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The Elder Scrolls Online: Companions Guide (2024)

A helping hand to ease your burden.

If you are looking for a companion to join you on your adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online, this guide will help you find the perfect one. This ESO companion guide will rank and explain how to unlock each Companion. We will also provide a Rapport breakdown, describe their skills, and provide some build recommendations. Let’s get started!

Section 1: Tier List 

Our tier list ranks each of the Companions based on versatility/build flexibility and the benefits they provide. Though every Companion is useful in their own way and comes with good benefits, some stand out for having kits that allow them to be more flexible with the role you give them to play. This can be helpful when creating a build for them and can save you time `creating it! None of the Companions are “bad” but some are just more adaptable, making them easier to use as a new player or just to save you time.

Section 2: Top Companions and Why They Are the Best

  1. Companion 1: Isobel Veloise
  2. Companion 2: Sharp-as-Night
  3. Companion 3:  Ember 

Isobel is our top pick for the best companion because she can be versatile and take on the role of Healer, Tank, and DPS. Though Isobel is best suited for the DPS role, her abilities make her a great choice if you want a solid Healer or Tank instead. Her companion perk Isobel’s Grace is also one of the best companion perks allowing you to occasionally collect a reward satchel for killing world bosses.

(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

Next up on our list is Sharp-as-Night which is another fantastic choice for players who want a dynamic companion. Sharp-as-Night is a great companion for crowd control and can take on the role of a Magicka DPS but also does well as a Healer or Tank. Sharp’s survivability makes him a great companion for you if you want one that can sustain their health and help with mobs.

 Ember is another fantastic option for a companion for players who want an excellent Healer or Magicka DPS to support with fights. Her DPS abilities are great for using a Lightning Staff but if you prefer having your Companion help heal instead, Ember is proficient in that regard too.

Section 3: How to Unlock Companions

Isobel Velois

(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Isobel Veloise: Isobel Veloise is a Breton Templar Knight that you can acquire as a companion in High Isle. To unlock Isobel as a Companion, you will have to complete her quest called “Tournament of the Heart.  Isobel can be found in the High Isle zone just outside Castle Navire near the Castle Navire Wayshrine. Castle Navire is located West of the city of Gonfalon Bay. 


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Sharp-as-Night: Sharp-as-Night is an Argonian Warden and one of the newest companions in Elder Scrolls Online. To unlock Sharp-as-Night, you must complete his quest “The Double Edge”. To begin the quest, you have to travel to the Telvanni Peninsula where he can be found outside of the city of Necrom. You can use the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine or the city’s main wayshrine to access the area quickly. Sharp can be found standing close to the Outlaws Refuge entrance outside the city’s gates. 


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Companion: Ember is a wiley Khajiit Sorcerer whose friendly personality makes her perfect for your adventures! Ember is located in the High Isle zone near the Draioch Wayshrine just a quick trip North of the city of Gonfalon Bay. She can be found wandering on the road near Tor Draioch. To unlock Ember as a Companion you will have to complete the quest “Tower Full of Trouble”.  


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Bastian Hallix: Bastian is a loyal Dragonknight companion who is always ready to explore and help others. To locate Bastian you will have to travel to Blackwood to the Blueblood Wayshrine. Bastian can be found near Deepscorn Hollow. To acquire Bastian, you will have to complete his quest  “Competition and Contracts” after which he will be added as your Companion. To summon him you can go to your Collections then to the Allies option from there you can click on the Companions you have unlocked.  


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

Azandar al-Cybaides

(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Azandar al-Cybaides: Azandar is an Arcanist class companion and one of the newer companions released with the Necrom Expansion. Azandar can be found in Apocrypha near the small town Cipher’s Midden. Cipher’s Midden can be found Southwest of Artisan’s Hermitage. Azandar is usually wandering around on the outskirts of Cipher’s Midden. You will have to complete Azandar’s quest “The Fateweaver Key” to unlock him as a Companion. 


