Deep Rock Galactic: How to Use and Build Bosco The Drone

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Deep Rock Galactic: How to Use and Build Bosco The Drone

While one of the strongest selling points of Deep Rock Galactic is its fantastic co-op experience, sometimes you just prefer a single-player mission or just don’t have any online friends to play with at the moment. Don’t worry, Bosco the Drone will make sure you’re never truly on your lonesome in Deep Rock Galactic.

This little drone is most likely the first friendly face you’ll meet in the game (no, Management does not count) during your tutorial mission. He’s your trusty companion drone, company standard for all solo miners! We’ll be covering how to use Bosco and what his best build is in today’s article.

Deep Rock Galactic — How to Use Bosco the Drone

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get right into this article covering how to use Bosco the drone in Deep Rock Galactic and how to build Bosco to be the greatest partner ever.

Overview & Mining

Let’s get the basics out of the way. As previously mentioned, Bosco is a mining drone that will only ever accompany you when you’re the sole dwarf in a mission. He acts as a helper for both mining and combat.

So for those of you who were wondering how to get Bosco to show up in a Deep Rock Galactic mission, just host a public game and launch it solo! Bosco will spawn with you when you land. However, the second a new dwarf spawns into the game, Bosco will disappear for the rest of the match (or until all other players leave the game).

The main benefit of using him is that he can help you mine resources. Simply pull out your Laser Pointer and aim it at an ore vein or a place where crafting materials can be dug up. Select the area with your Laser Pointer and Bosco will immediately get to work mining! Just note that he can’t collect the ore himself, and will instead drop it for you to pick up and collect when he’s done.

However, he’ll pick up and carry any crafting materials he gathers (like a large Enor Pearl) so you so you can grab them and put them in Molly. It’s a good idea to get Bosco busy as soon as possible. You can order him to mine one ore vein while you mine another for maximum efficiency. Additionally, Bosco also has a flashlight with him, which can be used by pointing and clicking on a nearby surface.

Combat & Support

Besides mining and being an oversized flashlight, Bosco is also great for combat scenarios. When nearby enemies arrive and Bosco doesn’t have a task, he will attack them automatically. You can also point at and select an enemy with your Laser Pointer to order him to attack a specific target. This is great if you are in a boss fight or have a specific enemy that is giving you trouble during a swarm.

Additionally, Bosco can be upgraded with rockets! Simply right-click your mouse (should be left trigger on controllers) with your Laser Pointer out, and he’ll fire one of his available rockets. Best of all, these rockets regenerate over time! Just don’t forget to upgrade and equip him with rockets back at the Space Rig!

Last but not least, Bosco can revive you in combat, acting as a sort of mobile medic. He can revive you a maximum of three times per mission (depending on his upgrades). You don’t need to order him to revive you — he will do that automatically. If you die after using up his limited number of revives, the mission will end and you’ll respawn back at the Space Rig inside the infirmary.

Deep Rock Galactic — Best Bosco Build

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of how Bosco works, why don’t we transition to talking about what the best build for him looks like? The upgrades for Bosco are pretty limited compared to the weapons in Deep Rock Galactic. However, there’s still some decent variety. Bosco can be upgraded in several different ways. You can find the terminal to upgrade him to the right of the weapons upgrade terminal in the Space Rig.

For my own personal Bosco build, I chose 3-1-2-2-3 (as pictured above). The Mining Efficiency upgrade makes clearing out large caves full of minerals a breeze. Getting Rockets is a no-brainer, as is upgrading him to give you an Additional Revive before the game ends. This is especially useful in harder-difficulty missions.

I don’t really use the rockets much, as I find it better to use my own weapons in most circumstances (Bosco is just for support, after all). As such, I never upgraded his rocket capacity, and chose instead to go with the Armor-Breaking upgrade. It’s great for when I encounter enemies with particularly thick armor.

Overcharged Rounds is the last upgrade I got. Buffing his regular bullets to electrocute targets is hugely useful (especially when you don’t rely on his rockets as much), and synergizes well with weapon builds that revolve around electrocution.

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Happy gaming!

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