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How to Promote in Deep Rock Galactic

You’ve finally hit that venerated Level 25 and management is offering you the chance for a promotion. If it’s your first time, the process might be a bit confusing. That’s why we’ll be running you through a step-by-step guide on how to promote, and everything else you’ll want to know about promotions in Deep Rock Galactic.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Hit Level 25

Rather self-explanatory. You can’t access the promotion feature until you reach Level 25 in the class you’re trying to promote.

  • Your class level will be displayed in the top-left corner next to your class name.
  • The level in the blue hexagon in to the top-right corner is your account level. This is irrelevant.

The fastest way to get EXP in Deep Rock Galactic is to successfully complete high-hazard (difficulty) missions with the double EXP mission modifier. Just make sure you can actually handle the challenge.

You’ll want to complete the secondary objective whenever possible, as it gives a hefty chunk of EXP. Getting more kills and minerals will also increase your EXP gains by small amounts. However, don’t spend too much time on these, as the completing the mission is where the bulk of the EXP comes from.

Step 2: Complete the Class Promotion Assignment

Once you’re Level 25, head over to the assignment board and pick up the assignment to promote your class. You’ll have to complete four missions in a row like a typical assignment to earn the right for the actual promotion.

These missions do not have to be done with the class you’re promoting, so feel free to play a different one if you don’t want to miss out on any EXP. If you just want to get the promotion done as quickly as possible, we recommend doing the missions solo on Hazard Difficulty 1.

Step 3: Enter a Solo Lobby

Once you’re done with the assignment, you’ll have to enter a solo lobby to actually complete the promotion process. The game won’t let you do it if there are other players are around or capable of joining mid-way.

Simply open up the menu while you’re on the space rig, and click on Disband Team in the top-right corner to ensure you’re in a solo lobby.

Step 4: Head to the Memorial Hall

Head to the Memorial Hall to promote in DRG
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

There’s a small hallway tucked to the left of the Equipment Station where you customize your gear, conveniently labeled “To the Memorial Hall.”

Simply head into it, take the elevator to the top, and go down the red hallway until you reach the room with giant statues. Trust us, you can’t miss it.

Step 5: Buy the Promotion

Buy the Promotion
Click to Expand | Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Tucked in the very back of the Memorial Hall is a small green terminal. Just head past the giant memorial statue in the center of the room and you should see the tell-tale green glow.

Assuming you’ve completed the promotion assignment, you’ll be able to select the respective class for promotion. Of course, there’s a fee associated with said promotion. Just pay a handful of credits and various other minerals to get that sweet promotion. Even in space, you can’t escape corporate capitalism.

Your class level will be reset to Level 1 and you can once again level up and repeat the process as many times as you want.


Congrats on the promotion. You probably noticed that your class level is reset to Level 1. Don’t panic.

Despite your level being reset, all of your unlocks, upgrades, and modifications are still intact. You can now continue to level up in said promoted class to Level 25 and repeat the entire process.

Each time you do, you’ll notice the border around your class become fancier and gain more stars. This is largely for cosmetic and bragging purposes. It also gives your teammates an idea of how experienced you are with that class.

The first time you promote each class, you gain an extra active perk slot for that class. Make sure to equip another perk to your loadouts to make yourself an even better miner.

You’ll also unlock the ability to activate machine events that you occasionally stumble across on missions. These are basically mini boss fights/challenges that reward you a tidy sum of credits, EXP, and the ability to create a weapon/cosmetic overclock if you have a Blank Matrix Core on you.

Said Blank Matrix Cores are obtained from the new Weekly Core Hunt assignment after you finish the introduction Breach the Core assignment. You can take those cores after infusing them at a machine event to the Forge in HQ to craft them.

Finally, you unlock Deep Dives. These are a sequence of three back-to-back missions where your health, ammo, and supplies carry over between each one. Complete all of them once per week for fantastic rewards.

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And that’s all you need to know about how to promote in Deep Rock Galactic! As always stay tuned for the latest guides and articles here at High Ground Gaming.

And remember fellow dwarves — rock and stone forever!

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