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Every Biome in Deep Rock Galactic, Ranked (2024)

Some of my most favorite games are the ones that feature a diverse array of unique environments to explore. By giving players a variety of different regions they can explore — each one with its own unique visuals, enemies, and quirks — the game feels less repetitive and more memorable.

One such game that does this very well is the sci-fi co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic! Set on a distant planet deep in outer space, the developers have taken great care to create a huge variety of unique alien environments. In today’s guide, we are going to be discussing each and everyone, ranking them based on their difficulty, fun factor, and visual aesthetics.

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Every Biome in Deep Rock Galactic, Ranked From Good to Best

So without any more delays, let’s get right into the ranking for every biome in Deep Rock Galactic!


Dense Biozone

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Dense Biozone
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

First up on this list, we have the Dense Biozone. This is a biome with a big emphasis on greenery and vegetation. It also features a large number of naturally forming cave corals. It’s undoubtedly one of the prettier biomes there is — with its abundance of life, it’s a leaf lover’s paradise! You’ll also find unique hazards, such as large clutches of unhatched glyphid eggs, exploding plants, and cacti that will shoot projectiles out at you!

While the biome is pretty to look at and the hostiles aren’t too difficult to deal with, the main reason why this biome is so low on the list is because of how difficult the terrain is to navigate. Caves can get very, very large in this biome, and with the way terrain generates, it can be very hard to climb up to certain areas. Resources can spawn in high-up, hard-to-reach places, and it’s easy to fall to your death. If you’re playing solo, picking the Scout class is a must for this biome due to his grappling hook.

That’s really the only real reason why this biome is so low on the list. The terrain just makes it very annoying to play for non-Scout characters. This biome also has a weather effect — rain will spawn randomly while playing this biome, which makes seeing much more difficult. If you can brave the difficulties here, you’ll find an abundance of bismor. This is a pretty rare resource overall, so you’ll need to come here every now and then to get some. The biome has been in Deep Rock Galactic since day one.


Glacial Strata

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Glacial Strata
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Coming up next for this ranking of all biomes in Deep Rock Galactic, we have the Glacial Strata. This is a freezing cold biome featuring an abundance of ice, crevasses, and…snow? Underground? I’m not going to question that. This is an icy biome that is incredibly dangerous — and sometimes downright annoying — to navigate through. It features many sharp drops in the form of crevasses that can appear suddenly, causing you to get trapped underground in a very tight spot. Digging out of it can be hard.

There’s also the blizzards that randomly appear, which both distort your vision and slow you down significantly. And then there is the cold itself. If your dwarf gets too cold at any point on their mining trip, they will completely freeze in place and you’ll have to break yourself out of the ice! There are some natural springs you need to visit to warm up, but it’s still annoying to deal with, as it slows down the gameplay. There are many hazards here that will also make you cold, making this problem even more commonplace.

Honestly, I could go on and on about all the hazards to be found here that make navigating it difficult. I still think it deserves a spot above the Dense Biozone. While this biome has many annoying hazards, in my experience, it’s still easier to navigate than the biozone. When visiting here, you will find an abundance of the resource magnite. But this can also be found in the Magma Core, so I recommend going there instead if you can. This biome came to the game in Update 16.


Magma Core

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Magma Core
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

For our next biome we’ll be discussing, we have the Magma Core. This is a hot and volcanic biome, in complete opposition to the Glacial Strata region mentioned earlier. It features hazards like lava geysers that can singe your hides, as well as hot magma rock all throughout the cave. It’s often quite difficult to navigate through the Magma Core without taking damage from the lava, but thankfully it doesn’t do that much damage.

While you can avoid lava safely most of the time, it is very common and something that you’ll definitely take damage from at least a few times during your mission. One of the last hazards to discuss is the quakes, which can slow you down and cause crevices of hot rock to appear! Luckily, they don’t last very long, unlike the ice storms and sand storms mentioned earlier. The crevices that appear can be a real pain if you fall into them, though, so be careful.

