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Every Beer in Deep Rock Galactic Explained

One of my most favorite things to do in Deep Rock Galactic is hanging out at the Abyss Bar with randoms after a successful mission. It’s a place where players can play a mini-game, dance to some tunes, and most importantly, chug pint after pint of beer.

Drinking beer is an important part of the game (and dwarf culture). While most just make you drunk or cause wacky visual effects, some beer provides unique buffs to your character in Deep Rock Galactic. In this Deep Rock Galactic beer guide, we’ll be covering every beer in the game and which beers offer buffs.

Beer Overview + Abyss Bar Explained

Beers are a consumable drink in Deep Rock Galactic. They’ve been in the game for a decent amount of time, and ever since the first release, they’ve been popular among players for their variety of different effects, as well as how they add to the social aspects of the game. In order to start purchasing beer to drink, you’ll first need to unlock the Abyss Bar.

The Abyss Bar will be open for business once you reach Rank 3. After this, you can walk up to the robot manning the place and start ordering drinks. Once you select one to get, he will make a round for you and any other dwarves currently in your game. While you’re waiting for him to make your order, you can play a nearby minigame of kick the barrel or dance at the jukebox!

While some beers are unlocked by default, others require you to purchase a license for that exact beer. Licenses will cost a number of credits, as well as some crafting materials. You can find these materials growing in the wild caves you explore during missions. Be sure to pick up as many crafting materials as you can while you’re out and about!

All Beers in Deep Rock Galactic & What They Do

In Deep Rock Galactic, some beers offer buffs that make it even more worth knocking them down. Let’s jump right into all the different available beers in Deep Rock Galactic and what buffs they offer!

Corporate Issue (Standard Beers)

The first type of beer on our list is Corporate Issue. These are pretty basic beers that you can pick up for cheap. They’re available to all players who have the Abyss Bar unlocked, and they make a great type of beer to pick up after a long mission.

Oily Oaf Brew

This is the most basic/standard type of beer in Deep Rock Galactic. It’s a cheap beer that serves only to get you drunk. But even then, you need to drink quite a few of them before you will start to notice any effect at all.

Glyphid Slammers

Like the Oily Oaf Brew, the Glyphid Slammer is a pretty straightforward drink designed to get you drunk and not much else. It is more expensive than Oily Oaf, but also stronger (but not by all that much). It’s a good option if you want to get drunk for your next mission.

The Glyphid Slammer Supporter (an upgrade to the classic Glyphid Slammer) is essentially the same thing, but it comes in a more regal-looking jug. This beer can only be unlocked by purchasing the Supporter Upgrade DLC for the game. There is no real reason to upgrade from the regular Slammer to this one aside from showing off and wanting to support the developers.

Leaf Lover’s Special

Probably the most unique “beer” in the game, the Leaf Lover’s Special is designed to alleviate any of the effects of alcohol. Simply drinking one will flush your system of any drunkenness. The nice thing is that it allows you to remove the negative effects of drunkenness while still retaining the buffs from other beers. Speaking of which…

Today’s Special (Buff Beers)

The next type of beer on our list helps you survive missions in Deep Rock Galactic. Each provides the drinker with a unique buff for the next mission. The Abyss Bar only has one randomly-determined special available at a time, which rotates out between missions.

Backbreaker Stout

For the first of many on the specials list, we have Backbreaker Stout. This beer buffs your movement speed while carrying items. This is a great one to pick up during Point Extraction missions due to how many Aquar you’ll be carrying around. After unlocking its license, crafting/ordering one needs 1 Barley Bulb.

Dark Morkite

Now for the next one, Dark Morkite. This beer type has been in the game for a very long time, but its buff is more or less the same. After drinking it, you’ll accumulate more Morkite in your inventory every time you mine a Morkite vein out of a cave. This is bascially a must-have for Mining Expeditions. Dark Morkite costs 2 Barley Bulbs for each use.

Pots O’ Gold

Up next, we have Pots O’ Gold! This is the ultimate beer for those looking to fatten your wallets with gold in Deep Rock Galactic! When drunk, this beer will greatly increase the amount of gold added to your inventory when you mine it! If you are doing a mission with a modifier that increases the number of gold veins on the map, you should definitely pick up this one to maximize your gold. Crafting it costs 3 Barley Bulbs.

Red Rock Blaster

Another classic beer that long-time players will recognize, Red Rock Blaster is a drink that buffs the amount of health you have in-game. This is really good to take before doing a Deep Dive, as it’s useful for every mission type (but especially Eliminations). Making a round of Red Rock Blasters costs you 1 single Barley Bulb.

Rocky Mountain

For our next beer, we have Rocky Mountain! This one will buff your pickaxe, making it easier for you to dig through the terrain. This is a pretty simple beer that can make getting through rough terrain much easier. You can take this before any mission, but it’s not really a must-have. Ordering one round costs you 3 Barley Bulbs.

Skull Crusher Ale

Our next one is another beer that buffs your pickaxe. Instead of making mining easier, it makes combat easier! The damage done with your pickaxe is increased when you drink this one before a mission. Given how rarely I use my pickaxe for combat (aside from when an enemy is already very low on health), I usually just skip this one. It will cost you 2 Barley Bulbs to craft.

