Best Medium and Large Houses in ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online has a wide array of homes in various different sizes for players to purchase. In today’s article, we’re ranking the best houses in ESO from worst to best. Our ranking is based on location, price, and the house itself, and will only include Medium and Large houses (“Classic Homes”).

Let’s dive in!

House Size Categories

Don’t worry about accidentally committing to a home too early. If you see a home on this list that you like, you can always tour it before purchase! Just go to your menu, select Collections twice, then Housing, search for the home you’d like to tour, and select Preview. While touring, you’ll also be able to see what the home would look like with furnishings.

Note: If you have ESO Plus, the amount of things you can place in your housing is doubled. This applies to all size categories of housing. The only exception is the number of player visitors you can host at once. This remains the same no matter what.

For a ranking of inn rooms, apartments, and small homes go here.

Medium Homes

  • 200 furnishings and 10 trophy busts
  • 3 Assistants/Mounts/Pets
  • 12 visitors at a time

Large Homes

  • 300 furnishings and 20 trophy busts
  • 4 Assistants/Mounts/Pets
  • 12 visitors at a time

All Medium and Large Houses in ESO, Ranked Okay to Best

Let’s jump into our list of the best medium and large houses in ESO, ranked!


Quondam Indorilia

ESO Best Houses | Quondam Indorilia
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,265,000 gold OR 6,100 Crowns (7,600 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Deshaan Adventurer Achievement

Quondam Indorilia is a Dunmer-style home located just West of the city Mournhold in Deshaan. Mournhold is a large city with different districts with merchants, guild halls, and crafting stations.

The house itself has a large courtyard with plenty of room to place items, build a garden, and more. The interior consists of three stories, though the bottom floor is more of basement. There are multiple rooms to decorate and store your belongings in.

Quondam Indorilia is a good choice due to its size and proximity to a major city. If you want multiple rooms, this home is a great option for you.


Stay-Moist Manor

ESO Best Houses | Stay-Moist Manor
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 760,000 gold OR 5,500 Crowns (6,900 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Shadowfen Adventurer Achievement

Stay-Moist Manor is a Argonian-style mud home Northwest of Alten Corimont in Shadowfen. Alten Corimont is a smaller port town, but it does have some vendors, a wayshrine, and guild halls that you can easily access.

The home has a large courtyard with abundant greenery and local foliage, and comes with plants and trees that you can move around or remove if you wish. There are also stables attached to the courtyard fence near the home. The interior of the interior of the home is one large room with high ceilings. There is also a large tree at the center of the room that has room to store your belongings.

Stay-Moist Manor is one of the most affordable large houses in ESO, perfect if you want a bigger home without paying too much for it. Its location near the port town also makes it a great option if you want some space without being in the middle of nowhere.


Old Mistveil Manor

ESO Best Houses | Old Mistveil Manor
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,020,000 gold OR 5,800 Crowns (7,800 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: The Rift Adventurer Achievement

Old Mistveil Manor is a Nord-style home located outside of the city Riften in The Rift. It has its own private courtyard that you can decorate, which comes with a small room attached to the house that can be used as a storage shed or something else. The Old Mistveil Manor has two stories with a fireplace on each floor. The first floor has a small room near the staircase, and the second floor has a bedroom and a large balcony with a view of the courtyard.

The Old Mistveil Manor is a great home if you like being close to the action in Riften and want a home that has a nice courtyard and plenty of space to decorate and store your belongings. The home also has one of the best balconies that you can get in this size category.


Sleek Creek House

ESO Best Houses | Sleek Creek House
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 335,000 gold OR 4,400 Crowns (5,500 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Hallowed Moons Achievement

Sleek Creek House is a Khajiit-style home located just outside the city Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March. Rawl’kha has merchants, guild traders, crafting stations and more, all located just a short distance away from the home.

The house has one medium-sized room that is built on stilts. It also has a spacious deck at the top of the stairs near the entrance with great views of the nearby lake. There is room beneath the stairs to place your belongings and plenty of room in the courtyard to decorate.

The Sleek Creek House is a great choice for a home if you want a more affordable home that still comes with a nice courtyard, view, and interior.



ESO Best Houses | Ravenhurst
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 260,000 gold OR 3,500 Crowns (4,400 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Curse Breaker Achievement

Ravenhurst is a Breton-style home in the small town Fell’s Run in Rivenspire. Fell’s Run is a charming town with an inn and some other homes, with a wayshrine just outside that you can use to travel to other cities and zones.

