Deep Rock Galactic: All Big Season 3 Changes Explained

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Deep Rock Galactic: All Big Season 3 Changes Explained

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Plaguefall is finally here! And with this brand-new season, we have received a big batch of brand-new content. Whether you’re looking for new enemies to fight, new ways to kill those enemies, or just want some new cosmetics, there is something here for you.

What exactly has changed with the launch of Season 3? What significant new content has been added to the game? We will be going over the most important parts of the official patch notes and summarizing all of that information to make things as easy as possible for you to understand.

All Big Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Changes, Explained

With that out of the way, let’s hop right into the main article!

Rockpox Infection + New Enemies

The first and most significant new thing added to the game is the Rockpox Infection! This is a strange new plague found inside of interstellar asteroids that have crashed down onto Hoxxes IV. It has begun to infect the locals of the planet, presenting new deadly threats to any dwarves brave enough to enter the caves.

This brand-new infection is a base for the developers to introduce new enemies and events into the game. You’ll play out this mini-story throughout the game. Dwarves will talk about/mention the Rockpox during missions, and will need to disinfect themselves on the Space Rig with a new device when exiting their dorm rooms.

Due to the new pandemic that has come to the planet, you’ll find a variety of new enemy types that you’ll need to squash out when venturing down on the planet for precious minerals. The first new enemy type is the Rockpox Larvae. This is a small, quick creature that will look for nearby bugs for it to infect and take over. Shoot on sight!

As previously mentioned, those little bastards will try to infect larger hosts, such as the regular Grunts and Praetorians. Rockpox Infected Glypids have quite a lot of health, but you can take them down very effectively by shooting the bright yellow spots seemingly “growing” out of their bodies.

New Event & Warning

To go along with this new plague and the new enemies, we now have a new event to play during missions and a new warning modifier! The new event is known as “Meteor Impact.” As you are exploring the caves of Hoxxes, meteors might rain down on top of your head, crashing through the roofs of the caves.

Once this happens, you’ll need to approach them and use Rock Cracker modules to tear through them and get to their insides. Inside, you’ll find valuable objects inside called Plague Hearts. Once you acquire six of them, you’ll be rewarded with a scrip! Just be aware, this event will attract many nearby bugs to your location. This means it will be a tough fight!

Additionally, there is a new mission modifier that fills up the caves with a strange spikey substance that is spreading across the caves. One of your mission objectives will be to use two brand-new tools — the LithoFoamer and the LithoVac — to stop the spread of the infection. You can call them in from space just like a resupply pod.

Once they land, you can pick up the LithoFoamer to cover the spikey material in a coat of foam. Then you just need to vacuum up what remains with the LithoVac. It’s fairly easy, if not for all the infected bugs attacking you! You’ll need to do this to get rid of all of the Contagion Spikes. Getting rid of the minimum amount of spikey material will allow you to successfully destroy the glowing yellow spikes.

New Grenades

The most exciting thing about this brand-new season are the new grenade types! There are four in total — one for each class. The first one is the Springloaded Ripper. This is a special tool for the Driller class. It lets you throw down a saw-like contraption that will travel toward enemies and easily mow them down before climbing up a wall and circling back around.

The second one is the Tactical Leadburster, which is a grenade for the Gunner class. You can stick this gizmo to any surface and it will shoot down any enemies unfortunate enough to come near it. The Voltaic Stun Sweeper is another new one, and it’s for the Scouts of Deep Rock Galactic. This heavily modified boomerang can hit multiple targets in a single throw with shocking results.

Lastly, we have the Shredder Swarm, my personal favorite. This is a new gadget for the Engineer that lets him summon several Shredder Drones to aid him in combat. This is really great for solo players who could use a hand fighting bugs in the caves of Hoxxes IV.

Performance Pass

Lastly, let’s talk about the Performance Pass and the brand-new cosmetics added to the game. There is a huge variety of new goodies to pick up! This includes weapon camos, victory moves, headwear, new armor, etc. You can unlock these items with the use of Scrip, a currency that can only be used in the Performance Pass.

Unlike other games, you do not need to purchase anything in order to start earning rewards. You just need to play the game and you will be able to make progress toward getting the cosmetics that you want!

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Happy gaming!

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