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ESO Necrom DLC Antiquities, Ranked

You shouldn't miss the lastest Antiquities from the Necrom Expansion.

The Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of new, exciting antiquity items for players to collect. Our list will rank and showcase some of the best collectible antiquities for the Necrom Expansion (Telvanni Peninusla and Apocrypha) and Update 40! 

Note: If you purchase the Necrom DLC Collection or have ESO Plus you also receive the Greymoor Chapter with it which is needed to unlock the Scrying activity. You can check out our guide on scrying for more information on how to get started on the quest!

1. Telvanni Alchemy Station (Difficulty: Master)

First on our list, is the Telvanni Alchemy station. I am ranking this antiquity at #1 because having an alchemy station to use in the comfort of my house is awesome! This alchemy station also has a unique Telvanni design, unlike others available in the game and I love being able to use it.

How To Get the Antiquity:

Map of Telvanni Peninsula with Alchemy Station Lead Locations
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

I included a map with corresponding numbers as a reference for finding each of the fragments. Each fragment contains a lead inside it.

  1. Enchanted Mixing Stones: This first fragment can be found near Kemel-Ze.
  2. Glass Desiccator: You can find the fragment for the Glass Desiccator with the lead inside it between the Sanity’s Edge Trial entrance and outside of Alavelis.
  3. Igneous Mortar and Pestle: The next lead can be found near Tel Dreloth. Tel Dreloth is a settlement located South of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine.
  4. Lustrous Metal Funnel: This lead can be found on the shoreline Southeast of the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine and across the water from Sailenmora.
  5. Malachite Burette: The next lead is located just across the shore from the Lustrous Metal Funnel. You can find the fragment just North of Sailenmora near the water.
  6. Reagent Drying Rack: The Reagent Drying Rack lead can be found North of Ald Isra, which is a settlement South of Kemel-Ze.
  7. Sturdy Crucible: The Sturdy Crucible lead can be found on the smaller of the 3 islands located East of the Dwarven ruin Kemel-Ze.
  8. Tempered Brass Retort: The next lead can be found on an island West of the Ald Isra Wayshrine and North of the Bal Foyen Passage.
  9. Vacuum Filtration Apparatus: The Vacuum Filtration Apparatus lead can be found North of the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine and East of Sailenmora.
  10. Volcanic Sand Dust: The last lead is located near Tel Dreloth to the West and Northeast of the Alavelis Wayshrine.

2. Petrified Watcher (Difficulty: Advanced)

Next up is this Petrified Watcher, an all-new Antiquity added to the Elder Scrolls Online with Update 40. It is a large stone textured Watcher like the Watchers seen in Apocrpha and the Endless Archives. I have a little watcher Non-combat Pet and have grown fond of them while exploring Apocrypha. I love having this statue mounted in my home!

How To Get the Antiquity:

The lead for the Petrified Watcher drops from killing enemies in the Endless Archives. The Endless Archives is a new group activity that allows you and one other player to fight against Maligraphies in the Endless Library.

3. Trifold Mirror of Alternatives (Difficulty: Master)

The Trifold Mirror of Alternatives is another great furnishing item you can get for your home as a reward for Scrying. The mirror resembles much of the items found across Apocrypha and has an animation of moving eyes and tentacles. I think the Mirror of Alternatives makes for a great statement piece!

How To Get the Antiquity:

  1. Liminal Glass: Drops from killing the Walking Nightmare World Boss in the Nightmare Den in the Telvanni Peninsula.
  2. Runic Legs: Next, the lead for the Runic Legs fragment drops from killing the Steadfast Regulator Boss. Head to Clockwork City just Southwest of the Mire Mechanica Wayshrine to the Halls of Fabrication Delve where you can farm for this lead.
  3. Umbral Frame: The lead for the Umbral Frame fragment drops from killing the Delve Boss Cipher Gelon, found in the Quires Wind Delve located North of the Soundless Bight Wayshrine in Apocrypha.

4. Apocryphal Clothing Station (Difficulty: Master)

The Apocryphal Clothing Station is next on our list! This is one of ESO’s coolest designs for a crafting station and matches Hermaeus Mora’s realm Apocrypha! Now you can deconstruct items, complete crafting writs, and more in your home!

How To Get the Antiquity:

You need five leads to complete the Apocryphal Clothing Station Antiquity. All the leads can drop in Muniment Chests in the Endless Archive! These chests appear after boss fights, Unknown Portal minigames, and defeating Tho’at Replicanum.

5. Apocrypha Fossil, Arch (Difficulty: Simple)

The Fossil Arch is a great addition to any Apocrypha-style build and looks great in outdoor areas like gardens or courtyards. I ended up placing some mushrooms and hanging moss on mine to make it even cooler!

How To Get the Antiquity:

The lead for the Apocrypha Fossil Arch drops from Treasure Map Chests in the Telvanni Peninsula. You can acquire Treasure Maps from Daily Quest reward coffers, looting enemies, and regular treasure chests in the Telvanni Peninsula. You can also search for Treasure Maps using Guild Traders, they may have some great deals.

6. Scrying Brazier, Short and Tall (Difficulty: Advanced)

Up next, we have these brand new Scrying Braziers Antiquity from the Endless Archives in Apocrypha! These braziers are awesome for brightening up your home with a touch of Eldritch horror. The Scrying Brazier is supposedly used by Hermaeus Mora cultists.

How To Get the Antiquity:

Both leads for the Scrying Braziers (Short & Tall) can drop from killing enemies in the Endless Archives. One lead dropped from killing a cycle boss and the other dropped from killing Tho’at Replicanum.

7. Tribunal Window, Stained Glass (Difficulty: Advanced)

Up next is the Tribunal Window, great for brightening up rooms or adding to your collection of antiquities! The window also illuminates the ground in front of where you place it, adding a pop of color to your home.

How To Get the Antiquity:

The lead for the Tribunal Window can drop from killing mobs and searching containers in and around the Telvanni Peninsula.

8. Cliffracer Skeleton Stand (Difficulty: Intermediate)

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, this next Antiquity will have you reminiscing about your time on Vvardenfell. The Cliffracer Skeleton Stand is a unique addition to any home that you can get from scrying in the Telvanni Peninsula. You can now have your very own Cliffracer skeleton on display.

How To Get the Antiquity:

You can get the lead for this antiquity from regular treasure chests in the Telvanni Peninsula. Chests spawn in several locations around the Telvanni Peninsula, I usually wander around in the area around Tel Dreloth where chests can spawn like the shoreline area and near the entrance of the large mushroom building.

9. Mushroom Identification Book (Difficulty: Simple)

The next item on our list is the Mushroom Identification Book! This book is an interactive piece of furniture, perfect for a library or study room! My favorite part about this book is that the mushrooms can actually all be found around the Telvanni Peninsula.

How To Get the Antiquity:

The Mushroom Identification Book lead drops from Treasure Map Chests in the Telvanni Peninsula. You can farm for treasure maps or also purchase them directly from Guild Traders in town.

10. Apocrypha Fossil Bones (Difficulty: Intermediate)

To conclude, we have the Apocrypha Fossil Bones (Large) Antiquity. If you want a not-so-little piece of Apocrypha in your home, these Bones are great. I placed this large antiquity in my courtyard and built a garden around it!

How To Get the Antiquity:

The Apocrypha Fossil Bones lead can be found in Treasure Map chests in the Telvanni Peninsula.

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