The home has two floors and has a built in fireplace on the first floor. There is also a backdoor that leads to a courtyard that you can decorate and store your belongings. Ravenhurst also comes with a nice courtyard and stables, but is not as expensive as some of the other homes with this feature.

Ravenhurst is a good medium home for you if you want to live in a small town with plenty of room to store your belongings.


Proudspire Manor

ESO Best Houses | Proudspire Manor
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,050,000 gold OR 6,000 Crowns (7,000 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Western Skyrim Grand Adventurer Achievement

Proudspire Manor is a Solitude-style house in the city proper in Western Skyrim. Solitude is the capital of Haarfingar, and has everything to offer you from guild traders to an Outlaws Refuge. Its wayshrine is close by, along with several businesses. You can also visit Dragon’s Hearth in town and purchase furnishings for your home.

The Proudspire Manor is located close to Antiquarian Circle and Bard’s College. It has three stories with a separate room on the bottom and top floor. The entry level has a small patio that you can decorate, and views of Solitude and Castle Dour.

Proudspire Manor is a good choice for a home if you want a large townhouse-style home in a city.


Mathiisen Manor

ESO Best Houses | Mathiisen Manor
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,025,000 gold OR 6,000 Crowns (7,500 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Auridon Adventurer Achievement

The Mathiisen Manor is an Altmer-style home just south of Mathiisen on the island Auridon. The home is also South of the Skywatch, which is an important port city that is part of the Aldmeri Dominion. This means you’re nevet far from crafting stations and other necessities.

The Mathiisen Manor has a nice courtyard with a garden and comes with its own reflecting pool behind the house. The home’s interior has a long entryway that leads to staircases on both sides. The ground floor has two small rooms, and the top floor is one large room with various balconies you can decorate. There is one bigger terrace and a few other small balconies that overlook the property.

The Mathiisen Manor is a good home for players who want a nice courtyard and large home with multiple rooms.


House of the Silent Magnifico

ESO Best Houses | House of the Silent Magnifico
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 320,000 gold OR 4,100 Crowns (5,100 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Consecrated Ground Achievement

The House of the Silent Magnifico is a Redguard-style home in Sentinel in the Alik’r Desert. Sentinel is the Redguard capital and has various amenities, such as crafting stations, a bank, guild halls, and more. The home is located very close to one of the entrances to the Outlaws Refuge in Sentinel, too.

The interior of the home has two floors with an additional entrance on the second floor. The second floor entrance is more discreet — you need to enter from the roof, which is perfect if you’re hiding from guards. One thing to keep in mind about this home is that there is no courtyard or outdoor space you can decorate.

The House of the Silent Magnifico is a good home if you plan on playing as a thief and need a home that has a hidden entrance and is close the Outlaws Refuge.


Ald Velothi Harbor House

ESO Best Houses | Ald Velothi Harbor House
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 322,000 gold OR 4,000 Crowns (5,000 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Champion of Vivec Achievement

The Ald Velothi Harbor House is a Redoran bug-style home just North of a small town Gnisis on the island Vvardenfell. It has a nice courtyard with a well and a small, covered stable area. The interior of the Ald Velothi Harbor House is spacious for only being a medium-sized home. The first floor has two rooms to the left of the staircase. There is a landing at the top of the first set of stairs and the top floor sits like a loft above the second staircase. There is also a balcony that can be accessed from the top floor with views of the home’s courtyard, the nearby ruins, and the Inner Sea. The bottom floor serves as a basement room and is a bit smaller than the other rooms.

The Ald Velothi Harbor Home is a great choice for saving money and if you plan on being in Vvardenfell a lot. The economical price, spacious interior, sea views, and roomy courtyard make The Ald Velothi Harbor Home one of the best medium houses in ESO.


Grymharth’s Woe

ESO Best Houses | Grymharth's Woe
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 280,000 gold OR 4,100 Crowns ( 5,100 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Blood Feud Achievement

Grymharth’s Woe is a Nord-Style home in the Eastern part of the city Windhelm. The home is conveniently located very close to the Outlaws Refuge where you can escape from guards, pay your bounty, and launder stolen goods. The city’s crafting stations, merchants, and guild halls are also not far from the home.

