Deep Rock Galactic Achievement Guide & Trophies

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Deep Rock Galactic Achievement Guide & Trophies

Congratulations miner, you’ve slaved your way through the depths of Hoxxes and have returned victorious. You may be covered in the blood of countless bugs and taken more laser bolts to the face from our rival competitors than any living dwarf should feasibly be able to, but your results speak for themselves.

Now for the final hurdle to prove that your exploits deserve to be enshrined amongst the greats — obtaining all the trophies/achievements in Deep Rock Galactic. Thankfully, we have this Deep Rock Galactic achievement guide for you!

With 69 achievements to unlock (67 for Xbox/Windows), you’ll have to prove yourself a master of all fields in Deep Rock Galactic to earn them all. Especially barrel kicking. Management is going to have a stroke at this rate.

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Foreword on Deep Rock Galactic Achievements

Before we dive into how to earn each achievement, we want to point out that most of the achievements in Deep Rock Galactic are fairly simple and will be obtained just by playing the game normally.

However, a handful of achievements require a fair bit of coordination to pull off, so you may want to fill up your squad with friends. If you don’t have enough folks to play with, you can always head to the game’s official Discord channel to find others who are willing to help.

We’ll be breaking our guide up into different sections depending on what type of activity you have to do to earn the achievement. Additionally, 22 of the achievements and their unlock requirements are hidden by the game by default. We’ll make a note of when an achievement is one of the hidden ones.

Alright, let’s get started!

Space Rig Achievements

Home sweet home is rife with little easter eggs and various interactable items. Mainly barrels and beer. Nearly all the achievements obtainable here involve the previously mentioned items and causing Management’s blood pressure to rise.

1. Barrel Rider

Description: Ride a barrel in the Space Rig for three seconds.

Difficulty: Easy

While you’re in the Space Rig find any barrel, jump on it, and stand still for three seconds.

2. If Only I Got Paid for This…

Barrel Kicker- If Only I Got Paid for This…
The green number is your score, and the little red one in the corner is how many kicks you’ve made so far. Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: In the Barrel Hoop game, achieve a score of 3000 or more in less than 100 kicks.

Difficulty: Hard

Just across from the bar, you’ll notice a moving ring with a barrel in front of it. Your goal is to kick the barrel into the ring and earn 3000 points with less than a hundred kicks.

Yellow barrels are worth 1 point, and red barrels are worth 25 points. The color is determined at random.

Each time you score a shot without missing, you’ll get a score multiplier (capping out at 4x). As long as the barrel goes into the ring before it completes one rotation (going fully from the left bumper to the right and back again), you’ll maintain the multiplier.

Complicating this is that the ring will randomly change speed. If it’s going too fast, it’ll probably end your multiplier before the barrel fully falls into the goal ring.

We recommend waiting for the ring to slow down and almost finish lining up directly in the center before kicking the barrel. Try to kick the barrel in the center of its mass to avoid having it arc in weird directions. You’ll also want to wait for the next barrel to fully land on the platform before kicking it, otherwise you’ll overshoot the goal.

There is some room for error, and you’ll probably lose your multiplier streak a couple times along the way. You want to aim for around 300 points every ten shots — if you haven’t reached 600 points by your twentieth shot, you may want to reset by hitting the button next to the platform.

Incidentally, there’s a decent chance you’ll earn the next achievement on our list while attempting this one.

3. [Hidden] Barrel Kicker

Description: Dat accuracy. You kicked ten barrels into the hoop without a single miss.

Difficulty: Medium

If you didn’t already obtain this one while attempting the previous achievement, then your objective this time is to kick ten barrels into the goal hoop in a row without missing.

Thankfully, you can take as long as you want in between shots and don’t have to worry about the hoop completing a rotation and ending your multiplier.

We recommend waiting for the hoop to be at its slowest speed and centered with the barrel before making a shot.

4. [Hidden] Big Spender

Oily Oaf Beer Deep Rock Galactic Achievements Guide
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: What a team player. You’ve paid for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar.

