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How to Beat The Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is an exhilarating cooperative shooter. There’s so much to enjoy about the game, from its high replayability to its deep progression system to its limitless character customization.

Another great thing about Deep Rock is the wide variety of enemies you can fight. One of the most unique enemy types is a boss known as The Nemesis. The Nemesis is a special encounter that was added to the game alongside the Season 2 update. It’s one of the most challenging bosses in the game, and we’re here to tell you just how to beat it.

How to Beat The Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic

So what are we waiting for? Let’s hop right into this guide on how to beat the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic!

What Is The Nemesis & How Do You Find It?

The Nemesis is a rare enemy type that takes on the appearance of a giant metal robot. It features an oddly shaped body with two oversized mechanical hands stretching outwards from its center. These mechanical hands can grab a hold of any nearby dwarves, dealing massive damage. The robot was apparently developed by the company Rival Tech as a way to kill dwarves out on mining missions.

In order to find this boss, first launch any type of mission in any type of biome. When you land in, the boss will have a 7% chance of spawning (more if you apply the Rival Presence modifier).

You’ll know you’ve found it when you hear voices that sound like other dwarves nearby. These audio cues are played by the robot to draw in its victims. Once you get close enough to the enemy, its health bar will appear and the boss fight will begin!

Beating The Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic

The best class for taking these things down is the Scout. That’s because the Scout has two things you’ll need to effectively kill The Nemesis: mobility and a long-range weapon. More on these two points in a moment.

It’s important to keep your distance when fighting The Nemesis. Its claws can grab you and make quick work of you, but if you keep far away, it’s unlikely to snatch you. This is why the Scout is good for The Nemesis, as he can use his grappling hook to quickly get away when the boss gets too close.

Additionally, you can pick up the Heightened Senses perk at the Spacerig to make dealing with The Nemesis easier. This perk will warn you when it’s about to grab, and you’ll have the chance to break free if it does.

In order to deal damage to The Nemesis, make sure that you shoot the glowing orange parts, such as the eye located at the center of its body. The robot can be killed effectively with any type of damage, except for poison. The Scout’s M1000 Classic rifle is great for dealing damage to it from a safe distance.

While you are shooting The Nemesis, it will try to make its way toward you. So be sure to keep retreating as you are firing at it! While its main attack in close quarters is its giant claws, it has a ranged attack that sends out beams of hot plasma at you. These can be easily dodged, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Keep firing at it until it’s health goes down and the boss fight will be over.

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Happy gaming!

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