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

Mirri Elendis

(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

How to Unlock Mirri Elendis: Mirri Elendis is a Dark Elf Nightblade companion who has a reputation as a Daedric relic hunter. To locate Mirri you will have to travel to the Northern part of Blackwood near Doomvault Vulpinaz which can be accessed by the Doomvault Vulpinaz Wayshrine. Doomvault Vulpinaz is located Northeast of Fort Redmane.  To unlock Mirri as a Companion, you will have to complete her quest “Scattered and Shattered”. 


(Bethesda Softworks / Ariana Honavar-Hiro)

Section 4: Rapport Breakdown

Each companion in ESO has a set of likes and dislikes such as visiting a place or collecting an item that can increase or decrease your rapport with them. Below we will describe some of each Companion’s major likes and dislikes. If you are looking to increase your Companion’s rapport level quickly, completing the activities that reward you with more points regularly will help level up your companion faster. Make sure to complete your Companion’s personal quests once they appear to further increase their rapport.


  • Completing a Bolgrul Delve Daily quest (+125)
  • Completing a High Isle World Boss Daily (+125)
  • Visiting an Undaunted Enclave (+25) – once a day, after that +5 per visit
  • Killing a Delve or World Boss (+5) – no cooldown timer for world bosses
  • Killing Daedra (Bosses included) (+5)
  • Crafting Sweet Food (+5)
  • Killing an Innocent NPC (-10)
  • Stealing anything from containers, off dead bodies, or thieves’ troves (-1)
  • Going into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (-5)
  • Going into an Outlaws Refuge (-1)


  • Completing Ashlander Daily quests (+125)
  • Visiting Vvardenfell (+5)
  • Looting a Heavy Sack (+5)
  • Visiting Hew’s Bane and Leyawiin (+4)
  • Fishing (+1)
  • Catching a Trophy fish in any zone (+1)
  • Harvesting Alchemical Materials (e.g. Namira’s Rot Mushrooms, Blugloss flowers, Pure water, etc.) (+1)
  • Paying a bounty to a guard after committing a crime (-10)
  • Pickpocketing a beggar (-5)
  • Destroying any item in your inventory that you can sell to a merchant (-5)
  • Dislikes when gear breaks (-1)
  • Dislikes when an enchantment runs out (-1)


  • Doing Mage’s Guild Dailies (+125)
  • Doing Thieves Guild Heists (+125)
  • High Isle Delve Daily (+125)
  • Successfully pickpocketing a guard
  • Using the Clemency Perk
  • Completing Thieves Guild quests from the Tip Board in the Thieves Den (+5)
  • Ember doesn’t like it when you pay your bounty to a guard (-25)
  • Dislikes getting spotted while trespassing in a restricted area (-10)
  • Dislikes getting seen committing a crime like pickpocketing, murdering an NPC, etc. (-10)
  • Dislikes when you get killed by a guard (-5)


  • Completing a Mage’s Guild Daily quest (+125)
  • Visiting Artaeum or Eyevea (+10)
  • Visiting a Mages Guild Hall with a portal to Eyevea (+10)
  • Helping a random encounter (+10)
  • Harvesting Psijic Portals (+5)
  • Scrying (+5)
  • Reading a book (+1)
  • Killing Bandits, Worm Cultists, and Night Runners in Summerset (+1)
  • Murdering NPCs (-25)
  • Pickpocketing (-25)
  • Stealing from containers (-5)
  • Looting from Thieves Troves (-5)
  • Crafting Provisions with Cheese (-1)


  • Completing a Daily Enchanting Writ quest (+125)
  • Completing Necrom Daily Quests (+125)
  • Visiting a Mundus Stone (+10)
  • Harvesting Psijic Portals (+5)
  • Scrying (+5)
  • Finding a lead (+5)
  • Completing an enchanting writ (+5) – not the daily quest
  • Finding a lore book (+5)
  • Visiting Artaeum or Eyevea (-10)
  • Playing Tales of Tributes (-1)
  • Crafting Coffee (-1)
  • Harvesting Mushrooms (-1)