Despite my dislike of the lava, I do like this biome a lot. I actually think it looks really pretty. While it is dangerous, it’s really fun to trek through a deep underground region full of dangerous lava while fighting off horrifying bugs. The Magma Core features an abundance of the resource magnite, which is one of several materials needed for upgrading your guns and equipment. This biome has been in the game for several years, being released alongside several others in 2018.


Hollow Bough

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Hollow Bough
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

Coming in at our next spot, we have the Hollow Bough! This is one of the most unique biomes to be found in the game, as its cave walls are made of petrified wood. It reminds me a lot of Dark Bramble from the game Outer Wilds. The caves themselves are very big and expansive, which can make it a tricky to get to certain resources as some will spawn at very high-up locations on the map.

The natural hazards found here are usually plant-based. The most notable of which being the massive red vines that grow throughout the Hollow Bough They will deal damage whenever you touch them, but can be easily dealt with simply by shooting them. This causes the vine to retreat away from the player. Another notable hazard found here is the thorn pots. These things can shoot out spikes at a high volume to damage any nearby creatures.

I like the uniqueness and look of this biome, making it one of my personal favorites. It’s not as difficult to navigate as one would think, and the unique hazards here are really not that harmless. It’s resource that can be found in abundance is jadiz. This biome was added to Deep Rock Galactic back in early 2021. This makes it one of the more recent biomes to come to the game.


Fungus Bogs

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Fungus Bogs
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

Onto our next pick, we have the Fungus Bogs. This is a swampy region of Hoxxes IV, featuring overgrown caves full of slimy toxic ooze and an abundance of giant mushrooms. It’s certainly not the most pleasant-sounding biome, but does it play as badly as it sounds? There are many hazards to be found here, such as exploding plants that detonate when shot at, as well as poison spores that shoot out a toxic green gas at any nearby players.

In my opinion, I think the biome is actually very pretty to look at, with its abundance of greenery and its unique plants. However, I can’t deny that this biome can be annoying to tread through at times. The main problem is the previously mentioned toxic ooze that will slow your movement down and make it difficult to get from one side of the cave to the other. It can be avoided easily enough, but there is still so much of the stuff that you have to avoid it a lot!

There are some pretty cool unique features, however, such as steam geysers that can send you flying into the air a short distance. And there are glow trees, with purple bulbs that glow when shot at. Both aren’t that useful but are kinda fun to play around with. This biome came to DRG in early 2018.


Sandblasted Corridor

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Sandblasted Corridor
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

Next on this list, we have the Sandblasted Corridor! This is one that was a little tricky to rank fairly for this guide. This biome features an abundance of sand and wind-blasted canyon-like walls. It reminds me a bit of those canyons in Utah. Like the Dense Biozone, caves can get big and can sometimes be difficult to navigate through if you are not a Scout. It’s nowhere near as difficult as the Dense Biozone due to the way the caves generate, but it can still be a hassle.

The rock in this biome can be destroyed in only one hit, making it pretty easy to dig yourself out of tight spots. There are surprisingly few hazards found naturally in this biome. You can run into gusts of sand blowing out at high speeds, knocking you over and possibly to your death. There are also explosive spores, but these things are incredibly easy to avoid. Lastly, the most annoying hazard found in this biome is the sandstorms that appear randomly during missions.

This strong desert storm makes seeing more then a few feet in front of you difficult. Not to mention it can slow you down noticeably. During swarms, this is a big pain to deal with and can sometimes get you killed. Overall, I don’t think this biome is as difficult to deal with as many other people have said, and the fact that rock here is so easy to break through makes playing here a lot easier. The abundant resource to be found here is enor pearls, useful for all sorts of equipment upgrades.


