ESO: Magicka Templar Healer Meta PvE Build (Deadlands)

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ESO: Magicka Templar Healer Meta PvE Build (Deadlands)

Magicka Templars are simply the best meta healers in Elder Scrolls Online (aside from the Magicka Warden). Their class abilities include strong healing, cleansing, and utility — no matter what you’re looking for, Magplars have it all. As a result, they’re often sought after in raid groups looking to get through difficult content without hiccups.

If you’re looking to put together a robust healer in ESO, the Magplar is a great option for you. Below, we’ve outlined a meta build for the Magicka Templar healer, including stats, skills, and details.

Let’s get started!


Race: Breton (or High Elf) | Mundus: Thief or Atronach | Food: Solitude Salmon Millet Soup or equivalent (5395 health, 4936 magicka) | Food: Witchmother’s Potent Brew (2856 health, 3094 magicka, 315 magicka recovery) | Attributes: 64 Magicka

When putting together a Magicka templar, your best bet is to go with a Breton or High Elf. They’re both magicka-oriented races, so they’ll both synergize well with the class abilities. It’s really up to your personal preference from there — Breton gives you better sustain, while High Elf offers stronger heals.

If you want to go for a slightly less-meta choice, Khajiit and Argonians also make decent Magplars.


ESO Templar Skills
Image: ZeniMax Online Studios via Angus Green / HGG
Illustrious HealingElemental Blockade
Combat PrayerLuminous Shards
Breath of LifePurifying Light
Extended RitualChanneled Focus
Energy OrbRadiant Aura
Reviving Barrier Aggressive Warhorn

Since this is a healer build, let’s start by talking about healing skills. Illustrious Healing and Combat Prayer are classic healer skills that offer great consistent healing and buffs. I generally like to have Radiating Regeneration on my skill bar as well, but Breath of Life serves a similar purpose and does so with a little more zest.

Elemental Drain is a staple healer skill, but because Radiant Aura applies Minor Magickasteal to all enemies around you in a twenty-eight-meter radius for 20s, it’s not necessary. Radiant Aura also provides you with an additional 15% recovery bonus in every stat, so having it on the skill bar you use more often will make sustain much easier.

As far as cleansing goes, Extended Ritual is a costly but amazing ability to have on hand. It cleanses up to five harmful effects from yourself immediately, and allies can activate the Purify synergy to remove harmful effects from themselves while also receiving a solid heal.

You’ll need some decent sustain to keep up with these skill costs. Luminous Shards is another important Templar skill that provides great sustain for those who synergize with it, giving them 3960 magicka and stamina.

Finally, let’s talk damage. Purifying Light deals decent damage and activates important passives you would otherwise miss. The passive Prism gives you 3 ultimate with a cooldown of six seconds just for casting a Dawn’s Wrath skill, while Illuminate will grant Minor Sorcery to you and your group for 20s, increasing everyone’s spell damage by 10%. This will make you heal for more, and also gives magicka-focused groups a nice damage bonus.

Channeled Focus is your source for Major Resolve and Ward, increasing your physical and spell resistance by 5948, and standing within the rune will amplify this by another 50% to 8922. If you have a member in your group that provides you with Major Resolve and Ward, such as the Warden’s Frost Cloak, consider taking a different heal, shield, or damaging ability depending on what your group needs.

Now let’s get into the actual build.


HeadSymphony of BladesDivinesMagicka
ShoulderSymphony of BladesDivinesMagicka
ChestSpell Power CureDivinesMagicka
LegsSpell Power CureDivinesMagicka
FeetSpell Power CureDivinesMagicka
HandsSpell Power CureDivinesMagicka
BeltSpell Power CureDivinesMagicka
JewelryStone-Talker’s OathArcaneMagical Harm (Spell Power)
Weapon 1Grand RejuvenationPoweredWeapon Damage
Weapon 2Stone-Talker’s OathInfused Weakening

Easy starting set alternative: 5 Law of Julianos (craftable), 5 Sanctuary (Banished Cells), 2 Monster Set / Willpower Set

Spell Power Cure

Spell Power Cure (from White Gold Tower) offers the same buff of Major Courage that Vestment of Olorime does, and does not require your team to stack to obtain it. This buff increases your group’s weapon and spell damage by a whopping 430, helping your DPS make short work of your enemies. SPC applies Major Courage to allies when you overheal them, providing them the buff for 5s. If you’re healing a disciplined Trial group, you’ll get more out of Olorime, as its buff lasts for 20s. Both sets should allow for 100% uptime as long as you’re nearby to provide healing. 

Stone-Talker’s Oath & Roaring Opportunist

Stone-Talker’s Oath (from Rockgrove) is an amazing set that focuses on giving your group better sustain. Fully charged heavy attacks place a soul bomb on the enemy hit, and after ten seconds, it explodes to restore 5% of the damage it received as stamina and magicka to your group. It has a radius of sixteen meters and can benefit up to twelve group members, so it should be no problem having your Dungeon or Trial group get these resources back. The maximum of stamina and magicka returned is 2240, which will make your group sustain much easier to manage.

Roaring Opportunist (from Kyne’s Aegis) is another solid choice if you want to lean towards increasing group damage instead of sustain. RO provides Major Slayer for your group after you use a heavy attack, increasing group damage by 10%. 

Monster Sets

As far as monster sets go, you’ll want to either cover sustain or offer your group more healing. Symphony of Blades (from Depths of Malatar) is the best option for sustain, while Earthgore (from Bloodroot Forge) is the best for offering more bursty heals. Symphony of Blades should be used for the majority of the time, and it activates when you heal a target who is below 50% of their primary resource. They will gain 570 stamina or magicka every second for six seconds, depending upon what their primary resource is.

Earthgore activates when you heal a target who is below 50% health, summoning a pool of blood that removes all harmful area effects and then heals group members in the area every two seconds for eight seconds. The heal is pretty substantial, and scales off your max magicka. 

Restoration Staffs

(Perfected) Grand Rejuvenation (from Dragonstar Arena) should be used as your restoration staff. Every time you cast Illustrious Healing, the initial tick will cause you and your group members affected to restore 117 magicka and stamina every second for four seconds.

This may not sound like a lot, but this consistent 468 magicka and stamina every time you cast this ability will amount to a lot of extra resources for your teammates to use over time. The extra 877 max magicka you gain from the perfected version will also help you heal for more while you have it active.

Champion Points

Essentials in Order:

Warfare: 20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Blessed, 50 Soothing Tide (slot), 50 Swift Renewal (slot), 20 Precision, 50 Enlivening Overflow (slot), 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Blessed, 50 Fighting Finesse (slot) or 50 Salve of Renewal in situations requiring a lot of purges, 20 Tireless Discipline

Fitness: 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Fortified (slot), 30 Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian, 50 Tempered Soul, 50 Spirit Mastery (slot)

Craft: 50 Steed’s Blessing (slot), 75 Liquid Efficiency (slot), 30 Rationer (slot), 50 Treasure Hunter (slot), 50 Steadfast Enchantment

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The Magicka Templar is an essential healer of Trial groups, and makes general healing much easier in all contexts. We hope you enjoy getting through more difficult veteran dungeons, trials, or arenas with this build. For more information on all of your favorite games and the latest in all things ESO, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Happy gaming!

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