Difficulty: Easy

Simply buy twenty-five rounds of beers at the bar. You don’t even have to be in a team to get progress towards this achievement. We recommend the classic Oily Oaf Brew for its cheap price and delicious taste.

5. [Hidden] That’s Not How You Play This Game

Description: Rubbish goes in the bin, not the intricate machinery of the Barrel Hoop! (Throw a beer mug into the barrel hoop)

Difficulty: Easy

Buy a beer at the bar, drink it, and then throw the mug into the nearby Barrel Kicker ring goal. If you miss, either hop down and retrieve your mug to try again, or buy another beer.

If you’re really struggling to toss the mug in, you can also jump onto the edge of the ring and make a point blank shot.

6. [Hidden] Darwin Award

Description: Sacrificed yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated.

Difficulty: Easy

Slam down enough beers at the bar until your screen starts getting blurry and you begin to wobble when you walk. Then simply run and jump into the goal ring of the nearby barrel kicking mini-game. You’ll be fine (this is a lie).

7. [Hidden] Party Time!

Description: You threw a toast to good music while in a full team.

Difficulty: Easy

Either host or join a lobby that hasn’t launched yet, and wait for it to fill up completely with players. Buy a round at the bar, turn on the jukebox, grab your beer, and hit your emote button (the one you use for Rock & Stone!) to get this achievement. Just don’t drink your beer before toasting.

8. [Hidden] Self Control

Description: Successfully play 10 consecutive missions without kicking a single barrel on the Space Rig.

Difficulty: Nigh impossible

Don’t look at the barrels. Ignore how kickable they are. They don’t even exist. If they did exist, then certainly they would be kicked, but they don’t exist. Don’t even walk near the places the theoretical barrels would be if they existed, which they don’t.

Others will think you’re crazy. They’ll tell you to just kick the barrels. Just keep launching solo missions. You don’t even have to complete them. You can abort and just repeat the process ten times. Most importantly, no one else can take your birth right of kicking barrels and ruining your streak.

9. [Hidden] Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Play 25 songs on the jukebox. (Songs must play to the end to count)

Difficulty: Easy

Throw a tune on in the jukebox across from the bar. Let the song play to completion and repeat the process twenty-five times. Each song lasts about a minute. We recommend standing still and dancing along so you can get progress to the following achievement “Happy Feet” as well.

10. [Hidden] Happy Feet

Description: You spent an hour or more shaking your money maker.

Difficulty: Easy

Turn on the jukebox and stand still to start your dancing animation and earn credit towards the achievement. Progress on the achievement is cumulative, so you don’t have to do all the dancing in one go.

We recommend just tossing on a tune every time you come back from a mission and you’ll be done before you know it.

11. [Hidden] The A-Team

Description: Through skillful maneuvering, you put a barrel in every seat in the Drop Pod. Well done?

Difficulty: Medium

You’ll probably want to get the next three achievements done in succession to save time and headaches.

Bring a friend or three to make your life exponentially easier. First, you’ll have to select a mission to open up the doors to the Drop Pod. Kick four barrels over to the ladder leading up the Drop Pod.

Have someone line up a barrel with the center of the ladder and juggle kick the barrel up the ladder by aiming at the bottom of the barrel and rapidly kicking it. Another person should be at the top of the ladder standing on the railing to body block the incoming barrel from going over the side. Once the barrel is up the ladder, either do small kicks or physically run into the barrel to push it into the Drop Pod. Make sure the host is not the one doing this, or you’ll run the risk of the mission actually starting.

Once the barrel is in the Drop Pod, maneuver it into one of the four seats and repeat the process with three other barrels and seats. Upon success, everyone in the lobby should receive the achievement.

If you managed to do this without any mistakes or excess barrels, then your team should definitely attempt the next achievement on our list to save time and effort.

12. [Hidden] Time Well Spent

Description: You stuffed every single barrel on the Space Rig into the Drop Pod. Management weeps.

Difficulty: Hard

There are twenty-five barrels in the Space Rig that need to be kicked into the Drop Pod to give Management an aneurysm. They’re scattered across three floors, so we’ll be listing their locations with accompanying pictures. We recommend keeping track of one barrel at a time to make sure you don’t lose sight of it (especially the ones you’re kicking down from higher floors).