Grymharth’s Woe is a two-story townhouse comes with a cozy, built-in fireplace on the first floor. The first floor consists of a large room and a small room underneath the stairs. The second floor has two rooms, as well with another fireplace. There is also a balcony on the second floor, but keep in mind that there is no railing on it.

This home is perfect if you are looking to save money but want a decently sized home. It’s also helpful if you plan on frequenting the Outlaws Refuge, as it’s right across from the entrance.


Strident Springs Demense

ESO Best Houses | Strident Springs Demense
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,280,000 gold OR 6,300 Crowns (7,900 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: None

Strident Springs Demense is a Colovian Imperial-Style home in the Northern part of Reaper’s March. The home is located just outside the city Arenthia. You can easily access stables, a wayshrine, and guild halls in town.

The home has a walled courtyard with a tower that you can access. Its garden includes a waterfall and pond with its own wooden dock near the home’s entrance. The home also comes with a watchtower with views of Arenthia and the property. Strident Springs Demense has two stories — the entry level is one large room, and the second floor consists of a few bedrooms.

Strident Springs Demense is a good house if you want a spacious home with a watchtower. The home’s courtyard has a lot of natural beauty with the waterfall and pond that you can decorate and add to.


Exorcised Coven Cottage

ESO Best Houses | Exorcised Coven Cottage
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 250,000 gold OR 3,500 Crowns (4,400 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: An Unsparing Harvest Achievement (can be completed during the Witches Festival)

The Exorcised Coven Cottage is a Barbaric-style home in Genumbra, just northeast of Aldcroft. From the town, you can access crafting stations, merchant stalls, and a wayshrine.

The home consists of a one-room cottage and a large courtyard that you can build and decorate in. It comes with some swamp and marsh plants, as well as a few trees. Though it can serve as your primary home, you could also choose to decorate it with a certain theme and make it more for fun.

The Exorcised Cottage is one of the cheapest medium houses in ESO and is perfect for players who want to buy something they can get really creative with. The price and proximity to town make this cottage a great choice as well.


Domus Phrasticus

ESO Best Houses | Domus Phrasticus
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 295,000 gold OR 3,500 Crowns ( 4,400 furnished)
  • Requirements: None

Domus Phrasticus is a medium Colovian Imperial-style home in Craglorn. The home is located east of the town Belkarth. Domus Phrasticus is a two-story home with a courtyard. You can follow a path to the back of the courtyard where you will find stables. There is a built-in fireplace on the first floor, and the second floor is one large room.

Domus Phrasticus is a quaint home on the cheaper end of the homes on this list, but still offers players a decent interior and courtyard space to decorate.



ESO Best Houses | Dawnshadow
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,275,000 gold OR 6,200 Crowns (7,800 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Reaper’s March Adventurer 

Dawnshadow is a Khajiit-style home in Reaper’s March, just north of the city Dune. Since it’s close to a major city, you don’t have to worry about being far away from crafting stations and other important amenities. Dawnshadow is close to the city’s wayshrine, merchants, guild halls, and more.

The home has a large, walled courtyard with plenty of room to build other structures and decorate. The interior has two floors that you can use to decorate and store your belongings. The home also has a few balconies that overlook the courtyard with some great views.

Dawnshadow is a great choice for players who want a large home that also has a lot of outdoor space.


Bouldertree Refuge

ESO Best Houses | Bouldertree Refuge
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 190,000 gold OR 3,500 Crowns ( 4,400 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Spirit of the Bosmer Achievement

The Bouldertree Refuge is a Bosmer-style in Greenshade, southeast of the city Woodhearth and the small town Longhaven. You won’t have to travel far to reach merchants, crafting stations, and other amenities!

The home consists of a lush courtyard with two pods connected by a walkway. The pods are relatively small, but the courtyard has room for you to build other structures if you wish. The courtyard has abundant greenery that surrounds the home and plenty of space so you can construct what you want or decorate it.

The Bouldertree Refuge is one of the best medium player houses if you want to save your money in ESO but still have a home surrounded by nature.


Gardner House

ESO Best Houses | Gardner House
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,015,000 gold OR 5,100 Crowns ( 7,100 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Stormhaven Adventurer Achievement 

The Gardner House is a large Breton-style home in Wayrest, Stormhaven. It’s close to the Wayrest crafting stations, merchants, and Rolis Hlaalu, who collects Master Writs.

The home is a three-story wooden house with a small coutyard with some stables. The home’s bottom floor is a large room that serves as a basement, but can be turned into anything you want. There is also a built-in fireplace on the entry level-floor.