  • Completing an Ashlander Daily quest (+125)
  • Completing Fighters Guild Daily quests (+125)
  • Entering a Daedric Delve or Public Dungeon (+10)
  • Visiting the brass Fortress through the gate (+10)
  • Harvesting a Psijic Portal (+5)
  • Excavating antiquities (+5)
  • Viewing a completed Vault of Moawita in Summerset (+5)
  • Crafting Alcohol (+1)
  • Reading a book from a bookshelf (+1)
  • Engaging an NPC in combat or killing NPCs (with the blade of woe) (-25)
  • Completing a Sacrament quest (-25)
  • Dislikes entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (-10)
  • Collecting a torch bug or butterfly (-1)

Section 5: Companion Abilities

In this next section, we will explain the three skills trees each companion has and how each skill works. Below each of the companion’s skill breakdowns, you will find our build suggestions and additional information.

Isobel Class – Templar

Blazing Might (Damage)

  • Penetrating Strikes: Isobel attacks an enemy with a spear made of light three times doing 1012 magic damage. This skill also allows Isobel to grant her and her allies a boon that increases the damage your next Light Attack or Heavy Attack does.
  • Sun Brand: Isobel throws a blazing ball at an enemy that does 4050 Flame damage to affected targets and does an additional 3032 Flame damage for 8 seconds.
  • Divine Destruction: Isobel unleashes a beam of divine energy at a target dealing 15185 damage over 2 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Bane Slayer: Isobel conjures a weapon made of sunlight that she strikes down into the ground below her. This does 4050 Magic Damage and additional particles on enemies detonate doing an additional 2025 Magic Damage.

Brilliant Shield (Tank)

  • Solar Ward: Isobel uses the power of the sun to defend themselves from enemies. This ability reduces damage taken by 20% and also grants a damage shield that absorbs 12.5% for 6 seconds.
  • Gallant Blitz: Isobel uses a spear made of light to charge enemies and set them Off Balance for 7 seconds.
  • Spear of Light: Isobel throws a spear made of light at an enemy dealing 2025 Magic Damage and it also knocks them down.

Healing Grace (Healer)

  • Blessed Sacrament: Isobel sends out a burst of light that helps heal themselves and nearby allies granting +759 Health for 8 seconds.
  • Holy Ground: Isobel casts a spell on the ground for 8 seconds which will grant 1012 Health every 2 seconds and snares nearby enemies. This skill is triggered by an enemy attacking or if an ally or Isobel falls below 75% Health.
  • Beam of Reproach: Isobel can cast a beam of sunlight on an enemy that deals 2025 Magic damage and heals an ally for 2025 Health. The beams of light will continue to heal allies for 8 seconds, providing 506 Health every 2 seconds.

Isobel Build Recommendations: Isobel is a dynamic Companion and you can do a lot with her abilities when creating a build for her. Isobel does have some great area of effect healing abilities for players who want a strong healer build. If you want to mix in Undaunted Skills, Mage’s Guild, Fighter’s Guild skill line, or add weapon skills with Isobel’s you can come up with some really interesting companion builds. Each of her skill trees has great abilities so you have a lot of flexibility with her build and can come up with some great combinations and make hybrid builds as well!

Sharp-as-Night Class – Warden

Beasts of the Hunt (Damage)

  • Swoop: Sharp sends a Cliffracer to attack an enemy, dealing 4507 Magic damage. This can set the enemy off balance if they are positioned 7 meters away.
  • Char: Sharp summons a group of Shalk to attack an enemy dealing 2253 Magic damage. The Shalk will burrow underground for 3 seconds before attacking again dealing an additional 2253 Magic damage.
  • Infest: Sharp summons a cloud of Fletcherflies to attack an enemy causing 6755 Magic damage over 8 seconds while also rebuffing the target. The Fletcherflies attack will add Minor Vulnerability to the target causing them to take 5% more damage.
  • Ultimate: Gore: Sharp summons a Kagouti to charge at an enemy and toss the enemy dealing 13521 Physical damage and stunning the target for 3 seconds. If the target is under 25% Health the ultimate can do 150% more damage.