Click to Expand | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

1st Floor: Default starting floor where most services are located.

  • 2 barrels to the right of Season Terminal
  • 3 barrels to the right of the ladder leading to the Drop Pod
  • 4 barrels next to the jukebox
  • 3 barrels to the right of the Deep Dive terminal
  • 1 barrel behind the Shop

Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

2nd Floor: Take the elevator to the left of the Deep Dive Terminal

  • 1 barrel next to the gravity recalibration button
  • 1 barrel on the catwalk slightly above the gravity recalibration button
  • 6 barrels in the open area above the Mission Select terminal
  • 1 barrel to the left of the elevator, behind the Drop Pod

Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

3rd Floor: Take the elevator at the back of the Top Hangar tunnel on the 2nd Floor

  • 2 barrels on the walkway to your right as you leave the tunnel
  • 1 barrel at the very top after climbing the ladder

As is the case with the previous achievement, you’ll need to select a mission to open up the Drop Pod. Steadily kick a barrel up the ladder to the Drop Pod and maneuver it inside. Given the sheer quantity of barrels you need to fit, you’ll want to make sure each one is neatly tucked in the Drop Pod and won’t go flying out by accident. Once again, make sure the host is not the one doing this or you might accidentally start the mission.

In the rather likely event that one of the barrels goes over the side and falls into the launch bay, you can get them out by kicking them repeatedly against the giant three pipes and pushing them up alongside the giant glass window. Do note, this is extremely annoying, so try not to drop any barrels in the launch bay to begin with.

This is a rather frustrating achievement, so try to enjoy the silliness of it with your friends to avoid smashing whatever controller you’re using.

Upon success, everyone in the team will get the achievement. You should immediately attempt the next achievement.

13. [Hidden] Foreign Objects in the Launch Bay

Space Rig Barrels 3 - Deep Rock - Trophy Guide
What success looks like. | Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: You kicked every barrel into the Launch Bay. You are why Mission Control drinks.

Difficulty: Easy

In comparison to the previous achievement, this one is exponentially easier (and will give Management a second aneurysm). You need to once more kick all twenty-five barrels on the Space Rig, except this time, into the Launch Bay (the blue laser grid area) below the Drop Pod.

If you just finished the “Time Well Spent” achievement, you should be able to fish out all the barrels you kicked into the Drop Pod and push them over the side into the Launch Bay below.

Otherwise exit the lobby to reset it and consult again the above achievement for the location of all twenty-five barrels. Kicking them into the Launch Bay is much easier than kicking them into the Drop Pod and will award everyone in the lobby the achievement.

Mission Achievements

Some achievements can only be earned by completing certain objectives or tasks in the middle of missions. These tend to involve either flawlessly completing the mission, collecting certain rare items, or displaying your team’s overwhelming murderous capabilities.

14. Bring Your A-Game

Description: Successfully complete a Hazard Level 3 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply.

Difficulty: Medium

The following three achievements require you to fully complete a mission on its respective difficulty level without anyone on the team being downed or calling a resupply pod. This can be done with as many people as you want, but we recommend a full, competent squad. You don’t want a random player joining mid-way and unknowingly calling down a supply pod!

The following strategy can be effectively used for all three achievements.

Select a Point Extraction mission in a biome with few environmental hazards (avoid Magma Core and its like), Length 1 to reduce the number of Aquarqs needed, and the appropriate Hazard Level (3, in this case).

Have everyone fan out and look for Aquarqs while ignoring every other type of mineral. Focus on the ones near the Mine Head (deposit point) that don’t require a ton of transport. Remember, throwing Aquarqs is faster than just lugging them back! If your team is lucky with where the Aquarqs spawn, you can get this done within five minutes.

Hit the launch button as soon as you can and clear out any immediate threats (mainly ranged/flying enemies like Menaces or Mactera Tri-Jaws). After that, just spend the rest of the mission running away from the crowds of enemies and waiting out the timer for the Drop Pod to arrive.

