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ESO: Mundus Stone Guide

Mundus stones are an essential part of any build in ESO, as they allow players to further customize their characters without sacrificing the sets they want to use. With thirteen Mundus stones in all, there are a lot of stat boosts to play around with.

I experimented with each Mundus stone on my Stamina Nightblade, parsing to see which gives the most benefits. The best Mundus for each situation will vary, but I’ll break down the difference in DPS I could get with each in optimal and safe settings.

All ESO Mundus Stones

Here are the Mundus Stones in tables that are separated by type. We’ve also featured stats and the Mundus Stone locations, which can also be found in following maps section.

Offensive Mundus Stones

Mundus NameStatsStats with 7 Legendary DivinesLocation: Aldmeri DominionLocation: Daggerfall CovenantLocation: Ebonheart Pact
The Apprentice238 Spell Damage389 Spell DamageReaper’s MarchBangkoraiThe Rift
The Warrior238 Weapon Damage389 Weapon DamageMalabal TorAlik’r DesertEastmarch
The Thief1333 Weapon/Spell Critical Strike2182 Weapon/Spell Critical StrikeMalabal TorAlik’r DesertEastmarch
The Shadow11% Critical Damage/Healing Done18% Critical Damage/Healing DoneGreenshadeRivenspireShadowfen
The Lover2744 Physical/Spell Penetration4491 Physical/Spell PenetrationAuridonGlenumbraStonefalls

Primary Stat Increase Mundus Stones

Mundus NameStatsStats with 7 Legendary DivinesLocation: Aldmeri DominionLocation: Daggerfall CovenantLocation: Ebonheart Pact
The Mage2023 Magicka3311 MagickaGrahtwoodStormhavenDeshaan
The Tower2023 Stamina3311 StaminaGrahtwoodStormhavenDeshaan
The Lord2225 Health3642 HealthGrahtwoodStormhavenDeshaan

Recovery Mundus Stones

Mundus NameStatsStats with 7 Legendary DivinesLocation: Aldmeri DominionLocation: Daggerfall CovenantLocation: Ebonheart Pact
The Atronach310 Magicka Recovery507 Magicka RecoveryGreenshadeRivenspireShadowfen
The Serpent 310 Stamina Recovery507 Magicka RecoveryGreenshadeRivenspireShadowfen
The Steed (Recovery + Movement Speed)238 Health Recovery and 10% Movement Speed389 Health Recovery and 16% Movement SpeedReaper’s MarchBangkoraiThe Rift

Recovery Mundus Stones

Mundus NameStatsStats with 7 Legendary DivinesLocation: Aldmeri DominionLocation: Daggerfall CovenantLocation: Ebonheart Pact
The Lady 2744 Physical/Spell Resistance4491 Physical/Spell ResistanceAuridonGlenumbraStonefalls
The Ritual8% Healing13% HealingMalabal TorAlik’r DesertEastmarch

ESO Mundus Stone Locations on the Map

Click on each map to expand for a better look at the location of each Mundus Stone.

Getting to the Mundus Stones

Mundus Stones are only available in the base game zones. They cannot be found in DLC or Chapter zones, so if you start out in one of these DLC areas, make sure you port over to a base game zone to claim your Mundus early on in the game! A couple extra thousand primary stat or spell/weapon damage will do you wonders as you start off.

You can bounce around to the different maps you have more wayshrines unlocked in to more quickly access Mundus Stones. You can also port to guildmates/friends in the zone with the Mundus you need and hope you make it close.

Alternatively, as Mundus Stones can be bought off the crown store and placed in player homes, sometimes your guildmaster will have these at their primary residence for their guild members to use. 

DPS Change With Each Mundus

Parse DPS Change With Each Mundus
Image: ZeniMax Online Studios & Bethesda Softworks via HGG / Angus Green

Here is how the DPS testing of the Mundus Stones turned out from my Stamina Nightblade parses.