Winter’s Bite (Tank)

  • Sleetmail: Sharp can conjure armor for him and his allies to wear if they are nearby. This armor reduces damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds and grants allies Major Resolve. Major Resolve is a buff that increases Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance.
  • Cold Snap: Sharp creates ice shard circles around himself that will puncture enemies nearby that will cause Frost damage and immobilize them for 3 seconds. The damage that Sharp does scales off of his Maximum Health.
  • Snow Squall: Sharp creates freezing wind around himself and it heals him for 5279 Health and continues to provide him 1319 healing every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. This is another ability that scales off Sharp’s Maximum Health.

Verdant Growth (Healer)

  • Fungal Forage: Sharp creates mushrooms on the ground before him to heal himself and his allies for 4338 Health. If you are closer to him you will receive 50% more healing.
  • Perennial Bloom: Sharp creates flowers that will provide 867 Health to nearby allies every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Fungal Forage is an area-of-effect healing ability so as long as you and your allies are in the flower field, you will receive healing.
  • Petals of the Hunter: Sharp gains power from this ability to regain Health for light-attacking enemies. Sharp can restore 1808 Health to themselves and their allies for 8 seconds.

Sharp-as-Night Build Recommendations: Sharp as Night is a Warden class Companion and has some of the best healing abilities out of all the companions. You can also use Restoration Staff abilities with some of his healing abilities to help create a good healing build to help you on your adventures! You can also create a good DPS build with his Beasts of the Hunt Skill Tree and a weapon of your choice! Skills like Infest and Char are great for DPS builds or to add to your hybrid build. Though these skill trees have some of the best abilities, you can create a Tank build for Sharp if you prefer!

Ember Class – Sorcerer

Lightning Caller (Damage)

  • Crystal Blast: Ember hits an enemy in front of her with dark crystals dealing 5099 damage.
  • Shocking Burst: Ember can create a storm over an enemy that can affect multiple people.
  • Thunderous Strike: Ember can call down an explosion of lightning on an enemy dealing 15296 Shock Damage and an additional 5099 damage to any enemy that is near the initial target.
  • Ultimate: Raging Storm: Ember can create a raging storm above enemies, shocking them and causing 956 Shock Damage every 1 second for 8 seconds. The last strike can deal even more damage if the enemy is below 25% health.

Mischievous Caster (Tank)

  • Entomb: Ember uses magic to trap an enemy and immobilize them
  • Hurricane Visage: Ember can turn herself into a hurricane and channel the powers of a storm damaging nearby enemies
  • Trickster’s Trap: Ember creates a bubble of magic around an enemy that stuns them for the duration the bubble is around them. Trickster’s Trap stuns enemies for about 3 seconds.

Playful Schemer (Healer)

  • Quick Fix: Ember can heal herself and allies for 4950 Health. Quick Fix is used when Ember or an ally is under 75% Health.
  • Shared Wards: Ember can create a ward that can absorb 2475 Damage for the duration of the ward. Shared Wards can also heal Ember and allies that have the ward for 2475 Healing for the same amount of time.
  • Second Wind: Ember can use backup abilities if she runs out of resources and reduces the cooldown for her abilities in a fight.

Ember Build Recommendations: Ember is one of my favorite companions because she also has a versatile kit that can be used for different roles including hybrid roles! You can create a strong DPS build for Ember using her Lighting Caller skill tree. If you want to mix in some of her healing abilities such as Quick Fix, you can create an easy hybrid build! If you want her to help with tanking you can give her an ability like Entomb can to help with immobilizing enemies.

Bastian Class – Dragon Knight

Ardent Warrior (Damage)

  • Fiery Flail: Bastian lashes at an enemy hitting them causing 5099 Flame Damage. Bastian also causes the enemy to be set Off Balance for 7 seconds.
  • Scorching Strike: Bastian slashes an enemy dealing 5099 Flame Damage and continues to deal 7648 Flame Damage for 8 seconds.
  • Crag Smash: Bastian can throw a large chunk of rock at an enemy dealing 5099 Physical Damage.
  • Ultimate: Unleashed Rage: Bastian can charge up and release an explosion that deals 7648 Flame Damage to all nearby enemies. Bastian also creates a cross of fire from the center of the explosion hitting enemies in the area with Flames. The enemies hit will be stunned for 4 seconds as well.

