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Best Armor Sets in Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic features a huge variety of different cosmetic items in the game. There is a huge number of different beards, hairstyles, headpieces, and armors for you to choose from, in addition to basic things like your hair and skin color. Equipping yourself with one of the badass armor sets that Deep Rock Galactic has to offer is the height of fashion.

But just what are the best matching armor sets to have in the game? Are there any really good ones in the base game, or do you need to purchase a DLC to get something good? In today’s article, we will be going over and ranking every armor set in Deep Rock Galactic!

Every Armor Set in Deep Rock Galactic, Ranked From Good to Best

Before we continue, we should clarify what we mean by “armor set.” This refers to any body piece that also has a matching headpiece to go along with it. For example, the Scale Brigade armor would count, but the Engineer Suit Mk1 would not, as it has no corresponding helmet to go with it.

You may want to check out our best cosmetics guide that takes a close look at the top non-armor cosmetics in Deep Rock Galactic.

With that all out of the way, let’s get right into the ranking!


Robot Rebellion

Kicking off our ranking in Deep Rock Galactic, let’s take a peek at the Robot Rebellion armor sets! This is a rugged, metallic, almost Mad Max-inspired armor set that gives each of the four dwarves a scrappy junkyard look. The parts of their armor have apparently been ripped from a rival company’s robot workers and repurposed into protective gear. It’s a really stunning-looking set of attire with lots of detail.

While I do really love the idea of the dwarves just ripping the armor off of the robots and repurposing it, I would have stuck with my base armor. These sets look great, don’t get me wrong, but I just like the look of some of the other armors in the game more. Also, I can’t see my Supporter Edition gold camo looking good on a set of scrappy metallic armor.

If you want this armor set for yourself, it can be picked up from your console/PC’s respective digital storefront. It is available as a DLC, and it will cost you $7.99 before tax.


Streamsuit 5000

(Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via Steam User “ansarik_kent”)

Next up, we have the rarest one of the armor sets in Deep Rock Galactic. It’s so uncommon that most people don’t even know it exists! I’m referring to the Streamsuit 5000. This is a special, one-of-a-kind, streamer-themed getup. The body piece is pretty simple on the front, but on the lower back you will find a TV screen attached to the suit with the words “ON AIR” displayed on the screen!

Additionally, the best part about this — and the reason why I put it ranked higher than Robot Rebellion — is the special headpiece. It’s a helmet with a big camera attached to the top of it! The headpiece also comes with a special pair of shades. This is a pretty neat-looking armor set that looks great with basically every camo in the game. It’s a shame that more people don’t know it exists.

To get this special armor set, the only way to do so is to message the devs about getting a code that you can enter to unlock the suit. But in order for them to give you a code, you need to be a live streamer with at least 100 followers! It’s a shame that this is the only way to get it, but it makes sense given the design of the suit.


Dawn of The Dread

Up next on our ranking, we have the collection of armor sets called Dawn of the Dread! This is a really bizarre, alien-looking set of armors that looks like something out of the horror game Scorn! It gives each of our four dwarves suits of armor that look like they have been made from Glyphid leather. It looks like something that a hunter who lives deep in the woods would make and wear for himself.

The armors all look very intimidating and fitting for a game like Deep Rock Galactic. I think it makes sense that the dwarves would want to skin a few bugs and turn their hides into protective armor for themselves. The headpiece looks really good, and I also really like a lot of the spikes that protrude out of the armor to give it an edgy look.

These armor sets can be acquired by purchasing the Dawn of the Dread DLC, which is available on all digital storefronts that sell Deep Rock Galactic. The DLC is available for $7.99 before tax, which isn’t too bad for four sets of armor for each one of your dwarves!


Dark Future

Next, let’s take a look at Dark Future! This is another DLC pack containing armor sets for our dwarves, giving them a cyberpunk-esque set of armors. Each one has a black default color scheme with neon lights that correspond to their respective class. It’s a really sick-looking color combination that goes really well together and added to the dystopian futuristic theme.

The armor itself is bulky and well-modeled. The default helmets that come with this armor set look great with the body piece, but in my opinion, the Gloomstalker helmet looks even better. There are several other futuristic/cyberpunk-looking helmets in the game, which gives this armor set a lot of freedom in how it can be customized and made your own.

This is a DLC armor pack that can be purchased from a digital store. In order to buy it, you’ll need to pay $7.99 USD before taxes. This is definitely worth picking up if you don’t mind paying for it.


Scale Brigade

Next up, we have my personal favorite sets of armor, the Scale Brigade sets! These are more “traditional” sets of armor that look like something the dwarves of old would wear in battle. The armor sets themselves are primarily brown, with what looks like Celtic patterns carved into them. It’s a really sick-looking suit, and it looks great with the Supporter’s Edition gold camo applied to it!

The headpiece is also incredible. It is modeled after a dragon, giving your dwarves a reptilian look! The helmet looks more cute than intimidating, however. So if you want something to make you feel like a badass, look elsewhere. The shoulder pads for the body armor match the helmet, which is a really cool addition that makes the armor feel very cohesive.

This is the only one of the armor sets currently in Deep Rock Galactic that doesn’t require a DLC. You can get the Scale Brigade for free just by completing its respective assignment in the Assignment Terminal.



Taking spot number two on our ranking of every armor set in Deep Rock Galactic, we have Roughneck! This is a much more modern, less futuristic take on the gear for the miners of Hoxxes IV. The best part about this pack is that each dwarf has a much more unique-looking design for their respective armor, where as some of the other DLC packs give each of the dwarves similar-looking sets. My favorite body piece in this pack is the Engineer’s, who has a Hawaiian shirt!

Each set is designed to make your characters look like construction workers, giving them yellow construction hats as well as a tool belt with all kinds of different gadgets strapped to them. Each character even has their own unique tattoos on their arms! Now that’s a really great touch, and it definitely makes this DLC pack worth picking up for that alone.

You can buy this DLC pack from the same place all the other DLC packs are sold, also available for a price of $7.99 before any taxes are added.



Finally, at spot number one on this list, we have Biohazard! This armor pack gives our characters some absolutely phenomenal-looking armor, complete with gas masks! The body armor is packed with details, such as little tubes going up and down the chest. It reminds me a bit of a radiation suit, but with a more combat-focused design in mind. The absolute best part about the Biohazard set is the awesome gas masks they wear!

You can have a complete gas mask, filter and all, or you can remove that part to make room for your beards. This is a great touch and I’m glad they gave us that option. I also really love how there are glowing lights all throughout the body, such as on the goggles and certain parts of the armor. You can also find these tubes filled with glowing liquid on parts of the suit, which look great.

This DLC pack can be purchased by going to Steam or whatever digital storefront you downloaded Deep Rock Galactic from. The DLC pack costs $7.99 before tax.

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Happy gaming!

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