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CoD Mobile: Best CBR4 Loadouts (2024)

The CBR4 is a stable chopper of a submachine gun (SMG) with great ADS speed, a steady rate of fire, quick reloads, and a large magazine capacity, making playing with it darn fun. Of nearly two dozen SMGs available in the game, the CBR4 rates anywhere between 12th (Control) and 20th (Mobility)- meaning plenty of weapons perform better in a given area.

However, the CBR4 makes up for it in less tangible ways. The 11th-best Fire Rate might sound bad, but considering how blisteringly fast some of these subs go through ammo (we’re looking at you, MAC-10), that can be a positive. The CBR4’s mediocre numbers don’t reflect some big positives, including a sizable 50-round magazine, quick reload, and stable, skillful operation that allows players to gun down players at the upper end of mid-range without trouble. 

Besides, with the hundreds of combinations of attachments and perks to tweak the CBR4, experimenting with loadouts is fun and satisfying. We’ve combed through and play-tested the best CBR4 loadouts. 

Check below for our go-to CBR4 loadouts for multiplayer and battle royale modes. 

Loadout #1: Close Quarters CBR4

This loadout and setup for the CBR4 is great for players who enjoy playing aggressively.

Attachments Setup

Close Quarter Combat CBR4 Stats
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

RTC Light Muzzle Brake, Sleight of Hand, MIP Extended Light Barrel, YKM Light Stock, Stippled Grip Tape

This build is for close-in gunfighters. Stippled Grip Tape provides the CBR4 with faster ADS time and a smaller Sprint-to-Fire Delay. It comes with some significant penalties to ADS Bullet Spread, but a sniper rifle is a better choice if accuracy is required. 

Stock Attachment for Close Quarters CBR4 Build
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

The YKM Light Stock continues the work begun by the Stippled Grip Tape, making the CBR4 lightning fast on the draw and quicker than the other guy when transitioning from sprinting to shooting. 

Get a boost in range with the MIP Extended Light Barrel, which also brings back a little of the recoil control, and ADS bullet spread lost with the grip tape and stock. There are no ammunition upgrades for the already respectable 50-round magazine, so throw Sleight of Hand into the perk slot and keep the trigger pressed. Top it off with a choice of optic, or throw the RTC Light Muzzle break on the barrel to reclaim recoil. 


The stock CBR4 is already an in-close shredder; our CQC setup builds on that. Getting inside the enemy guard and utilizing choke points is vital in destroying the enemy. With superior maneuverability to other weapons classes, this souped-up CBR4 is meant to kill at close range. 


Close Quarters CBR 4 Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Perks: Lightweight, Tracker, Alert

Lightweight is an excellent addition to this fast-paced build as it makes players 5% quicker and reduces fall damage, so hopping, skipping, and jumping into killing range comes easy. Tracker keeps players behind enemies. Combined with Alert, you can deliver nasty surprises to the enemy.  

Streaks: Care Package, Sentry Gun, VTOL

Classic Call of Duty: Mobile selections Sentry Gun and VTOL take the fight to the enemy, and a roll of the dice with the Care Package could deliver anything else under the sun, so take the change. 

Despite the numbers, the CBR4 is surprisingly versatile and could work in most modes and maps. For the CQC build, stick to small maps and fast modes. With the boosts in sprint-to-fire delay and overall quickness, players can beat enemies to those crucial capture points.


  • Hijacked
  • Nuketown
  • Slums


Recommended Modes for CBR 4 Close Quarters Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Search & Destroy
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Gunfight

The CQC build is fast and agile but can be downright twitchy. For something a tad more stable, the Scout CBR4 has more range and is less aggressive.

Loadout #2: Scout CBR4

The Scout is still an SMG and remains mobile and maneuverable, but why waste such solid mid-range performance? Our Scout CBR4 build reaches out and touches enemy players more effectively than the fast-paced CWC build above. 

Scout CBR4 Stats
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Attachments Setup

Tactical Scope, Wounding, OWC Marksman Barrel, Granulated Foregrip Tape, OWC Laser – Tactical

The OWC Marksman Barrel is good for a 25% increase in Damage Range, vastly improving one of the CBR4’s most glaring weaknesses. It comes with vertical and horizontal recoil boosts and better ADS Bullet spread. This barrel alone swaps the loose but fast feel of the CQC build with something that performs far better at a distance.

Barrell Attachment for CBR4
(Activision via Mike Bruton)


The Scout CBR4 is more measured than its wild-at-heart CQC cousin. A magnified scope and improved damage at range make sitting back and picking targets a viable strategy. To that end, perks that accentuate this playstyle are best. 


Scout CBR4 Loadout
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

Perks: Pin Point, Toughness, Dead Silence

Toughness reduces flinch when hit, making it easier to stay on target when trading shots with enemies pointed out by Pin Point. Stay hidden with Dead Silence and stack those scorestreaks. 

Streaks: UAV, Guardian, Sentry Gun

Identify enemy locations with a UAV, set up in a nice spot guarded by the Guardian, and watch your flanks with the Sentry Gun.

Hideaways overlooking strategic points or those with longer sightlines serve the Scout CBR4 well.


  • Crash
  • Crossroads


Scout CBR Recommended Modes
(Activision via Mike Bruton)
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Confirmed

Loadout #3: Battle Royale CBR4

Battle Royale is a different beast from the typical multiplayer modes. It is more about hunting, staying hidden, and confounding enemy fighters all the way to the center circle.

COD: Mobile allows players to collect a custom loadout mid-game through Arsenal Airdrops- marked on the map by a purple wrench icon and emitting red smoke. They are distinct from standard airdrops, which are nice but do not contain the custom weapon of your dreams.

Battle Royale CBR4 Selection Screen
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

In the Battle Royale selection screen, click the Loadout button in the lower right corner (the same location as the multiplayer loadout). From there, players can customize a weapon to retrieve from their Arsenal Airdrop. 

Attachments Setup

Battle Royale CBR4 Stats
(Activision via Mike Bruton)

OWC – Laser Tactical, OWC Marksman Barrel, Tactical Suppressor, 3X Tactical Scope 1, RTC Steady Stock

These attachments reduce mobility, but the upshot is a silenced CBR4 that can strike from a distance without revealing position. Meanwhile, the visible laser sights make dispatching enemies from close in viable. 

However you like to play COD: Mobile, High Ground has you covered with guides, builds, strategies, and everything you need to know to stack XP and unlock multitudes of attachments and perks with which to slay.

Leave some of your favorite loadouts for the CBR4 in the comments, and happy gaming!


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