Draconic Armor (Tank)

  • Blazing Grasp: Bastian can use a chain to grab an enemy and pull them towards him.
  • Drake’s Blood: Bastian can use their Draconic Blood to heal themselves. Drake’s Blood heals for 25% of Bastian’s Max Health. Drake’s Blood also causes Bastian to take 20% less damage for 8 seconds.
  • Crushing Claws: Bastian can summon talons from the ground, trapping enemies in range.

Radiating Heart (Healer)

  • Kindle: Bastian can launch a healing fireball at an ally or themselves that restores 4950 Health.
  • Basalt Barrier: Bastian can create a damage shield for themselves and his allies that absorbs 2475 Damage for a 6-second duration. Healing received is increased by 15% while the ability is active.
  • Searing Weapons: Bastian can charge his weapon and his allies’ weapons with Volcanic Power. This power increases the damage Bastian and his allies do by 15% for 8 seconds.

Bastion Build Recommendations: Bastian is a great companion for making a Tank or DPS build. He has great abilities like Drake’s Blood and Blazing Grasp for creating a Tank build. These abilities can be paired well with the Sword and One-Handed skills. Bastian also has great DPS abilties in the Ardent Warrior skill tree that pair well with most weapons in ESO but I personally like giving Bastian a Destruction Staff. The Undaunted skill line and the Mage’s and Fighter’s guild skill lines are helpful to use if you wish to customize his build further.

Azandar Class – Arcanist

Scholar of Apocrypha (Damage)

  • The Triune Word: Azandar can craft runes and launch them at enemies nearby dealing 1650 Magic Damage 3 times.
  • Fate Omen’s Inspiration: Azandar can imbue his weapon and his allies’ weapons with Apocryphal energy. This will apply the buff Minor Berserk and increase damage done by 5%.
  • Tendrils of the Sea: Azandar can infuse his arm with tentacles and attack an enemy with them.
  • Ultimate: Vigorous Tentacular Eruption: Azandar can create a gate to Apocrypha under an enemy/enemies that will summon tentacles that do 7425 Magic Damage to them. The tentacles will also knock them in the air setting them Off Balance for 3 seconds. Any enemy that takes damage from these tentacles will be affected by the debuff Major Vulnerability for 4 seconds. Major Vulnerability causes enemies to take 10% more damage.

Quill Knight (Tank)

  • Scathing Rune: Azandar uses a rune to taunt an enemy and applies Minor Maim to the enemy. This will reduce the damage the enemy does by 5% (debuffs the enemy).
  • Abor’s Augmented Ward: Azandar creates a damage shield that will absorb 25% of his maximum health for 6 seconds. The shield can deal 4950 Magic Damage when attacked for the first time after Azandar casts the ability.
  • Fear of the Unknown: Azandar can Fear an enemy for 4 seconds causing them to stop attacking and cause them to run away.

Revitalizing Researcher (Healer)

  • Triptych Physic: Azandar can launch a trio of healing runes at themselves or an ally that applies 1650 Healing 3 times.
  • Shields of Erudition: Azandar can create a spinning shield around themselves and 2 allies that are nearby. The shield absorbs 4950 damage for 6 seconds.
  • Zone of Recuperation: Azandar creates a circle of Eldritch power that heals himself and allies when cast. Zone of Recuperation applies 825 Health for 8 seconds and also regenerates 150 pts of Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

Azandar Build Recommendations: Azandar has some fantastic healing abilities that can pair well with a Restoration Staff and those abilities. You could also create a hybrid Healing/DPS build for Azandar so he can help with some damage. For DPS builds, Azandar has some great skills in the Scholar of Apocrypha that can pair well with a lot of weapons making it a great choice if you want a flexible build.