During the waiting phase for the Drop Pod, try to stick to open areas where you can run unimpeded or escape from enemies by jumping across terrain. Support your teammates when you see an opportunity, but don’t linger for more than a few seconds or you’ll be mobbed to death.

Team Comp and Build

Depending on the map layout and your team composition, this can be either incredibly easy or somewhat difficult. We recommend running all Scouts or a mix of Scout/Driller for their mobility and path-clearing options. Both classes can reach most Aquarqs easily and have gadgets for managing crowds (Cryo Grenade and Flamethrower, respectively).

Perk-wise, we recommend at least Dash and Berzerker. The first is crucial for escaping bad situations, and the second is an emergency opening in case you get surrounded. Vampire synergizes well with Berzerker as a self-heal, and Hover Boots helps you avoid dying to fall damage.

15. Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Description: Successfully complete a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply.

Difficulty: Medium

Same as above, but on Hazard Level 4. More difficult due to higher enemy counts and harder hitting attacks leaving less room for error. Dealing with flying enemies is even more imperative due to their ability to stick to you.

16. Karl Would Be Proud

Description: Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply.

Difficulty: Hard

Same as above, but on Hazard Level 5. The ultimate test of your team’s ability to find and secure objectives, kite enemies, and identify priority threats. Good luck, miner.

17. Stepping It Up

Description: Survive a Hazard Level 3 mission from start to finish.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll get this at the same time as “Bring Your A-Game.”

18. Thick-Skinned

Description: Survive a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish.

Difficulty: Medium

Same as above, but on Hazard Level 4. You’ll get this at the same time as “Like a Well-Oiled Machine.”

19. Going Lethal

Description: Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish.

Difficulty: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Same as above, but on Hazard Level 5. You’ll get this at the same time as “Karl Would Be Proud.”

20. Car Pool

Description: Ride the Silicate Harvester with three other dwarves and kill five enemies without leaving.

Difficulty: Medium

This achievement requires you to have a full squad stand on a Silicate Harvester and kill five enemies each without falling off.

To find one of these friendly, white, land jellyfish-looking creatures, you’ll have to head to either the Dense Biozone, Radioactive Exclusion Zone, or the Fungus Bogs. We recommend choosing an Egg Hunt mission so you can forcibly spawn a wave of enemies by unearthing an egg.

Once you find a Silicate Harvester, have your entire team jump on top of it in a diamond formation to ensure everyone has enough room to stand. It may take you a couple tries to find a Silicate Harvester in an ideal location (no low-hanging ceilings and preferably a completely horizontal surface).

Once most of your team is situated, have one player (ideally the Scout) unearth an egg to spawn a wave, hop back on the Silicate Harvester, and take turns killing enemies to ensure everyone has five kills. If successful, everyone on the team will unlock the achievement. Be careful not to accidentally kill the Harvester in the process!

21. Farmer

Description: Ride the Silicate Harvester for 30 seconds.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll probably get this one attempting the above achievement. If not, you can once again select a mission somewhere in either the Dense Biozone, Radioactive Exclusion Zone, or the Fungus Bogs.

Once there, just go through the mission until you find one of these passive creatures and hop on it until the achievement pops for you.

22. Consistent Performance

Description: Successfully complete three Hazard Level 3 missions from start to finish in a row.

Difficulty: Easy

Despite the description for the achievement, you do not have to actually do all five missions in a row. As long as you complete five Hazard Level 3 missions, you’ll unlock this achievement.

You can do other level missions in between, or even fail missions. You’ll even get credit if you join a mission part way through and it’s completed moments after you enter.

23. Employee of the Month

Description: Successfully complete four Hazard Level 4 missions from start to finish in a row.

Difficulty: Medium

Exact same case as with “Consistent Performance,” except with Hazard Level 4 missions.

24. Rock Solid

Description: Successfully complete five Hazard Level 5 missions from start to finish in a row.

Difficulty: Medium

Exact same case as with “Employee of the Month,” except with Hazard Level 5 missions.

25. Going Deeper

Description: Complete a Deep Dive.

