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COD Mobile: The Best Loadouts by Playstyle (2024)

The mobile game with a trillion options can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing the best CoD: Mobile loadout for you depends on your play style and which maps and game modes you play on. Close-range crushers have different strengths and weaknesses than the distant assassin. Carrying the bomb in Search-and-Destroy means being able to tank damage while sneaking around calls for ghosting abilities.

Best CoD: Mobile Loadouts for Every Playstyle

We’ve built this guide around play styles and builds for any game mode or style. They are divided into four categories: Heavies, Berserkers, Assaulters, and Snipers. Let’s start with the cavalry.

Heavies Playstyle

If tanking shots and blowing stuff up is your style, consider becoming a walking artillery strike. These loadouts encourage fighting in target-rich environments.

These loadouts are effective in point-based game modes. Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, & Domination create points choked with enemies trying to capture and control.

To maximize your berserker style, load up on perks and equipment that make it dangerous to encounter and challenging to kill you.

Breacher Loadout

Breacher Loadout one of the best cod loadouts
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: Striker & Thumper, Molotovs
The Striker is a shredding machine at close range. Combined with a grenade launcher sidearm and room-incinerating Molotovs, the Breacher pushes their way around the map. 

Perks: Flak Jacket, Toughness, Hardline
Flak Jacket protects against explosive damage and resets the timer on enemy grenades. Toughness reduces flinch, and Hardline gives extra XP for killing enemies, rewarding all this monstrous aggression. 

Scorestreaks: UAV, Sentry Gun, VTOL
UAV is always a good idea. Set up a couple good Sentry Guns, and you’ll be raining fire from your perch in the gunner’s seat.

JTAC Loadout

JTAC Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: Dingo & FHJ-18

Our sole S-Tier LMG, the Dingo, packs an enormous punch. High capacity and powerful, it’s a suppression machine dressed up as an LMG. Close-to-mid range optics work on the Dingo – but with a high rate of fire, optics with big zoom tend to bring big trouble.

The FHJ-18 knocks aircraft out of the sky. Two hits with its guided rockets and a burst from the Dingo, and that pesky enemy VTOL stops hammering your team. 

Perks: Flak Jacket, Toughness, Hardline
Here we chose Toughness over Demo Expert as this loadout depends less on explosives. Toughness gives a 60% flinch reduction when the fire gets a little hot. You’ll have plenty for the Dingo to spit back. 

Scorestreaks: UAV, Sam Turret, Cluster Strikes
Supplement your anti-aircraft build with a UAV to find and fix the enemy, a Sam Turret to maintain air superiority, and cluster strikes wherever you want them. 

Berserker Playstyle

We get it. You want the enemy to know who’s dominating them! Close-range weapons are a lot of fun in crowded rooms. The drawback is engaging long-range is both ill-advised and ineffective with these weapons.

These builds emphasize dropping your enemy before they can defend themselves. Stick to smaller maps like Dome or Hijacked. Point-based game modes are also well suited to close-range combat.

Hunter Loadout

Hunter Loadout Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: BY15 & Knife
The BY15’s pump-action pugnacity delivers knockout blows at close range. It is thumpingly satisfying to take out your aggressions on swarming enemies.

Perks: Skulker, Tracker, Alert
You’ll be tracking your prey with Tracker to maneuver behind your quarry. And Alert shows general locations of enemies as they approach. Having the BY15 pointed in the right direction makes it a bad day for whoever’s coming around the corner. Stay low and get some. 

Scorestreaks:  UAV, Sentry Gun, VTOL
Quiet, rhythmic, relentless. This streak set embodies the Hunter style.

Ambush Loadout

Ambush Loadout Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: PP19 Bizon, Sickle
The PP19 Bizon has an absurd 64-round magazine (and it gets better from there). The PP19 Bizon is a certified meat-chewer, maneuverable, and has a mid-range comparable to some ARs. The Bizon is workmanlike, effective, and robust. Hence the Sickle sidearm. 

Perks: Skulker, Cold-Blooded, Engineer
What good’s an ambusher who can’t skulk? Get low and quiet with Skulker, off-radar with Cold-Blooded, and equip Engineer to disarm enemy traps and set friendly ones. 

Scorestreaks: UAV, Care Package, Cluster Strike
Become a menace with knowledge of enemy locations, upgraded equipment, and artillery as a backup.

Assassin Loadout

Assassin Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: Fennec  & MW11
The Fennec, also known as the Zipper of Death, will have you zipping body bags before the enemy knows you’re there. However you outfit the weapon itself is up to you, but with its light handling and close-range sting, make sure you stay off the radar by at least equipping a silencer.

Perks: Fast Recover, Ghost, Dead Silence
Fast Recover to regain strength and move on to the next target. Stay off the radar and out of earshot with Ghost and Dead Silence.  

Scorestreaks: Counter UAV, Predator Missile, Stealth Chopper
Stack up a streak and call the heavens down upon your enemies. They’ll never find you. 

