ICR-1 Berserker Loadout

ICR-1 Berserker Loadout in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Strategy: This build is for those close-up encounters in CQC-heavy game modes and small maps. 

Mods & Perks:

  • MIP Laser 5mW
  • OWC Marksman Barrel
  • No Stock
  • 50-Round Fast Reload
  • Stippled Grip Tape

The berserker ICR is made for an up-close run-and-gun playstyle, best suited for close-quarters combat (CQC) game modes like Domination, Hardpoint, Gunfight, and Search and Destroy.

Since these modes include a lot of spraying and praying, anything that makes your weapon more accurate from the hip is a significant boon. The MIP Laser 5mW boosts hip-fire bullet spread by 17% while cutting sprint-to-fire speed by 25%, and Stippled Grip Tape takes it even further with an additional 15% reduction in sprint-to-fire delay.

Running No Stock may sound bold, but it pushes overall mobility up to a class-dominating 89. With the addition of the 50-Round Fast Reload magazine, you’ll still be firing while everyone else’s gun runs dry.

The OWC Marksman Barrel comes at the cost of movement and ADS speed but makes up for it with improved recoil and a whopping 35% increase in ranged damage. Forego an optical sight for the ICR’s competent iron sights and add Sleight of Hand to finish your conversion of the ICR-1 from a middling assault rifle to a close-range kill machine.  

ICR-1 Marksman Loadout

ICR-1 Marksman Loadout in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Strategy: CoD: Mobile offers many opportunities to cut down enemies at a distance. Game modes on medium to large-sized maps without a specific objective, like Deathmatch or Free-For-All, are good choices for longer-range shooting. 

Mods & Perks:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • OWC Marksman
  • 3x Tactical Scope 2
  • RTC Steady Stock
  • Long Shot

If reaching out and touching enemies from a distance is more your style, consider the medium-to-long-range Marksman build. 

The Monolithic Suppressor not only keeps your blip off of the enemy’s radar but boosts damage range by 25% – imperative for a weapon with a not-so-powerful damage rating. The OWC Marksman Barrel pushes that up by an additional 35% and the Long Shot perk lifts it by another 10%. This combination of mods improves the range of the ICR from 54 to 76, helping you reach out and touch the enemy with increased punishment. 

The RTC Steady Stock makes longer shots more manageable with reduced recoil. Pair it with the 3x Tactical Scopes, which function well for both up close and distant fighting, as the final complement to this build. 

ICR-1 Quickdraw Loadout

ICR-1 Quickdraw Loadout in CoD: Mobile
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Strategy: The Quickdraw build is centered around getting the gun up and on target as fast as possible – a significant advantage in any game mode. 

Mods & Perks:

  • YKM Integral Light Suppressor
  • OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • YKM Combat Stock
  • Classic Red Dot Sight

Nothing beats acquiring your target before they can do the same to you. Wit how fast gunfights are, the greatest determining factor in winning is who can aim-down-sights first. The mobility attribute is a good indicator of the speed with which players can shoulder their weapon and send rounds downrange.  

The YKM Integral Light Suppressor mod kicks us off with a 10% boost to ADS time. Combined with the OWC tac laser and YKM Combat Stock, you’re looking at a total improvement of nearly 30% off the time it takes to ADS your weapon. Stippled Grip Tip will boost it by an additional 5% while decreasing the time it takes to go from a full sprint to your gun being up-and-ready. 

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or an FNG, the ICR-1 offers much to COD: Mobile players. It’s utilitarian, functional, and fun to play with. Whether you prefer the up-close-and-personal assault or a silent assassin style of gameplay, the ICR-1 is a flexible and useful addition to your arsenal.  

Cosmetics for the ICR-1

One last thing we want to go over is unlocking the camo options, which alone is practically a career in CoD: Mobile. To change your weapon skin, enter the Gunsmith screen, and click the Camo button in the lower left-hand corner.

Camo skins unlocked for the ICR-1
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Once in, you’ll see there are 6 families of camouflage to choose from: Sand, Dragon, Tiger, Jungle, Reptile, and Splinter. Each base camouflage has ten subset choices that can be earned by completing weapons challenges.

Sand Camo for the ICR-1.
Image: Activision via HGG / Michael Bruton

Completing each challenge unlocks another weapon skin choice to add to your weapon. For the completionists out there, a 7th camo type titled Special will open up after the rest are unlocked, opening up over 60 options for weapon customization. While you’ll have to earn them first, it’s satisfying to throw on a rare custom skin to let your enemies what they’re dealing with.

Join the High Ground

With this loadout guide for the ICR-1, you’ll be prepared to seize the high ground anywhere in CoD: Mobile. Let us know how these builds work for you in the comments below. Also make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you never miss out on any CoD: Mobile guides!

Happy gaming!


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