Difficulty: Easy

For those unfamiliar with them, Deep Dives are a series of three back-to-back missions where your ammo, health, and Nitra deposits carry over between each mission.

They can only be taken on once you’ve promoted a class once and only with promoted characters. The difficulty setting for a standard Deep Dive is about Hazard Level 3.

The three missions (including map layout) are set in stone at the start of each week. By the time you unlock Deep Dives, you should have no trouble handling a standard one.

26. Deep For Speed

Description: Complete any Deep Dive in under 45 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy

For this achievement, you have to fully complete a standard Deep Dive within forty-five minutes. You and your team shouldn’t have too much trouble with this as long as you all focus on the main objectives.

If you’re struggling with one week’s missions, just wait until the next week to try a different set.

27. Elite Diver

Description: Complete an Elite Deep Dive.

Difficulty: Medium

An Elite Deep Dive isn’t much different from your standard Deep Dive. The difficulty rating is bumped up to somewhere in between Hazard Levels 4 and 5, so enemies will hit harder and spawn in greater numbers. However, everything else remains functionally the same.

We recommend attempting an Elite Deep Dive only after you fully customize your equipment loadout to an ideal build and are used to higher-difficulty missions. Ammo conservation is by far the hardest part about an Elite Deep Dive, so aim carefully until you have excess Nitra reserves.

28. Drill-by Shooting (NOT available on Xbox/Microsoft Store)

Description: Ride the Drilldozer with three other dwarves and kill 15 enemies each without leaving.

Difficulty: Medium

For this achievement, you once again need a full squad of dwarves. Even most random players are willing to help out with this achievement, as it doesn’t really require going out of their way.

Select any standard Escort Duty mission to have the Drilldozer spawn. Once you start up the Drilldozer, have your entire team stand on either its side treads or center piece and gun down the inevitable swarms that approach. You’ll each need to kill fifteen enemies without falling off the Drilldozer.

We recommend setting the difficulty to Hazard Level 2 or 3 to ensure enough enemies spawn with each swarm while still remaining simple to kill.

29. Good Shepherd

Description: Successfully complete 25 missions where at least 1 player is 10 player ranks lower than you.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll most likely get this achievement by accident after playing the game for a while. As long as your player rank (the blue octagon in the top right) is ten levels higher than another player in the mission, you’ll get credit.

If you’re focusing on clearing this achievement, we recommend hopping into low-difficulty missions (Hazard Level 2 or 3) to increase your chance of finding lower-level players. Naturally, the higher your rank, the easier it’ll be to meet the criteria for the achievement.

30. Hi Ho, Silver — Away!

Description: Ride Molly for 15 seconds.

Difficulty: Easy

This achievement requires you to stay on top of Molly as she runs around for fifteen seconds. There’s a decent chance you’ve already hitched a ride on Molly as she walks back to the Drop Pod near the end of a mission. If you can do it for fifteen seconds straight, you’ll get the achievement.

Otherwise, find (or make) a nice long segment of horizontal terrain, call Molly over to you, hop on, and have another player (standing on the opposite end) call Molly to them.

If you don’t think enough time has passed, have the other player move somewhere else on the horizontal terrain and call Molly over again. Just make sure there’s nothing that’ll knock you off or cause Molly to start moving vertically.

31. Jeweler

Click to Expand | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Collect 10 Bittergems.

Difficulty: Medium

On occasion, you’ll notice repeating patterns in the terrain that glisten with the promise of treasure. This achievement requires you to specifically find and deposit ten Bittergems.

The problem is that Bittergems can spawn in any environment, with no zone featuring them. You’re completely reliant on the roll of the dice if any spawn in the mission you’re on (about a 5% chance).

Thankfully, they’re quite noticeable when they do spawn. Pink crystals specks will adorn the terrain where one is buried with a decently noticeable pink glow. Simply dig it out and deposit it to get credit.

32. Prospector

Click to Expand | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Collect 20 Compressed Gold Chunks.

Difficulty: Medium

This time, you’re looking for giant gold nuggets. No, we’re not talking about the gold deposits in walls. This is a solid giant chunk of gold that you have to carry with both hands.