Radioactive Exclusion Zone

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Radioactive Exclusion Zone
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Up next, we have the Radioactive Exclusion Zone! Here, you’ll find gray rocky caves with scarce life, and the life that does appear is mutated and strange. This is a relatively easy biome to deal with, aside from the large number of radioactive materials that can be found here. Big glowing radioactive crystals dot the landscape, dealing a special damage type that will disrupt your shields. This volatile uranium is hard to destroy, making it a pain to deal with.

And not to mention that, but there is also an abundance of spider webs to be found in these caves. If you walk into one, it will slow down your movement and cover your vision, leaving you vulnerable, especially during a swarm. I don’t really like this biome all too well, mainly due to the previously mentioned radiation. In addition to all that, I also think it’s one of the more boring-looking environments in the game. It feels bland and empty.

I do like some of the creepy creatures here, such as the cave eyes growing on the walls. But aside from that, there really isn’t anything special to be found in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. I would put this biome much lower if we were just ranking based of appearance. But its relative ease of navigation gives it a higher spot on the list. The primary resource to be found here is umanite, making it a good spot to stop by for the stuff. This biome is one of several that have been in the game since DRG was in very early access.


Crystalline Caverns

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Crystalline Caverns
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG

Up next on our list, we have the Crystalline Caverns. These are an especially beautiful cave system consisting of an abundance of colorful crystals. Getting through this cave’s terrain is not that difficult, aside from the electrically charged crystals scattered throughout the caves. These things can deal damage to you and slow you down if you get to close. They are tricky to destroy. But you should be able to get through or around them without taking a significant amount of damage.

Spider webs are fairly common in this cave, and those are always a pain to deal with. They can slow you down and obstruct your vision, but do not do any damage by themselves. I do like exploring these caves, even if the electric crystals are annoying to deal with. It’s a pretty easy cave system to explore, especially as a scout as his grappling hook makes getting around hazards very easy.

If you decide to visit here, you can find jadiz in abundance. This biome came to Deep Rock Galactic alongside many others back in early 2018, making it one of the older biomes in the game.


Salt Pits

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Salt Pits
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Coming in at our next spot, we have the Salt Pits. This biome is one that you’ll find familiar if you’ve seen the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as it looks similar to the planet from the final act. This is a biome that was once home to a big body of water that has since dried up, leaving behind large deposits of salt in its place. It features many red crystals, which make the biome pleasing to look at while also providing you with something fun to blow up.

Hazards here are fairly uncommon, with the only notable ones being the white crystals that hang down from the ceiling. If you shoot at them, they will come crashing down to the floor, hurting any poor dwarf caught underneath it. Overall, aside from the usual enemies, this biome is fairly safe to explore. The red-colored cave walls can sometimes make it difficult to spot nitra, especially from a distance. But in my experience, this is rarely an actual issue.

This is definitely a pretty easy biome to explore and complete missions in, and one most players should have no trouble playing through. Enor pearls are especially abundant here, and this is the best biome to get them in. According to the DRG wiki, they were added in Update 7 of the game’s lifespan.


Azure Weald

Every DRG Biome, Ranked | Azure Weald
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

And finally, taking spot number one on our ranking for every biome in Deep Rock Galactic, It’s the region Azure Weald! This is without a doubt the most beautiful biome in the entire game, and it is an absolute treat to explore. It’s an underground region filled with many unique plants and animals, many of which are heavily inspired by undersea life. Massive flowers are very common in this region, and there are many plants that can glow in the dark!

This region features no unique hazards whatsoever. In fact, there are some unique features of this biome that actually help you on your mission! One example of this is the Magic Hole. It’s a unique landmark that, when approached, will give you a boost of speed! There is also a unique set of stone pillars that will reduce the amount of damage you take when you stand inside them. It’s honestly crazy how much easier this region is to play than some of the others, and giving it spot #1 was a no-brainer.

Croppa can be found here very often, making this the best region for you to come to if you want to pick some of it up. The Azure Weald came to the game alongside the Hollow Bough biome, both of which were released in early 2021.

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