ESO: New Mythic Items in High Isle, Ranked

It's high time to get some mythics.

While Elder Scrolls Online has always allowed you to customize your gameplay experience, you can enhance your favorite build(s) even further with the use of mythic items. They’re hard to come by, but they greatly expand your ability to fine-tune your playstyle to your preferences.

With the release of High Isle, five new mythic items have been introduced. We’ll be covering each in detail below, as well as offering a few general tips on mythic items to help you make the most of your new finds.

Let’s dive into these new interesting mythics!

Mythics: Quick Note

Before we get into specifics, here’s a brief intro to mythic items in case you’re not familiar with them yet.

To get a mythic item, you first have to find leads by completing various tasks like killing enemies in specific ares (ranging from easy ads to dungeon/trial bosses) or interacting with certain locations. Once you find a lead, it’ll serve as a map to a piece of the item you’ve discovered. You have thirty days to dig it up before the lead disappears and you have to find it again. You’ll need to be at least Level 7–10 in Scrying with the “Antiquarian Insight” passive at Rank 4.

Instead of farming each mythic more than once, you can blow through some transmutes to get one for each of your toons! Once you have the item, you can transmute another one for 25 transmute crystals, either in the Clockwork City or at a transmute station at your local Guild Hall (or friend’s house). This is a great way to experiment with different traits, as it’s free to change them while transmuting (as long as you have the traits researched).

All 5 New Mythic Items in High Isle, Ranked from Worst to Best

Now, let’s get into our ranking of the new mythic items in High Isle. We’ll start with our least favorite and move up from there. These rankings may change based on your playstyle and whether you prefer PVE or PVP, but this should be a good all-around ranking unless something gets nerfed or buffed soon.

Either way, we’ve included a ton of details about each item, so you’ll pretty much be a master by the end of the guide!

5. Lefthander’s Aegis Belt (Waist — Medium Armor)

With all of the nasty one-shot mechanics in this game and high burst PVP builds, this mythic just isn’t cutting it. We ranked the Lefthander’s Aegis Belt last, as it just can’t compete with the other new mythics, and requires very specific situations to be useful.


Roll Dodge no longer evades attack and instead grants a damage shield that absorbs up to 20990 damage over one second. This damage shield is unaffected by Battle Spirit.

It comes with the Maximum Stamina enchantment, which adds 351 Maximum Stamina. Consider swapping to the Tri-Stat Prismatic Defense enchantment if you want the extra diversity of resources. It won’t have a significant effect either way, as belt enchantments tend to provide very low enchantment ratings.

Well-Fitted will be best trait in any situation, as this item requires you to roll dodge. 


While interesting, this item won’t do you much good in its current iteration. The Lefthander’s Aegis Belt is clearly positioned to be used in PVP. The damage shield just won’t do you much good in PVE, where a good dodge roll can solve most problems. The fact that it’s unaffected by Battle Spirit gives away the PVP focus as well.

Yes, 20990 is a nice fat damage shield, especially because it can’t be reduced by Battle Spirit’s 50% reduction. However, it’s just not worth giving up the ability to completely dodge multiple bursts at once through a simple roll dodge, especially if you’re fighting against multiple enemies in PVP. The length of this shield is the main issue, as you’ll need to be endlessly roll dodging to keep it up.

If the damage shield was higher and lasted longer than a second, it could potentially be useful. It could even be overpowered once given some buffs! In its current state, however, don’t rush to get it. 

4. Dov-Rha Sabatons (Feet — Heavy Armor)

The Dov-Rha Sabatons is another situationally useful mythic. We ranked it lower than some of the more broken options, as it has less potential against smaller groups of enemies. Players who to find themselves in a lot of 1-v-X fights will probably really enjoy it, though.


While sprinting, gain a stack of Draconic Scales every 0.5 seconds, granting you 660 Armor (up to 20 stacks max). Upon stopping, you deal physical damage per stack in an 8 meter shockwave, gain a damage shield equal to damage dealt, and retain Draconic Scales for 10 seconds (but cannot gain new stacks). At 20 stacks, this damage will also stun for 3 seconds. The damage scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance.

At max stacks, this equates to gaining 13,200 armor. Depending on how high your highest resistance is and how many targets you hit, the shield can end up being pretty massive.

Comes with the Max Health enchantment, which adds 386 Maximum Health. Consider changing to the Tri-Stat Prismatic Defense enchantment, but the default isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t want to shell out the gold for these expensive runes.


The Dov-Rha Sabatons are ideal for PVP, where sprinting occurs more frequently during fights. The extra armor, burst, and stun at max stacks allow for easier combos on enemy players.

As far as PVE is concerned, it looks like they’re more fit for solo play. Kiting is much less effective in group scenarios, as it pulls enemies away from your team’s ground AOEs. When soloing, however, you can gather up large groups of enemies for a good AOE burst, and gain that significant shield as you clear those ads out. 

Classes that already have built-in movement, like Sorcerers and Wardens, will probably see a lot of benefit from this item. Between needing to take down dragons in Sunspire as well as in Lair of Maarselok, we hope you luck out on getting the leads for this item.