Thankfully, the chance for these to spawn are much higher than Bittergems (around 33%). Golden specks will indicate the presence of one in the terrain, so keep an eye out.

33. [Hidden] What Are These Things?

Click to Expand | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: You’ve collected 5 mysterious alien artifacts. They are hot to the touch, and smells faintly of…tarmac? (Deposit five Error Cubes)

Difficulty: Medium

One last achievement for finding treasures buried in the earth. This time you’re looking for Error Cubes, strange Rubik’s Cube objects that have no purpose in the game (yet…).

They’re even rarer than Bittergems, having about only a 4% chance of spawning in any mission in any region. A bunch of jagged grey spikes indicate their presence in the terrain. Their color isn’t very noticeable, so you’ll mostly have to keep an eye out for the pattern instead.

Also, don’t worry about its name looking all glitchy. It’s intentional and your game is working as intended.

34. [Hidden] I Like It Down Here

Description: You stayed in a mission for an hour or longer.

Difficulty: Easy

There’s a decent chance you’ll end up spending an hour in a mission naturally, as sometimes finding and securing all the objectives can take a while. Especially when the mission is on a high hazard difficulty and in a really long map.

Otherwise, we recommend going into a solo mission on Hazard Level 1. This will reduce the enemy spawn rate to next to nothing, and allow Bosco to accompany you. Bosco should be able to easily handle any enemy that does spawn, and you can step away from the game to do something else while the timer accumulates. Just make sure to finish the mission once you reach the hour mark.

You can check how much time has elapsed by opening the menu. Just don’t leave the menu open if you’re in a solo game, or it will pause the timer.

35. Just Another Bug Hunt

Description: Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within 30 seconds on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

Difficulty: Medium

For this achievement, you’ll have to select an Elimination mission with a length of at least two (indicated by the yellow footprints on the selection screen) to ensure two Dreadnoughts spawn. We recommend doing this at Hazard Level 3 to make it as simple as possible.

Once in, go through the mission as usual, but hold off on popping the Dreadnought Eggs once you find them. Instead, set up an arena to fight them (clear rubble, place platforms, call down resupply pods, etc.). The room you spawn in where the Drop Pod lands tends to be ideal for this.

Then your team can either choose to pop both eggs and lead the Dreadnoughts back to the arena room to fight them at the same time, or fight one Dreadnought until it’s low on health and lead it on a merry chase while the rest of your team deals with the second egg.

Makeshift arena — holes are covered, escape platforms set, and resupply pod called. Let’s rumble. | Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Dealing with the Dreadnoughts

Depending on what type of Dreadnought spawns from the eggs, this can be a bit tricky. The standard Glyphid Dreadnought is the easiest to deal with. Get its health low, leave it with just a sliver of armor, and break it when the time for execution comes around. If it’s the Hiveguard Dreadnought, deal with it in a similar way. After killing its guards, leave one of the armored protrusions with a sliver of health as well until execution time.

The Twin Dreadnoughts are arguably the most annoying due to their tendency to burrow and reappear elsewhere. They do not count as two separate Dreadnoughts. Kill one of them off entirely (ideally the ranged Arbalest), and get the other one low on health. If dealing with the Twins, the timer for the achievement only begins when the second twin dies.

Once both Dreadnoughts are low (around 15% health or less), execute one and immediately dump everything your team has into the other. If one of the Dreadnoughts is the Twins, we recommend killing that one first before it has a chance to burrow and hide away.

36. Pest Control

Description: Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within five minutes on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

Difficulty: Easy

If you get the above achievement “Just Another Bug Hunt,” you’ll get this one at the same time too. It’s literally just an easier variant with a five-minute window instead of a thirty-second window.

37. Mini Fixer

Description: Fix 50 Mini M.U.L.E.s.

Difficulty: Easy

For this achievement, you need to fix the mini M.U.L.E.s that can be found in Salvage Operation missions. Missions with longer lengths will feature more mini M.U.L.E.s to repair.

You’ll know you’re near one when you hear its tell tale beeps and see its pulsing green lights. From there, find and dig out three nearby legs and bring them back to the mini M.U.L.E. to start the repair process.