Slayer Stout

This next one is called Slayer Stout, and it is a drink that buffs the power attack cooldown on your pickaxe. After you activate the power attack, it will recharge noticeably faster! This is very good if you have the Vampire perk and want to gain health back from enemies quickly. You can take this before any mission type, but I recommend taking it before Deep Dives the most. It costs you 2 Barley Bulbs.

Tunnel Rat

Last but not least, we have Tunnel Rat! This is the perfect brew for a reckless Scout, as it will reduce your fall damage. It’s a good drink to have before doing a mission in a biome with lots of verticalities, such as a Dense Biozone. I wouldn’t say it’s required as long as you’re careful when navigating the caves. The beer will cost 3 Barley Bulbs to craft at the Abyss Bar.

Craft(able) Beer (Fun Beers)

Now for something a little more on the silly side. Craft(able) beers are a special type of consumable that do not offer you any buffs but do give you some interesting temporary cosmetic effects. I don’t recommend purchasing any of the licenses for any of these beers until you’ve first unlocked all of the Specials instead, as getting buffs are more important than any cosmetic stuff.


First up we have Arkenstout! Upon drinking this frosty beverage, you’ll instantly become entombed in ice! It works similarly to when your temperature drops to low on the Glacial Strata biome. After you freeze, you’ll need to bust yourself out just like you do on missions. Crafting this will cost you 4 Malt Stars.

Blacklock Larger

The next one is Blacklock Lager. This is a spooky-themed drink that makes a perfect consumable during the Halloween event. After you drink it, you will begin to hear scary noises play as your screen turns to black. The Blacklock Lager costs you 2 Yeast Cones and 5 Starch Nuts to purchase.

Blackout Stout

This next beer on our list is Blackout Stout. I’m a little bit disappointed by this one, as all it does is instantly cause you to black out. This is an effect that is achieved by drinking enough of any beer to get you completely drunk. Crafting it will cost you 3 Starch Nuts. But if I were you, I wouldn’t even bother crafting the license for it as its not really worth it (unless you’re just going for completionism).

Blackreach Blonde

Next, we have Blackreach Blonde! This one will instantly give your character a case of boogie fever, causing them to start dancing uncontrollably. This is a neat one, but you can get the same effect just by activating the jukebox, so I wouldn’t recommend it. It costs players 3 Yeast Cones and 3 Malt Stars to craft after you get the license.

Burning Love

Burning Love is our next pick, and as implied by the name, it’s a pyromaniacs dream. Consuming it will cause you to catch on fire! It’s a pretty funny effect, but it’s nothing too over the top. The beer can be bought for a total of 6 Malt Stars.

Flintlocke’s Delight

Now for one that’s a little more on the crazy size. Flintlocke’s Delight throws you all around the bar in random directions, thanks to several explosions. The beer is pretty fun to mess around with, so I’d say its worth the price of 3 Yeast Cones and 2 Starch Nuts.

Gut Wrecker

For our next drink on the list, we have Gut Wrecker. Upon drinking this one, your character will burp so loudly that your screen will begin to move around violently. This drink will cost you 1 Malt Star and 4 Starch Nuts in total, not including the licensing costs.

Mactera Brew

Mactera Brew is our next one. After you take a swig of it, a green cloud will begin to appear around the you, filling up the room. This one is a bit spendier, costing 1 Malt Star and 6 Starch Nuts in total.

Malt Rockbearer

This one is probably my favorite! I’m referring to Malt Rockbearer. Once you drink this one, your character will change in size, becoming much bigger than normal. It’s another one that provides a unique effect not found elsewhere in the game, so I’d say its worth messing around with.

Seasoned Moonrider

Okay, I lied. This one is my most favorite beer in Deep Rock Galactic. Seasoned Moonrider completely messes with gravity, causing your character to move around like they are standing on the moon! You’ll be able to float around in the air, leading to some fun moments with friends. This can be purchased for 3 Malt Stars and 4 Starch Nuts, which is worth the price, in my opinion.

Smart Stout

Our next one might seem a little boring if you were expecting something crazy. Smart Stout temporarily increases the intelligence of your dwarves, making them say something witty and intelligent after consuming this drink. It doesn’t do any unique cosmetic effects, but I find the dialogue to be well-written and funny, so I really like it. It costs you 4 Malt Stars and 2 Starch Nuts.

Underhill Deluxe

Much like the Malt Rockbearer, this one will cause your character to change in size. However, instead of growing, you’ll become much smaller! This is a cool effect that will make your dwarves even more dwarfish then before. It cost 4 Yeast Cones for each round of the stuff.

Wormhole Special

Last but not least, we have the Wormhole Special. Once you drink this special brew, you will randomly teleport to a different area! Where you go is hard to predict. You could end up somewhere else in the drop pod, or you could even end up frozen in the vacuum of space! It’s a pretty cool one to get. It costs you 1 Yeast Cone, 2 Malt Stars, and 3 Starch Nuts.

Miscellaneous Beers

Lastly, let’s briefly talk about the other beers that don’t fit the other categories. Or the other “beer” I should say. The developers are known for hosting limited-time events in-game around certain holidays and occasions. They once released a special beer for their Octoberfest event. As of right now, that is the only holiday-themed beer in the game.

Best Wurst Beer

As previously mentioned, this beer came out during Deep Rock Galactic’s first Octoberfest event a long while ago. As of the time of this article, it is not available in-game but it probably will be next Octoberfest. It is a strong beer that can get you drunk. Just try not to gag when tasting this sausage-flavored beer.

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