CoD Mobile: The Best SMGs (2024)

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CoD Mobile: The Best SMGs (2024)

Call of Duty: Mobile offers six classes of weapons (Assault, Sniper, LMG, SMG, Shotgun, Marksman), each with several different weapons with their own characteristics, qualities, and customizations. In this article specifically, we’ll be going over the best choice of SMG in CoD: Mobile and how each one compares to one another.

The Submachine Gun (SMG) class is the second largest – behind Assault – weapon class in CoD: Mobile, with a staggering arsenal of 22 weapons – each with a unique feel, appearance, and performance.

Excellent mobility, light handling, and high firing rates make SMGs viable in almost every situation, but they thrive in the close-quarter combat found on small maps and in point domination modes like Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Domination. 

SMG Tier List for CoD: Mobile

We’ll be taking a closer look at each SMG and why they’re ranked as such in CoD: Mobile. While lower ranked guns can be viable with the right loadout and sufficient player skill, higher ranked guns will naturally have an easier time getting the job done.

We’ll work our way from the worst SMG to the best. Let’s get started.

F Tier

AGR 556

AGR 556

Clumsy handling, an inadequate 25-round magazine, and the second-lowest damage rate in class make the AGR an SMG to avoid. It looks and sounds like an AR but has none of the advantages. Avoid the AGR 556 unless you’re a sadomasochist.  



The Cordite’s P90 look is sexy, but that belies a lackluster performance that fails to live up to its appearance. It’s tied for second as the least damaging SMG available. While it has the highest range of any of them, its strikes are so weak you’ll find yourself clicking on an empty magazine by the time you’re close enough to make it worth it.



The QXR is the weakest submachine gun in the game, with a terrible damage rating of 25, and none of its other attributes really make up for that. Feel free to grind out some attachments, but this sub-par SMG is only suitable if you like watching enemies eat bullets on their way to killing you.

E Tier


A poor damage rating, middling mobility, and a ponderous reload sequence make the stock PDW-57 a SMG to avoid in CoD: Mobile. There’s hope for it with attachments, but why bother?



Another pistol submachine gun, the MSMC wants to be the MAC-10 but doesn’t have quite the same charm. A perfectly serviceable weapon if you’re looking for fast fire and close-range kills, but others are more fun and effective. 


D Tier



Though it looks like an alien weapon, the Razorback offers reasonable control, a slow fire rate, and a vanilla 30-round magazine. Despite all its exotic looks, it’s rather mundane.



A compact submachine gun, the Pharo can be upgraded to improve its stats, but there are better choices out there. The small magazine size and surprisingly bad recoil for a light weapon make it something to avoid.



Stiff and antiquated, this World War II SMG plays like the relic it is. The magazine is enormous at 65 rounds, but you’ll need every one of its pathetic rounds that only have a 24-damage rating – just a tick above the basement. However, it offers a stable shooting platform and has potential to be beefed up with attachments.

C Tier


The Switchblade is not quite as sharp as its namesake. The 30-round mag can be boosted by 15 rounds, making it more viable. A damage rating of 27 puts it on the low end of the SMG class, but a decent fire rate helps. 



A solid choice – the CBR4 is reasonably maneuverable and works at short to medium range. The 50-round stock magazine puts an otherwise typical SMG up a class.



The Chicom doesn’t do anything better than any other submachine gun on this list. A 51-round magazine and upper-tier damage saves it from being lower on this list, but there are more capable weapons. 


B Tier



The LAPA unmodified is competent, but a great selection of attachments makes it one of the most upgradeable guns in the game. Its stock form is average at best, but if you’re preferential to this weapon, grinding out the attachments makes it into a gun worth using.



The MAC-10 shreds. And this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preferences. The firing rate is the highest in class by a significant margin, and with the 53-Round magazine upgrade, it’s tough to beat at close range. It’s less than stellar from a distance, but it certainly has its appeal.

QQ9 - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


Based on the famous MP5, the QQ9 has a fast reload speed, decent ADS, and a middling everything else. However, if you can land headshots, it handles well and shreds up close. Save this one for close combat. If you favor the QQ9, boost it with the 10mm 30-Round Reload for increased damage range.

GKS - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


The stats across the board are mediocre on the GKS, but it adds up to a solid weapon for close to mid-range fights. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but in-game performance puts this SMG squarely in B-tier.

HG 40 - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

HG 40

The HG 40 might be ugly, but it has the longest stock range of any submachine gun, meaning if you want to reach out and touch the enemy from medium range, the HG 40 provides it. The HG 40 is as close as it gets to Assault Rifle range in the SMG class, but a damage rating of 27 is a significant drawback.

A Tier

KSP 45

The highest damage rating in class, chunky handling, and an upper-tier fire rate make the KSP 45 a serviceable weapon at close to medium range. The 42-Round Extended Mag and the Agile Stock nicely tune up the KSP 45.

KSP 45 - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


Light but solid, the MX9 is a medium-range nightmare for enemies. The iron sights may actually be the best in the game. Just note that while its fire rate empties the magazine quickly, you’re still best off getting a mag upgrade for power rather than more ammunition. Overall, ultra-competent and just plain fun to play with.

MX9 - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

OTs 9

The design is small and compact for good maneuverability. Run speed is higher with this weapon, and its ADS speed allows players to easily acquire new targets. The OTs 9 is a prime candidate for laser attachments for increased hip fire accuracy.

OTs 9 - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


Something about the RUS-79U makes it greater than the sum of its parts. Available early game, it feels like an ultra-maneuverable AR with a top-in-class mobility rating. Grind it for the 50-Round Extended Mag; there’s little it can’t do.

RUS-79U - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

S Tier

Fennec - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile


The Fennec is perfect for the manic player who won’t stop moving. Its compact size provides excellent mobility and quick ADS speed, letting you regularly outmaneuver and outdraw more heavily armed players. The fast fire rate is great but can be negated by how quickly the 30-round magazine empties. Apply the Sleight of Hand and Fast Reload magazine to help correct this.    

PP19 Bizon - Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

PP19 Bizon

The Bizon might be the most John Wick-esque gun in the game. Good mobility and range that matches low-tier ARs make whirling about and dispatching enemies possible. It feels solid to shoot, and an absurd 64-round stock magazine means they’ll run out of ammo before you.

Adjust Your SMG Settings

An often overlooked option, players can actually tweak their weapons beyond adding attachments and mods. If you’ve narrowed down which SMG you prefer to play with in CoD: Mobile, consider refining your performance further by adjusting the motion settings. You can find the settings by clicking the gear cog in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen, then scroll down to settings. 

There are four sensitivity settings to tinker with Camera, Firing, Gyroscope, and Gyroscope Fire. 

Camera Sensitivity impacts how fast and easily the camera looks at the battlefield when you are not firing your weapon. 

Firing Sensitivity manages the inputs when you are aiming down the sights.

Gyro mode makes your device an additional input for the game (think Wii motion controls). Within this mode, the Gyroscope and Gyroscope Fire settings do the same things as the regular settings. 

Each category allows players to precisely adjust how different sights behave when attached to the weapon. For example, if you prefer the 3x optics, you can add custom settings for that particular scope. Each of these settings has the potential to allow you to scan the area and snap to enemies faster. Beware, it’s easy to screw these settings up, turning the game into a whirling mass of confusion, but the right ones will really fine-tune your game.

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Good luck mowing down your foes in a flurry of lead!

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