Deep Rock Galactic KPI Terminal: Everything You Need to Know

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Deep Rock Galactic KPI Terminal: Everything You Need to Know

Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best first-person shooters released in a long while. The game sees you playing as a dwarf mercenary working for a mining company on another planet. Naturally, management will want to keep track of your job performance in Deep Rock Galactic, so it’s imperative you understand the KPI terminal!

If you’re one of the many new players lured in by the prospect of mining on a hostile planet, chances are you need some help getting started. Today, we’ll be going over what the KPI terminal is and everything else you need to know about it in Deep Rock Galactic.

Without any more delays, let’s get right into the main article!

What is the KPI Terminal and Where is it Located?

The KPI Terminal - Deep Rock Galactic
(Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross)

Okay, let’s get the basics out of the way first and go over exactly what the KPI terminal in Deep Rock Galactic is and where to find it.

The KPI Terminal is a special computer terminal that you can find inside of each of the four dorm rooms in the Space Rig. When you first spawn into the game after loading it up, the KPI Terminal should be mounted on a wall to your left. In order to activate the machine, all you need to do is approach it and press the “E” key.

KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicators.” The terminal is basically a place for you to track your statistics and the milestones you’ve accomplished in the game. It is also where you can purchase and unlock various perks that can be used to customize your playstyle.


The “Milestones” tab is the first menu that appears when you activate the KPI Terminal. From this menu, you’ll be able to look at many different milestones that the game has set up for you. These milestones are more or less like challenges that you can complete in order to earn perk points. A milestone might have you do something like complete X number of missions in a certain biome type.

Whenever you complete a new milestone, a message will flash on the terminal screen. After activating the terminal screen, you can click on the respective milestone to mark it done and unlock your perk points!


Up next, we have the “Perks” menu! It’s here that you can view and unlock all of the perks in the game using the perk points mentioned earlier. Each perk is divided into a tiered section. In order to unlock the next tier, you need to purchase a certain amount of perks from any of the previous tiers.

There are active perks that give you a bonus you can trigger (such as temporarily reviving yourself), as well as passive perks which just give basic stat boosts (such as faster running speed). You can find different levels for each of the perks in the game. Be sure to upgrade your perks to their highest levels if you can afford it!


Lastly, we have “Statistics,” which is fairly self-explanatory. This is where you can view a variety of information on your experience in Deep Rock Galactic. You can view how many missions you’ve completed, as well as the specific mission types you’ve completed. There is a lot of interesting information here, as well as some colorful bars on the right to illustrate things. So make sure to check this out the next time you spawn in!

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