What Does Gold Do in Deep Rock Galactic, Explained

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What Does Gold Do in Deep Rock Galactic, Explained

We all know what gold is. It’s a shiny, metal rock that people have coveted throughout all of history. It’s a valuable resource and a signifier of material wealth. In the universe of Deep Rock Galactic, the story is no different. But what exactly does gold do in Deep Rock Galactic? What rewards does it offer? Can you craft anything with it? We’ll be answering all these questions and more in today’s guide on what gold does in Deep Rock Galactic.

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What Does Gold Do in Deep Rock Galactic?

Gold is one of the many ores that you can find naturally spawning throughout the caves of Hoxxes IV, with a beautiful, shiny, golden color that sticks out even in the darkest caves. And, just like the other ores in the game, it’s yours for the mining. Once mined and deposited into Molly, it will be tallied up at the end of your mission. The main purpose of gold is to reward the player with credits. If you harvested a lot of gold during your mission, you will get a lot of extra credits!

What Does Gold Do in Deep Rock Galactic?
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

Credits are incredibly important, as you need them to purchase just about every item in the game. From weapon modifications, to cosmetics, and even special beer licenses, you’ll want credits for just about everything in the game. Gold acts of one of several ways that you can rack up a load of savings. So if you want to purchase some special upgrades and cosmetics, you’re going to need to mine a load of gold.

How Do I Get More Gold in Deep Rock Galactic?

Now that you know how important gold is for unlocking items in the game, you’re probably wondering how you can get more of it. There are a few different ways that you can get gold besides mining veins off the walls.

How Do I Get More Gold in Deep Rock Galactic?
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One way to get more gold in Deep Rock Galactic is to shoot and kill loot bugs (see image above). These are passive creatures that crawl around the ground. When shot at and killed, they will explode and give you nitra as well as valuable gold! There is also a rare golden loot bug that you can kill for higher rewards.

While on the subject of creatures still, there is also an enemy called the Glyphid Crassus Detonator, a special enemy type with a very low chance of spawning each mission. If you find one, lure it into a tight space and kill it. It will explode and convert any and all nearby cave walls to gold! Just don’t destroy it in a wide open space, as it will have less rock to convert into gold.

Another great way to get more gold is to play missions with mutators that give you more of the stuff. A mission mutator is a type of add-on to a mission. It will change up the rules of how the game plays out. There is one modifier called Golden Bugs, which makes it so that every time you kill a bug, they will drop gold upon their death! Another great modifier for more gold is Gold Rush. This one greatly increases the size of gold veins that you will find down in the caves.

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