The Gardner House is a nice large home because of its convenient location and spacious interior. This home being so close to the Master Writ drop-off makes it one of the best houses for crafters in ESO, as well.


The Ample Domicile

ESO Best Houses | The Ample Domicile
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 195,000 gold OR 3,520 Crowns (4,400 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Egg and Root Achievement 

The Ample Domicile is a medium Argonian-style mud home in the city Stormhold in Shadowfen. It’s close to the Stormhold city center, with guild halls, the local Outlaws Refuge, and merchant stalls all nearby.

The home has a large courtyard where you can build your own structures and decorate. The courtyard also has a small pond with lilypads by the property’s fence. The interior has high ceilings with the possibility of adding another floor.

The Ample Domicile is the perfect player home if you want a cheaper home to store your belongings and make your base. For players that want to live in a city without having to spend all their gold or crowns, The Ample Domicile is a great option.


Water’s Edge

ESO Best Houses | Water's Edge
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,050,000 gold OR 6,200 Crowns (7,800 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Blackwood Grand Adventurer Achievement 

Water’s Edge is a Leyawiin-style home built on a bridge over the river in the city Leyawiin in Blackwood. It’s located close to the Leyawiin Palace and the city center. You can find all the crafting stations, merchants, guild halls, and the city’s wayshrine just a stone’s-throw away from the home.

The home has multiple stories and a terrace that connects the two buildings that make up the home. There is also a set of stairs on the terrace that lead up to a balcony with a beautiful view of the river and city. Though there is not a large outdoor area like some of the other homes, Water’s Edge has a beautiful terrace with views unlike any other home in the game.

Water’s Edge is one of the best large player houses in ESO because of its central location and spacious, elegant interior. This is a great choice for a home if you enjoy city-living but want room to store your belongings and space to decorate.


Forsaken Stronghold

ESO Best Houses | Forsaken Stronghold
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,285,000 gold OR 6,200 Crowns (7,800 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Bangkorai Adventurer Achievement

The Forsaken Stronghold is an old fortress in Bangkorai just South of Kerbol’s Hollow. The closest local towns are Kerbol’s Hollow and Evermore, which are the capitals of Bangokorai and Mournoth, respectively.

The Forsaken Stronghold is a two story Orc-style fort with a guardtower attached to the main fortess. The Forsaken Stronghold has a large courtyard that you can decorate. There is ample space to also build structures, perfect for innovative builders. The interior has a few different rooms, including one behind the staircase. The second floor is also quite spacious and has plenty of room for decorating or storing your belongings.

The Forsaken Stronghold is a good large player house for those that do not mind being a bit away from town. It is one of the best houses in ESO if you want extra space to decorate or store your belongings. This home is also perfect if you enjoy having lots outdoor areas to use.



ESO Best Houses | Cliffshade
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 255,000 gold OR 3,600 Crowns (4,500 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Spirit of the Bosmer Achievement

Cliffshade is a Altmer-style, two story home located just outside the city Marbruk in Greenshade Zone. Cliffshade is just southwest of the city Marbruk, where you can easily access the city’s wayshrine to travel. The Guild Halls, Outlaws Refuge, crafting stations, and merchant stalls are all close to the home as well.

The home has a fireplace on the first floor that faces the entrance. To the left of the fireplace, there’s a small room you can furnish. There is also a second floor which is built like a loft overlooking the entryway. Cliffshade does not have an outdoor space to decorate.

Cliffshade is one of the best medium houses in ESO for players who want a more wallet-friendly home that is close to a city’s amenities. Since Cliffshade is on the cheaper side, it is a great option for players who plan on purchasing another home soon but need something temporary home to use as a base.


Hunding’s Palatial Hall

ESO Best Houses | Hunding's Palatial Hall
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,295,000 gold OR 6,500 Crowns (8,100 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Glenumbra Adventurer Achievement

Hunding’s Palatial Hall is a large Redguard-style palace on the island Stros M’kai, off the coast of Hammerfell. The palace is located just outside of Port Hunding, a large city on Stros M’kai. You will have easy access to crafting stations, merchants, and a wayshrine.

There are several amenities that come with this home that will make it worth your while. Inside the walled courtyard there is a well, stables, and a circular pool. The home has a tower that allows you to overlook the surrounding area. There is also a beach area on the outskirts of the property! The palace has two stories and some balconies upstairs, one of which has a walkway with a beautiful view of the sea.

