Best AK-47 Loadouts in COD: Mobile

The AK47 is perhaps the most recognizable firearm in the world. Legendary for its ease of maintenance and operation, not to mention being a byword for durability, the AK has been a staple of Call of Duty games ever since they entered the modern era.

This iconic rifle is not perfect, and no one ever called it sophisticated, but it packs a wallop. Call of Duty: Mobile players will find much to like about carrying the AK47 into combat.

CoD: Mobile ranks its weapons by six primary categories: Damage, Fire rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range, and Control. Without modification, the AK is a powerful, if crude, weapon that tops out at 3rd in the assault rifle (AR) class for Range, 5th for Damage, and hits rock bottom at 2nd to last in Control. 

Never fear; for those interested in this Cold War classic, the right combination of attachments helps the AK47 become a viable choice for dominating the battlefield. We’ve tested some of our favorite AK47 loadouts in-game to determine what works best for the AK47.

Loadout #1: Hip-Fire Hellion AK-47

This AK-47 build is all about mid-range mastery.

Attachments & Setup

MIP Light Barrel (Short), 3x Tactical Scope 2, Merc Foregrip, Large Extended Mag B, Laser 5mW

Hellion AK Stats
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Focusing on the AK’s (lack of) mobility is the first and most crucial step toward taming the Soviet monster. The MIP Light Barrel boosts overall mobility by 6 points. With its most glaring defect addressed, the next move is to make the most of its best attribute — Range.

Slap your favorite 3x Scope on the rail — 4x is nice, but for this build, it provides a little too much magnification, making it tougher to win close-in gunfights. Supplemented with the visible MIP Laser 5mW, it makes up for the AK’s slow ADS time by improving hip-fire. 

Cap off the build with a Merc Foregrip to alleviate barrel climb and advance hip fire efficacy. And since we’ll be hip-firing, throw the Large Extended Mag B in the magazine well. It will further reduce ADS time, but ten more rounds at your disposal is a significant advantage. 


The Hellion can reach out to knock enemies at mid-range, but the extended magazine and laser sight attachment are destined for close-quarters glory. This build performs best at mid-to-close range combat. Domination modes on mid-sized maps are prime turf for this AK. 

Perks: Agile, Tracker, Hardline

Never noted for being particularly agile, the AK47-toting warrior benefits from boosts to movement speed and post-sprint ADS time. 

Use Tracker to come up behind enemies rather than trying to beat them to the draw — a battle the AK will lose against more often than not.

Tracker Perk
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Lastly, the hard-hitting AK leads the way to plenty of kills — make the most of them with Hardline’s 25% XP boost. 

Streaks: Hunter Killer Drone, Predator Missile, Cluster Strike

Keep the rough-and-tumble theme of the AK47 alive with this trio of murderous Scorestreaks. The enemy won’t know what hit them while death rains from the sky.

Maps & Modes

This build is a mid-range monster. With its 3x magnification, good Range, and hip-fire effectiveness, players can reach out to tough targets as easily as shredding crowded domination points from the hip. 


  • High Rise
  • Docks
  • Hacienda


Hellion AK 47 Modes
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Team Deathmatch

Loadout #2: Marksman AK-47

Take down enemies from afar with this build.

Attachments & Setup

Tactical Suppressor, OWC Ranger Barrel, 4x Tactical Scope, MIP Strike Stock, Ranger Foregrip

Marskman AK47 Stats
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Our Marksman build makes the most of the AK47’s best attributes — its powerful round and far-reaching range. These attachments reduce nearly every meaningful speed characteristic. The OWC Ranger Barrel, Tactical Suppressor, and MIP Strike Stock reduce mobility, but the upside is a ranged killer suited for sniping and static defense. 

The Tactical Suppressor is available early and keeps enemies from pinpointing your perch. A 4X Tactical Scope provides plenty of zoom without making the AK’s automatic fire untenable, and the OWC Ranger Barrel dampens recoil and provides an incredible 40% boost to Damage range.

The result is an unwieldy but effective rifle akin to a marksman or sniper rifle with a large magazine and automatic fire mode. 


Players should avoid point domination, as this beast is no quick-draw king. The Marksman AK was born to post up in a static position and pick off unwary enemies. 

Perks: Skulker, Ghost, Dead Silence

Keep it in assassin mode with this collection of perks to keep you hidden. Skulker improves walking and crouching movement speed — allowing players to get to their favorite sniping spot quietly. Ghost and Dead Silence combine to keep players off enemy radar — the rest is up to your marksman skills.

Streaks: UAV, Sentry Gun, VTOL

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Use UAV to keep an eye on the battlefield and aid your teammates. A Sentry Gun is a great way to protect yourself while sniping, and since you’ll be comfortable in your hide, why not provide support for the team from a seat on the VTOL?

Maps & Modes

Large maps with long sightlines and a choice of sniper hides are where the Marksman AK47 dishes out destruction.


  • Crossroads
  • Standoff
  • Slums


Hellion AK 47 Modes
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Search-And-Destroy
  • Free-For-All
  • Team Deathmatch

Loadout #3: Battle Royale AK-47

Battle Royale mode calls for a weapon that can do anything, and our build for the AK-47 turns an ultra-competent weapon into a final circle companion.

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

To create a custom loadout for Battle Royale Mode, go to the lobby and press Loadout, just like in multiplayer modes. No, you cannot start with your favorite setup — it is battle royale after all — but Arsenal Airdrops (marked with a purple wrench on the mini-map) may deliver it sometime during the match.

Be prepared by setting up  the AK-47 with the following collection of attachments.

Attachments & Setup

4x Tactical Scope, YKM combat Stock, Extended Mag A, Stippled Grip Tape, Wounding

(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Combine facets of all types of combat for a weapon that holds its own at close range while delivering the long-distance blows so common in Battle Royale mode. The 4x Tactical Scope (or bigger) is a good pick for the longer ranges associated with this game mode. Split the difference between mobility and ammunition capacity with the ten extra bullets in Extended Mag A. 

Stippled Grip Tape improves ADS performance for surprise encounters and arm ’s-length combat and slows down enemies running in the open with Wounding. The AK-47 is not a one-headshot killer — so having an opportunity for follow-up shots is invaluable. 

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The AK-47 is a workhorse, plain and simple, and it has something to offer in every game mode. Of course, there is no best way to play COD: Mobile, but our AK-47 builds are effective in-game and a blast to play.

What’s your favorite AK-47 Loadout? Leave your builds in the comments, and happy gaming!

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