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How to Have Maximum Fun in Elder Scrolls Online

The ESO virtual amusement park has plenty of rides worth embarking on

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most expansive MMO games you can play today! This guide will detail the fun things you can do within the game. ESO has much to offer whether you are in the mood to slay some beasts or explore a new region of Tamriel!


Questing is an exciting part of any Elder Scrolls game, which is no different in ESO. There are compelling storylines in quests, rich lore, and an awesome cast of key players that appear throughout your journey through Tamriel. 

The Main Story

Sir Cadwell
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

The Main Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online takes the player on an adventure to defeat Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince. Your main goal is to save Tamriel from Molag Bal and along the way you will make some great allies like Lyris Titanborn and Cadwell!

Thieves Guild Questline

If you like to sneak around and steal items, joining the Thieves Guild is a perfect fit! To unlock the Thieves Guild skill line you can loot a container in town or steal items from a Thieves Trove. You can begin the questline by heading to the Thieves Guild in Hew’s Bane. 

Once you begin doing Thieves Guild quests you will be able to do Heists which are Thieves Guild Daily quests. 

Mages Guild Questline

If you enjoy collecting lore books, magic, and crazy Daedric Princes, The Mages Guild questline is going to be right up your alley! The Mages Guild questline in the Elder Scrolls Online focuses on Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Joining the Mages Guild is helpful for players looking to unlock the skill line which has some useful skills for creating builds and useful passive abilities like Persuade. 

To join the Mages Guild, you must visit the Mages Guild Hall in your alliance’s capital city and speak to and speak to an NPC with a quest marker above them.

The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

If you enjoyed joining the Dark Brotherhood in previous Elder Scrolls games, you can in ESO too! The Dark Brotherhood has a questline, Daily quests that are repeatable for rewards, and a skill line. You will also receive the Blade of Woe after completing the quest Voices in the Dark which you can then use to perform sneak assassinations. 

To begin the Dark Brotherhood quest, head to your nearest Outlaws Refuge and speak to Amelie Crowe. She will give you the quest Voices in the Dark which will get you started. 

Psijic Order Questline

The Psijic Order questline has been one of my favorites in ESO for adventuring and exploring. It has been fun learning more about the Psijic Order after seeing them intervene to control the Eye of Magnus in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can unlock the Psijic Skill Line, visit their sanctuary on Artaeum, and receive exciting rewards for completing the quests. 

Zone Quests

Queen Ayrenn, Auridon
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Most zones in ESO have their respective storylines that allow players to learn more lore about the zone, meet various important NPCs, and more. Completing zone quests is a great way to get to know your favorite zones, explore new areas, and earn rewards. Zone quests are also great activities to do with friends as you can all do the quests together and earn rewards and the instances are not usually solo. 

Multiplayer Content

The Endless Archives

The Endless Archives is a new endless PvE mode for up to 2 players to join. Go as far as you can and explore all the different halls of the archive. You and a friend or companion can fight various bosses, earn interesting new rewards, and so much more! To enter the Endless Archive you can either travel to the Cipher’s Midden Wayshrine and head North to the coast just past the Runemaster’s Acropolis or just travel directly to the Archive by clicking it from your map.   

Dungeons & Trials

Graven Deep Dungeon
ZeniMax Online Studios

Dungeons are a group event where 4 players can get together to fight their way through various bosses and enemies. Trials are generally harder group activities that require 12 people. Both Dungeons and Trials have Normal modes for beginners or players looking to learn the basics and Veteran modes for experienced players and those wanting a challenge. 

For Dungeons, you can receive a Daily Undaunted reward for completing one random Dungeon on either Normal or Veteran mode. Once your character reaches level 45, you can complete three Undaunted Pledges once a day that will reward players for completing the daily Dungeons.


There are a few different options for players to choose from such as the Dueling, the Alliance War, and Battlegrounds. Dueling is a type of PvP mode where you and another player can fight each other. You can duel with your friends and others in town, in a player’s home, and out in the world. The Alliance War takes players to Cyrodiil, where you can battle armies of other players and fight for their Alliance, you do have to reach Level 10 to join the fight.  

There are five choices of Battleground game modes, and each of them fits a different playstyle and activity type. The modes are Chaos Ball, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Relic, Crazy King, and Domination. If you are looking to meet other players interested in PvP content, there are plenty of guilds centered around these game modes. Joining a guild is a great way to make multiplayer content more fun and a better experience!


Daily Zone Quests & Rewards

Daily Quests are a fun way to earn rewards and explore a zone at the same time. Most of these quests can be completed Solo but you may need some help completing the World Boss daily quest. To pick up a zone’s daily quests head to the main city and search for the Daily Job Brokers who will give you the dailies. You can receive various rewards like gold, Overland gear, and more! 

World Events

ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

World Events are designed as larger group activities that activate in certain locations in a zone. Various zones across Tamriel have their version of World Events such as Dark Anchors, Harrowstorms, Bastion Nymic, and Volcanic Vents. World Events are some of the most fun content in ESO as the enemies can be challenging to defeat and is a great way to meet new players/join groups.