Wearing all purple armor with divines, I increased my Mundus Stone effects by 56.7% in total. With legendary divines gear, you’ll get a 63.7% increase. (Having all divines gear is still the best practice for DPS and healers, so I do highly suggest getting as close as you can to having all seven be divines.

Having a reinforced chest piece or a couple of infused pieces won’t affect your damage too much. But when it comes to Mundus potency, you will lose out on some of its effectiveness without divines).

I used the 21M Iron Atronach dummy that provides raid buffs, which is the standard to use when parsing.

The Mundus ranked from first to last with the averaged DPS are:

  • The Thief: 73,460
  • The Warrior: 72,922
  • The Lover: 69,860
  • The Tower: 69,604
  • The Shadow: 68,907
  • The Serpent: 68,800
  • The others tied for last as they don’t give offensive bonuses for Stamina toons. 

On a magicka toon, the ranking would look like:

  • The Thief
  • The Apprentice
  • The Lover
  • The Mage
  • The Shadow
  • The Atronach
  • Others

Comparing Them

Parse Buffs
Image: ZeniMax Online Studios & Bethesda Softworks via HGG / Angus Green

Comparing best to worst, the Thief gave an additional 6.5% DPS boost as compared to the non-combat Mundus buffs. That’s an extra 5,000 DPS, which can really help speed up battles and get you through more dangerous boss mechanics that are health/time based.

The Thief gave me 8% more critical strikes than I could get with the other Mundus types, which is the reason it gives BIS damage. The Warrior was a close second, as it gives a more consistent DPS boost without relying on critical strike chance.

As you get to dealing more damage overall with your rotation/build, the Thief will start to show even larger gains over the other Mundus types, as it will have more damage to buff.

This DPS difference will be less noticeable in most gameplay without optimized trial group buffs. It should be noted that the Lover’s physical/spell penetration will give you more benefit when you’re in situations where you cannot reach the penetration cap.

Enemies will have 18,200 physical/spell resistance at most, so you definitely want to debuff enemies and increase your own penetration to get as close to nullifying those resistances as possible. It will be easier to do this in groups, with multiple debuffs being placed on the same enemy, but you may want to consider keeping the Lover on at all times if you’re soloing.

Some PUGs can be excellent at providing their teammates with the right buffs, but as you get paired with random players, sometimes you’ll get class overlap of buffs. You certainly can’t go wrong with using the Thief, but the Lover can be a safer option when you don’t know if your team will be helping you to debuff the enemy.

Situational Mundus Priority

Situational Mundus Priority
Image: ZeniMax Online Studios & Bethesda Softworks via HGG / Angus Green

Aside from switching around your Mundus to get the best DPS results, there will be times when a defensive Mundus should be prioritized.

While it can be a hassle to port out of a dungeon instance to get a different Mundus equipped, it can mean the difference between clutching a last boss fight or not. Sometimes the best offense really is a good defense.

If you’re having trouble managing your resources, boosting your primary stat or getting an additional recovery will outweigh all of the other types of offensive Mundus. After all, if you can’t cast your spells when you need to, you won’t be doing as much damage as you could be. If you find yourself dying too often, boosting your health or resistances will help keep you relevant throughout even the most difficult fights. 

On fights that are really beating you down, try throwing on The Lady for better resistances or The Lord for more health. That buffer of health can really make a difference in difficult fights with wipe mechanics. After skating by with a couple hundred health in multiple difficult boss battles, you’ll gain a new appreciation for those defensive Mundus.

The Steed can also prove very useful in situations where you’re taking consistent damage over time, as that health recovery bonus can help stave off some of that damage. The extra movement speed from it can also be handy in certain mechanics, or even in PVP where controlling the terrain is especially important.

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We hope this guide helps you to find and use the Mundus Stone that’s right for you. For more information on all of your favorite games and the latest in all things ESO, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Happy gaming!

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