3. Mora’s Whispers (Shoulder — Light Armor)

This item can be either amazing or awful, depending on the player using it. If you have all the books discovered already, this could easily be a top-notch item. If you don’t, and if you have no add-ons to make finding them easier, and if you have minimal wayshrines unlocked, it’s just about useless. Between those two extremes, Mora’s Whispers ranks third on our list.


Gain up to 1528 Critical Chance and 10% increased Inspiration, Alliance Rank, Alliance Skill, and 15% monster kill experience based on how many books of Shalidor’s Library have been collected.

It comes with the Multi-Effect enchantment, which adds 175 Magicka, 175 Stamina, and 193 Health. Keep this enchantment unless you really want more loaded into your primary stat for the extra DPS.


This has got to be the most interesting mythical item released so far. I really want to rank it higher, as the increased experience gain is so useful for grinding levels, whether you’re farming monsters in PVE or experience in PVP, but the time commitment for this mythic is significant.

The fact that it’s made better by something as arbitrary as collecting those lovely, glowing, purple books for the Mage’s Guild is just fascinating. It does make farming the books feel more rewarding, but farming those books takes a humongous amount of time. Forget about using it on your newest character unless you’re a champion of the grind.

Extra experience built into an item that also has a combat bonus is a big deal, though. It’s reminiscent of the Ring of Mara you can get by “marrying” another Imperial Collector’s Edition player in-game, but even that only grants the bonus while you’re grouped with your spouse while they’re also wearing their ring.

Mora’s Whispers also gives you armor, enchantment, and improved critical chance, which is a real upgrade. The critical boost is slightly more than Minor Savagery/Prophecy, which give 1314 weapon/spell critical, respectively.

2. Sea-Serpent’s Coil (Neck)

The best defense is a good offense with the Sea-Serpent’s Coil equipped. We rank it second on our list, as it gives a lot of strength to players in both PVP and PVE. It’s simply outcompeted by the Oakensoul Ring.


While at full health, you gain 40% damage reduction. After taking damage while at full health, you gain Serpent’s Rebuke for 10 seconds, snaring yourself by 40% and gaining Major Berserk and Major Courage, increasing your damage done by 10% and Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. The damage reduction does not apply while Serpent’ Rebuke is active.

It comes with the Physical Resistance enchantment, which adds 927 Physical Resistance. Consider changing to Spell Power or Weapon Power depending on your higher damage type and whether you need the extra Physical Resistance.

The Protective trait adds 1190 Physical and Spell Resistance. Consider changing to Swift to mitigate the snare, Bloodthirsty for more execution damage, or Infused for increased enchantment stats.


This is a great item for both PVE and PVP. It will certainly slow down your movement, and in situations where you can get Major Berserk/Courage from your teammates or an item, it certainly isn’t the best. If you can’t get these buffs, though, this item comes in clutch. The buffs stack really well, and you’ll gain the additional 430 weapon/spell damage on top of the 10% increase. That’s a chunky stat boost!

This will be great for going in and out of combat in PVE, giving you large offensive bonuses while you’re smacking down enemies without moving around as much.You won’t get a whole lot out of that 40% damage reduction at full health in PVE, but you will get a lot out of the Major Berserk and Courage.

It’s a great choice for PVP in tight quarters, like Imperial City Sewers and choke points in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. Try it out in situations where you’re worried about big spikes of damage coming from gankers.

The 40% snare can potentially be detrimental in both scenarios, but the Swift trait or Minor/Major Expedition can help mitigate this negative effect.

1. Oakensoul Ring (Ring)

We rank the Oakensoul Ring first on our list. It’s a very strong item that gives many players more access to solo PVE or PVP in high lag situations.


While equipped, you are unable to swap between your Primary and Backup Weapon Sets and gain Major Berserk, Major Courage, Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Prophecy, Major Savagery, Major Force, Major Protection, Major Resolve, Minor Fortitude, Minor Intellect, Minor Endurance, and Major Heroism.

It comes with the Multi-Effect enchantment, which adds 134 Magicka, Stamina, and Health Recovery. Consider changing to Spell Power or Weapon Power, depending on your higher damage type and whether or not you need the recoveries.


The amount of huge buffs this ring gives you is frankly insane. Sure, you lose out on powerful backbar sets and build diversity by not being able to switch things around, but to get all those buffs at once? Whew.

If want a more simplistic skill rotation and don’t like managing uptimes on your backbar skills, this will be a game changer. And if you have a bad internet connection, this will work wonders for you. With the amount of lag that can occur in PVP, having an item to streamline your gameplay can be huge.

I expect this to see a lot of play in PVE, as well. You likely won’t get as much benefit in hyper-efficient dungeon or trial groups, but it’s a must for solo content. Many consider it over-tuned at the moment, but I think it’s working as intended. You won’t get to fine-tune your rotations, but you get all these buffs in exchange. Plus, you don’t have to worry about slotting buffing skills in!

Compared to the Ring of the Pale Order, this will be the new ring to rule them all. It may not become BIS for DPS, but it can achieve similar numbers while giving players a little more breathing room without having to manage their weapon bars.

Join the High Ground

That’s it for our guide to the new mythic items in High Isle! We hope we’ve helped you choose your next unlock — hopefully it won’t take too long to get those leads. Tell us your favorite High Isle mythic in the comments, and let us know if you agree with our ranking! For more information on all of your favorite games and the latest in all things ESO, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy gaming!

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