World Bosses

Clamorclap Bowl Boss, Telvanni Peninsula
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

World Bosses are Overland bosses that you can find and defeat while out on your adventures. Most zones have a repeatable daily zone quest that will have you kill a certain world boss. Some of these bosses can be solo’d or might require a group depending on their Health and strength. People will often ask for assistance with killing a World Boss in zone chat, so keep an eye out for those looking for help. Finding and killing bosses is not only fun but they can drop rewards like Overland gear, treasure, and more! 

Delves & Public Dungeons

Entrance to the Teeth of Sithis
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Another great way to explore a new zone is to check out the various Delves and Public Dungeons it has. Delves and Public Dungeons usually have a quest that you can pick up from an NPC outside or near the entrance as well. Make sure you check your map to see if you can locate any sky shards in the area! 


Companions are allies that you can recruit to follow you on your adventures! Getting a companion for your character can make exploring a better experience. You can create fun builds for them, select the skills they use, and customize their outfits! Every companion also comes with noncombat perks such as collecting extra loot from killing world bosses or finding extra treasure from Treasure map chests. For more information on Companions, you can check out our Companion guide!

Things to Do in Town

Crafting Dailies

One fun thing to do in town in ESO is to complete crafting dailies. Not only is it a great way to make gold passively you can also level up your crafting skills. To begin leveling up your crafting skills you will have to visit Del Tano in any major city’s crafting area. He will give you some starter quests and once you complete them you will be able to start doing Daily Crafting Writs. You can find these Daily Crafting Writ Boards in any city’s crafting area. Being able to create your own Glyphs, craft gear, and make food or drinks to buff your resources is beneficial.

Master Writs & Rewards

Fun rewards await you at the Mastercraft Mediator stand!
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Once you begin crafting more you can complete various crafting writs to receive Writ Vouchers. These vouchers are given to you by Rolis Hlaalu the Mastercraft Mediator in the cities of Wayrest (Stormhaven), Mournhold(Deshaan), and Elden Root (Grahtwood). You can use these tickets to purchase new furnishing plans, crafting stations, and more!  

Tales of Tribute

Up next, we have Tales of Tribute! This is a card game that was introduced to ESO in 2022 with the launch of the High Isle Chapter. The premise of the game is to get a higher amount of prestige points than your opponent. You can head to Gonfalon Bay in High Isle to begin the introduction quest. Tales of Tribute offers both PvE and PvP modes for players to choose from. You can also complete 2 different Daily Tales of Tribute quests and receive reward coffers that contain gold, recipes, etc.

Collect cards for various decks from different zones across Tamriel. Cards can be found from enemies in the endless archives, killing world bosses, and more! 

Relaxing Activities

Gathering Resources

Resources in the Elder Scrolls Online are helpful to have for completing Daily Crafting Writs, crafting/upgrading gear, and more.  I enjoy the experience of farming on Artaeum because of the number of lootable containers, abundance of resources, and access to a merchant to sell items plus it’s a beautiful area.

Design a New Outfit

Next up, we have designing an outfit for your character! If you have some downtime and want something relaxing to do, you can change up your character’s outfit at the outfit stations in town. As you complete new Dungeons and Trials and explore new zones you will collect outfit styles and dyes that can be used when you go to create a new look for your character. 

Home Decorating

The Elder Scrolls Online has a wide variety of homes available for players to purchase and decorate. Every home is unique and you can create interesting builds and get creative with them if you enjoy building and decorating. Make sure you also check out the Luxury Furnishing Vendor every weekend in the Hollow City (Coldharbour) for a rotating selection of furnishings!

You can also craft a lot of your furniture by searching for furnishing plans in lootable containers and from stealing. I love building new furnishing for houses I am working on and moving things around.  Creating a home base is also a fun thing you can do if you still need one for your character.


ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Scrying is a great way to relax and do puzzles if you are not in the mood for questing or dungeons. I like to either Scry when I have various leads that are about to expire or a lot of new ones that I am excited to get. You can receive furnishings, Mythic gear, and treasure through scrying, so it has great rewards and is a great way to explore a zone and relax. 

To start receiving leads to scry you will need to complete the quest. You will unlock the skill line which has various skills and passive abilities that are worth checking out especially once you reach Master Level Scrying. To learn more about scrying and the Antiquity system, you can check out our full guide


Fishing fun on the Auridon Beach
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Fishing is another fun and relaxing activity that players can do all over Tamriel. To fish you will need to collect bait from looting worms, crawlers, insects, and from fishing. Each zone has Rare Fish that can be collected and sold for gold. You can also receive regular fish, Wet Gunny Sacks that carry materials, and furnishing. Head to Artaeum to fish from Mystic Fishing Holes to reel in some extra rewards!

Holiday & Fun Special Events

ESO holds various events throughout the year such as the yearly Undaunted Celebration, Witches Festival, the Anniversary Jubilee event, the New Life Celebration, and more! Some events like the zone celebration events rotate so you can enjoy a different zone each time.

Impresario Event Vendor
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

Holiday events are a great way to spend time with your friends, guildmates, and meet new players! You also can earn various rewards like style pages, recipes, furnishings, and event tickets! The Impresario is an event merchant who is only available during an event that you can find outside Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, Vukhel Guard, and other large cities. You can purchase unique and festive rewards using the event tickets you have earned at the Impresario.

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