Hunding’s Palatial Hall is one of the best large houses in ESO because of its unique amenities and location. You have enough space to create your own structures, but also have a beautiful beachside house ready to move into. The garden and beach areas offer players enough room to get creative without being a completely empty sandbox.


Amaya Lake Lodge

ESO Best Houses | Amaya Lake Lodge
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,300,000 gold OR 7,000 Crowns (8,800 furnished)
  • Requirements: Savior of Morrowind Achievement

The Amaya Lake Lodge is a fantastic player home because it is a spacious lake-side manor that is close to the vibrant and busy Vivec City. You can find everything from crafting stations, to an Outlaws Refuge, to bankers and merchants all just a short distance away. The views from the home’s terrace and upper promenade are some of the most beautiful in the game.


The Gorinir Estate

ESO Best Houses | The Gorinir Estate
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 780,000 gold OR 5,600 Crowns (7,000 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Grahtwood Adventurer Achievement

The Gorinir Estate is a large, Bosmer-style home in Grahtwood located northwest of the small town Cormount and north of Elden Root. You can take the Cormount wayshrine to Elden Root, which has all the crafting tables, guild halls, and merchant stalls you’ll need.

The Gorinir Estate is a unique home where you have a large courtyard surrounded walls of lush trees. The property also includes three pods, two of which have doors at the entrance. Cormount has a general goods merchant, an alchemist, and a chef you can access easily from the Gorinir Estate. There is also a brewer’s stall in town you can visit.

This home is one of the best large houses in ESO because of the amount of outdoor space you get and natural fauna that comes with the house. There is enough room to build other structures and get creative with how you decorate the home.


Velothi Reverie

ESO Best Houses | Velothi Reverie
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 323,000 gold OR 4,200 Crowns (5,300 Crowns furnished)
  • Requirements: Plague Eater Achievement

Located in the small town Narsis on Deshaan, Velothi Reverie is a Dunmer-style medium player home. Narsis is a small town, but has its own blacksmith, wayshrine, and merchant stall. The home is also located West of Mournhold, which is the capital city of the Ebonheart Pact.

The home has two separate wings on the ground floor and a roomy basement below the home. There are also two bedrooms upstairs. Even though there is no outdoor space at the home’s entrance, there is a small courtyard with room for a garden. The garden is attached to the back of the Velothi Reverie.

The Velothi Reverie is a great home for anyone that wants a multi-level home with some outdoor space as well. In terms of price, the Velothi Reverie is one of the most cost-effective medium houses in ESO.


Alinor Crest Townhouse

ESO Best Houses | Alinor Crest Townhouse
  • Type: Large House
  • Price: 1,25,000 gold OR 6,000 Crowns (7,500 for furnished)
  • Requirements: Summerset Grand Adventurer Achievement

The Alinor Crest Townhouse is an elegant large home in the busy Altmer city of Alinor. Since you’re based on the large island of Summerset, you are surrounded by the sea, beautiful scenery, and a bustling city. The townhouse is located just across from the local Mages Guild chapter and near the Royal Palace. The townhouse has three stories and a delightful terrace that overlooks part of the city. The first two floors are spacious and elegant, and the top floor is a wooden loft.

The Alinor Crest Townhouse is one of the best large-player houses in ESO, because it is located in a city. You get the benefit of having a larger house but do not miss out on the proximity to amenities. The marketplace, crafting areas, bank, and more are all located near the home. If you enjoy city living and being close to the action, the Alinor Crest Townhouse is a worthwhile investment.


Mournoth Keep

ESO Best Houses | Mornouth Keep
  • Type: Medium House
  • Price: 325,000 gold OR 4,300 crowns (5,400 crowns for furnished)
  • Requirements: End of Empire Achievement

Mournoth Keep, is an Orc-style stone fortress tucked away to the North of Halycon Lake in Bangkorai. The home is also located close to a wayshrine, so you can travel where you need to quickly, and is located close to the Mournoth Dolmen.

Mournoth Keep is a modest, two-story home with a nice courtyard that can also be decorated. The top floor has a lovely balcony that can also be accessed easily by a second set of stairs outside of the home.

Mournoth Keep is one of the best medium-sized houses in ESO because of the ample courtyard and interior space. It is reasonably priced and easily accessible for new players who may not have access to a lot of gold yet.

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