Everyone on the team should get progress to the achievement after one is fixed, even if they don’t personally partake in the repair. Some players have reported the progress tracker as being wonky, so heads up on that.

38. Now We Have A BET-C

Now We Have A BET-C
Poor girl is infested with parasites. Time to load the lead treatment. | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Defeat and fix a BET-C.

Difficulty: Easy

BET-C is large military variant of a M.U.L.E. equipped with guns and bomb dispensers. Unfortunately, it has been hijacked by parasitic suckers that have turned it against you.

With about a 5% chance to spawn, the BET-C can appear in any mission in any region. If you have the (mis)fortune to stumble across one, it’ll become active and hostile once you approach it or hit it with any attack. You’ll have to shoot and kill the yellow parasites attached to the BET-C to free it from their control.

It’ll periodically home in on a nearby dwarf and fire its gun, deploy the occasional grenade, and sometimes form a barrier around itself while bombarding the area with explosives. Just pump as much damage as you can into the parasitic suckers as quickly as possible to down it.

Once defeated, your team can repair the BET-C by interacting with it and gain it as a permanent ally for the rest of the mission (thereby unlocking the achievement).

39. Roller Coaster (NOT available on Xbox/Microsoft Store)

The beginning of a VERY long pipeline. | Images: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Grind on a pipe for 120 seconds without stopping.

Difficulty: Hard

For this achievement, you’ll have to establish a very long pipeline in an Onsite-Refining Mission. Expect to spend up to an hour on this achievement (but hey, that might get you the “I Like It Down Here” achievement!).

Select an Onsite-Refining mission at Length 3 to ensure you have enough room to work with and set it to Hazard Level 1 to avoid dealing with enemies. Try to select a region that’s lacking in environmental hazards (definitely avoid the Magma Core).

You’ll want to bring a full squad to speed up the process and ideally have everyone play Driller (maybe bring one Engineer for placing platforms if needed).

Once you land, do not call down any extractors at the Morkite geysers. If you accidentally hook the pipeline up to one, you won’t be able to modify the pipeline any further. Also, do a quick check to see if the map is ideal for building a pipeline or not. If it’s all crevices and sheer drops, you’ll want to try a different mission.

Pipeline Tips

As for the pipeline itself, you’ll want to dig a tunnel to an open area where you can steadily build at a slight upward angle. Going upward reduces your speed while riding the pipeline, reducing the amount of pipeline you need to lay down for the achievement. Try to stick to the edges of the map and wind the pipeline inwards like a coiling snake to ensure you have enough space to work with.

It’s critical that your ride on the pipeline is continuous and that you don’t fall off or stop riding at any point. Be careful not to make the pipeline take too sharp of a turn, go incredibly vertical, or weave over itself. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to fall off or stop your ride at those points. Enemies can also knock you off, so get rid of any in the area.

Thankfully, you can destroy sections of the pipe if you make a mistake by hitting it with your pickaxe a couple times. We recommend having someone constantly ride the pipeline as it’s being placed down to test for any section that might interrupt the ride. It’ll also let you know when you’ve placed enough, as they’ll earn the achievement (if they don’t have it already).

Otherwise, use a timer to keep track of how long you’ve spent on the pipeline. You don’t need to connect the pipeline to anything in order to earn the achievement. Good luck!

40. See You Later, Detonator!

Description: Participate in killing 20 Bulk Detonators.

Difficulty: Easy

It’s inevitable that you’ll randomly run into a Detonator on your missions. These giant explosive sacks of glowing pimples are a massive threat to any team if they get close enough due to their stomp attack one shotting most players.

Detonators can spawn in any mission in any region at random. You’ll typically encounter one every other mission, so they’re not a rare sight. Simply aim at the glowing bulbs/pimples on their body to quickly take them out. Freezing them solid and shattering them is also incredibly effective. Just make sure to run away when they die, as they go out with one final, massive explosion.