Assault Playstyle

Renaissance gamers and jacks-of-all-trades love assaulter builds. They’re capable of every type of fighting. SMGs and ARs are perfect for this play style, adept at all ranges for any mission. 

Ninja Loadout

Ninja Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: MX9/Knife
The MX9 chattering death at your enemies is genuinely something to behold. Suppressed and good close to mid, the MX9 is a stable platform with plenty of room for attachments. 

Perks: Agile, Ghost, Dead Silence
Mantle objects and Aim-Down-Sights (ADS) faster and maintain silence with this combination of perks. This allows you to swiftly close on and dispatch an unwitting enemy before skipping to your next target.  

Scorestreaks: Counter UAV, Predator, VTOL
Kill enemy intelligence with a Counter UAV, precision strike with the Predator, and rise above the fray with the VTOL. 

Grunt Loadout

Grunt Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: Kilo 141/FHJ-18
If kicking in doors and poking enemies from a distance is all in a day’s work, the Kilo 141 is a gun to build around. The competent AR handles almost any situation in the game, and the FHJ’s anti-aircraft capability is very handy. 

Perks: Agile, Tracker, Alert, 
Pre-empt the enemy by equipping Tracker and Alert to keep oriented to the enemy. Death Machine and Sticky Grenades are good supplements to this hybrid bruiser/rusher. 

Scorestreaks:  UAV, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper
The streaks are all kill-oriented for the Grunt. Find ’em, fix ’em, destroy ’em. 

Spetsnaz Loadout

Spetsnaz Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: AK117 & SMRS
Spiritually adopt your favorite Warsaw Pact nation with an AK that can only belong to an operator. The AK 117 is a customizable and effective AR that gets downright nasty once you get the 48-Round Extended Mag. The SMRS rocket as a secondary adds some explosive flair to things.

Perks & Skills: Fast Recover, Toughness, Dead Silence
Resilient, quiet, and tough are a winning combination with this rifle/rocket set.

Scorestreaks: UAV, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper/VTOL
The Stealth Chopper does excellent work covering points, while the VTOL allows you to get hands-on in the air war.

Sniper Playstyle

Sniping is a vibe. Most bolt actions fall under similar performance parameters, so pick the one you like best (ours is the DL Q33) and set up in your hide.

Precision Loadout

Precision Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: DLQ33 & MW11 
The DL Q33 offers one-shot kills and bolt-action precision. Unfortunately, it also provides a bolt-action fire rate, so bring a meaningful sidearm. The MW11 can get you out of tight spots (or into one) so you can set up a perfect sniper kill. Clearing a room with the Molotov is too handy to pass up. Use all your ammo from on high, then plug in the Death Machine to take a break from all that one-shotting. 

Perks: Agile, Ghost, Hardline
You’ll be stacking so many bodies the Hardline perk will make the 25% XP boost significant. Nothing is as critical to a sniper as staying hidden. Ghost helps you stay that way. 

Streaks: UAV, Counter UAV, Stealth Chopper
Stay hidden, rain death.

Designated Marksman Loadout

Designated Marksman Loadout
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Weapons: M21 EBR/FHJ-18
A fun battle rifle that slaps mid- to long-range, the M21 is no ZRG 20mm; you can take it in houses if you want. The M21 is punchy and visceral and tons of fun to shoot. It might make you slow as molasses, but you’re the bully on the block. 

The M21 is semi-automatic and handles well enough at close range that taking a rocket along will give players anti-air capability. Zoom and low-range scopes are recommended. 

Perks: Agile, Ghost, Hardline
Agile boosts leaping and buffs ADS time – essential for the heavy M21. Ghost allows you to find a perch with mid-range views of the enemy and thump comfortably without being hunted. 

Scorestreaks: UAV, Hunter Drone, Cluster Strike
Add to the mischief from your hide by tossing the occasional Hunter Drone or calling down a Cluster Strike.

CoD: Mobile Loadouts 101

This is the standard loadout for players to equip weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

A screenshot of the standard loadout user interface screen in CoD Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)


The two top slots are for your primary and secondary weapon, in this case the Kilo 141 and the FHJ-18. Don’t overlook the sidearms. There are potent abilities unlocked with the correct sidearm.

Weapon selection screen in CoD Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Specials & Grenades

Players can customize their appearance on the left middle tab, and organize special weapons on the right tab. This is where players will find their operator skills and grenade choices.

Specials & Grenades selection screen in CoD Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Operator skills are a boost ability that gives players a super weapon on a timer. From flame-throwers to shields, it can be fun and practical to bust out the skills.


Perk selection screen in CoD Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Just what they sound like. Abilities that tweak the player experience by making the player faster, more proficient at reloading, alert to nearby enemies, and more. 

However you play, experimenting with the above choices can really impact your performance.

Join the High Ground

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the top loadouts! Be sure to try one of our combinations or share the best COD: Mobile loadouts you like to run in the comments. Is one of them the key to your game?

Happy hunting!

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