ESO: Gold Road Scribing Guide

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ESO: Gold Road Scribing Guide

Hone your skills to perfection.

 Scribing is a new system added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Gold Road Chapter. With Scribing you can customize or adjust certain skills to fit your needs.

 In this guide, I will cover the basics of Scribing and how to get started. If you want to access specific information you can use the table of contents to jump to certain parts of the guide.

Let’s dive in!

Scribing Basics

Scribing at an elementary level is a new system that allows you to customize your skills and craft them to your liking. Scribing is the precursor to Spellcrafting which you may remember from other Elder Scrolls games like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Archmage Ulfsild the Evergreen and the spirits of magic known as Luminaries were the first to dabble in Scribing.

Scribing consists of a Grimoire, a Focus Script, a Signature Script, and an Affix Script. You can customize your Grimoire (a new type of skill) by adding one of each of these Scripts and using Luminous Ink to craft it. There are 11 new Grimoires currently, there is one for every weapon type as well as one for the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild. Additionally, the Assault and Soul Magic skill lines have one Grimoire each. We may see new Grimoires added to the game with future updates.

How to Get Started

To begin your Scribing journey, you need to own the new Gold Road Chapter. Once you have this chapter, travel to the city of Skingrad in West Weald.

 To begin the tutorial quest “The Second Era of Scribing”, seek out Adept Irnard Rirnil outside the Mages Guild in Skingrad. You must be Level 30 or have access to the Champion Point System to begin the quest.

Getting to the Scholarium:

Scribing Scholarium map
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro
Eveyea to the Scholarium
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

To access the Scholarium by a wayshrine, open your map and zoom out then click on the Eyevea symbol located in between Coldharbour and Clockwork City. The Scholarium is located below Eyevea.  If you want to use a portal, you can take the one next to the Mages Guild in Skingrad. 

How to Scribe

Once you complete “The Wing of the Indrik” quest, you’ll have full access to the Scribing Altar. At the Scribing Altar, you can check out the various components you own and Scribe new skills. To view Grimoires you own, select the “Skills” tab in your menu and then click “Scribing”. 

Using the Scribing Altar:

  1. Choose a Grimoire 
  2. Choose a Focus Script 
  3. Choose a Signature Script 
  4. Choose an Affix Script 

To unlock Scribing on an alternate character, you only have to repeat the tutorial quest “The Second Era of Scribing” to unlock every Sigil you already have on your main character. To take advantage of this, complete the whole quest line on one character first. 

Types of Scripts

Scripts are used to customize your Grimoire, altering how the spell works and its effects. Scripts are unlocked on a per-character basis and can drop from various sources like daily reward coffers or can be purchased at the vendors in the Scholarium. 

Focus Scripts: These set the main function of the scribed skill. The Focus Script determines its name, resource type, and cost. These also allow you to choose if the ability is enemy-targeted or ally/self-targeted. Focus scripts also determine if the buffs apply to you or also apply to your allies.  

Signature Scripts: This Script gives the Grimoire a unique effect such as making the skill a Damage Over Time or adding Resource restoration when cast. 

Affix Scripts:  Affix Scripts give the spell a buff or debuff effect (includes Major and Minor buffs) 

Class Mastery Signature Scripts

Class Mastery Scripts add unique effects that enhance specific passives or aspects of a class. To unlock your Class Mastery Script for purchase with Chronicler Firandil, complete the achievement “A Signature with Class”. This achievement is awarded to you for collecting 50 Class Script Scraps that drop around Tamriel. You can begin working on this achievement once you complete “The Wing of the Dragon” quest.

Scribing Wing of the Dragon
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

List of Class Mastery Signature Scripts

Class NameScript Description
Arcanist Create a crux
Dragonknight For each enemy within 8 meters (up to 6) gain 50 Weapon and Spell Damage and reduce your damage taken by 2% plus 1% per enemy for 5 seconds. 
NecromancerEvery 3 seconds, increase your Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 2% for 10 seconds for each corpse within 12 meters (max of 10). 
Nightblade Restore 187 Magicka and Stamina if your target is above 50% Health. Increase your critical chance by 10% if your target is below or at 50% Health
SorcererEnchant your closest pet for 5 seconds to heal an ally nearby by 554 Health each time it does damage (up to once per second). If you do not have a pet you deal 1444 Shock Damage to enemies within 8 meters of you.
Templar Activate Lightweaver for 4 seconds, increasing your Armor by 33000 and snaring you by 50%. If you are at 50% or less Health, gain 1 Ultimate. 
Warden Create an 8-meter area under your target once every 10 seconds that snares enemies by 70% and charms after 3 seconds. If no enemies are charmed, you restore 1000 Magicka and Stamina. 

Vendors & Rewards

Chronicler Firandil has a selection of Grimoires and Scripts you can purchase with gold. Firandil is located in the East wing of the Scholarium. Firandil’s Scamp Caal, has Achievement Furnishings available for purchase. The furnishings can be unlocked by completing various achievements. 

After completing “The Second Era of Scribing” quest, you get a new collectible furnishing for your home as a reward. The book “How to Scribe” can be found in your “Library” tab in the Furnishing Editor mode.

Luminary Sigils

When you complete a wing of the Scholarium you will receive a Luminary Sigil. As you unlock these Sigils you will receive the rewards listed below:

  • The Luminary Indrik Sigil allows you to purchase Grimoires and Scripts from Chronicler Firandil at the Scholarium and access the Training room. Luminous Ink can drop from enemies sometimes.
  • With the Sigil of the Luminary Netch, you can get Affix Scripts from World Event rewards, daily Imperial City rewards, and Daily Undaunted quest rewards. Vendors in the Scholarium and Infinite Archive will have them available. With the Luminary Netch Sigil, Luminous Ink can drop from harvesting nodes. Once you complete “The Wing of the Netch” quest, you can unlock this.  
  • Next, the Sigil of the Luminary Gryphon allows Focus Scripts to drop from PvP rewards for the worthy, daily Delve rewards, and daily Mages Guild quest rewards. Focus Scripts are now available for purchase from vendors in the Scholarium and Infinite Archive.
  • The Sigil of the Luminary Dragon allows Signature Scripts to drop occasionally from daily World Boss rewards, daily Cyrodiil rewards, and daily Fighters Guild quest rewards. Signature Scripts are available for purchase from vendors in the Scholarium and Infinite Archive. Additionally, 9 Scripts are available for free in Mages Guilds around Tamriel. The image below has the locations of the Mages Guilds you need to visit for the Signature Scripts.
ZeniMax Online Studios / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

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