Mirri Class – Night Blade

Deadly Assassin (Damage)

  • Shadow Slash: Mirri slashes an enemy nearby dealing 5099 Magic Damage and will set them Off Balance for 7 seconds.
  • Warp Strike: Mirri can warp and ambush an enemy with a quick attack dealing 5099 Magic Damage.
  • Slayer’s Blade: Slayer’s Blade is used when an enemy is below 25% Health. Mirri will strike an enemy dealing 15296 Magic Damage.
  • Ultimate: Impeccable Shot: Mirri marks an enemy and debuffs them causing them to take more damage for 20% more damage for 3 seconds. Mirri deals an additional attack that deals 15296 Physical Damage.

Living Shade (Tank)

  • Ghostly Evasion: Mirri surrounds herself in a “Phantasmic aura” allowing her to reduce the damage she takes by 20% for 8 seconds.
  • Masque of Torment: Mirri applies fear to an enemy for 4 seconds.
  • Twilight Mantle: Mirri can shroud herself in healing shadows that will heal her for 25% of her Max Health for 3 seconds.

Soul Thief (Healer)

  • Life Absorption: Mirri can steal an enemy’s life force and heal herself for 2549 Health and an ally for 5099 Health.
  • Blood Transfusion: Mirri can use Blood Transfusion to heal an ally for 7645 Health over 8 seconds.
  • Life Siphon: Mirri can siphon the vigor from the blood of enemies nearby dealing 2549 Magic Damage to them and healing herself and allies for 2549 Health.

Mirri Build Recommendations: Mirri is a great candidate for a DPS build due to her having some of the best DPS skills out of all the companions. Her Deadly Assasin skills paired with a weapon skill would make Mirri’s DPS build even stronger. You can also opt for a hybrid build if you want her to help with healing occasionally with skills from her Soul Thief skill tree or mix in skills from her Living Shade tree.

Section 6: Gear & Weapons for your Companions

Entry-Level Companion Gear: To acquire gear for your Companions early on you can purchase some from various merchants such as weaponsmiths, woodworkers, or blacksmiths in cities. To equip new gear for your Companions, select Companion Menu when you speak to your Companion and then select “Equipment”. Any Companion gear you have in your inventory will appear here and you can equip it to the companion.

Advanced Companion Gear: Better armor and weapons for your Companions can drop from overland content, typically from World Bosses. You may have to grind killing bosses for a little before better Companion gear drops. 

*Note: Companion gear cannot be improved or enchanted. Unlike our gear, you can only change the trait that your Companion’s gear has. These traits are: Aggressive, Augmented, Bolstered, Focused, Profilic, Quickened, Shattering, Soothing, and Vigourous.

Section 7: Companion Rewards

Companion Expertise is a special set of rewards you receive for doing various activities in the game such as killing a world boss, searching containers, or fishing. Depending on the companion you have you will receive a reward for completing a certain activity. In addition to the Companion Expertise rewards, you can also unlock your companion as a houseguest. Once you have completed both of your companion’s personal quests, you can place them in your home as a houseguest that you can interact with and set on a path.

Companion Expertise

  • Isobel: Isobel’s reward is that she grants players the chance for a Slain Knight pack to drop when world bosses are killed. These packs can have ingredients, gold, and sometimes furnishings.
  • Sharp-as-Night: When you go fishing with Sharp, fish will bite more frequently. Sharp as Knight also helps increase your chances of catching trophy fish.
  • Ember: Ember’s perk is called Ember’s Intuition which is active once you acquire the perk even when Ember isn’t equipped. When you pickpocket someone you can occasionally receive a “wallet” with extra rewards.
  • Bastian: When you loot chests and monsters Bastian has a 30% chance to improve the potion with his insight. You can use or sell these improved potions to a merchant.
  • Azandar: With Azandar as a companion, when players search a container they have a chance of finding a research portfolio with anything from recipes to treasure maps. You can also find crafting supply surveys from these portfolios.
  • Mirri: When finding and looting a chest in Tamriel with Mirri (Treasure Maps included), you have a 30% of getting additional loot.

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