41. [Hidden] Without A Paddle

Description: You were the last dwarf standing, with no primary or secondary ammo left, just when a Dreadnought spawned. Some days you should just stay in bed…

Difficulty: Easy

While the requirements for this one sound difficult, it’s actually an extremely easy achievement. Select any Extermination mission and dig your way to a Dreadnought Egg. We recommend using the Driller on Hazard Level 1 to speed this up.

Once there, do not break open the egg. Instead completely empty both your primary and secondary weapon into the wall, until you have no ammo in both of them (don’t worry about your grenades or gadgets like the Engineer’s Platform Gun, those don’t count). Then hit the egg with your pickaxe until it pops open. The achievement should pop at this point, and you can just exit the mission.

42. [Hidden] Designated Decoy

Designated Decoy  -Deep Rock Galactic Achievement Guide
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: You took the most damage from a Dreadnought out of your whole team.

Difficulty: Medium

This achievement has to be done in a team game, so you can’t run a solo mission to earn it.

The easiest way to do this achievement is to start an Extermination mission on Hazard Level 1 with at least one team member and run off to solo kill a Dreadnought on your own. Make sure to get hit at least once, and tell your teammates to not come anywhere near the fight.

We recommend doing this as the Scout, as you’ll have the mobility to flank the Dreadnought to hit its weak points and enough damage to execute it. It should die in next to no time if you do it on Hazard Level 1.

Milestone/Upgrade Achievements

These are achievements that largely mark how much you’ve done in the game and showcase how far you’ve come. You’ll likely obtain a majority of these just by playing the game for a while.

43. Miner

Description: Complete your first mission.

Difficulty: Easy

If you play this game at all, you’ll unlock this achievement. If you didn’t get this achievement from completing the tutorial, just run any other mission.

44. Expert Miner

Description: Complete 100 missions.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll earn this achievement by just playing the game long enough.

45. Legendary Miner

Description: Complete 500 missions.

Difficulty: Medium

Once again, just keep playing the game.

46. Approved Greenbeard

Description: Complete your first assignment.

Difficulty: Easy

As part of the tutorial for the game, you’ll automatically receive a mandatory assignment upon reaching the Space Rig that introduces you to the different mission types in the game. Completing all ten missions will unlock this achievement and open up the rest of the game to you.

47. [Hidden] Hit ‘em Where It Hurts

Description: You scored 1000 weakspot hits. Impressive.

Difficulty: Easy

Most enemies have a weak point. Typically, it’s their head, butt, or some glowing point on their body. As long as you shoot it with a weapon that can exploit weak point damage (any physical projectile based weapon), you’ll gain progress for this achievement.

We recommend using the Gunner’s default mini-gun to quickly rack up hits by getting up close to enemies’ faces/butts and unloading lead into them.

48. Big Game Hunter

Description: Participate in killing 40 Dreadnoughts.

Difficulty: Easy

Keep running Dreadnought Hunt missions until you finish this achievement. On average, you’ll kill two Dreadnoughts per mission, so you’ll be done in approximately twenty missions. You’ll inevitably obtain this achievement if you keep playing the game and completing assignments.

49. [Hidden] Exploring My Options

Description: You unlocked a new primary and secondary weapon for the same character.

Difficulty: Easy

Once you level up a class a bit, new assignments will appear at the Assignment Board for unlocking new weapons. Completing the respective assignment will allow you to purchase the weapon for said character. Just make sure the assignments you select are for the same character and their primary/secondary, respectively.

50. [Hidden] State of the Art

Description: You purchased a Mod in every tier for one of each upgradable item in the Equipment Terminal for the same character.

Difficulty: Easy

Difficulty: Ea

This one is more or less inevitable. Simply reach Level 25 on your favorite class and buy an upgrade in each row of their equipment at the Equipment Bench. You should have more than enough credits and minerals by that point.

If you’re lacking a specific mineral, either run missions in a region that’s rife with said mineral or buy some from the Mineral Exchange at home base.

51. Movin’ On Up

Description: Promote any Dwarf at least once.

Difficulty: Easy

Once you hit Level 25 in one of the four classes, you’ll unlock a promotion assignment at the Assignment Board. Complete this assignment to earn the right to promote that class, then head to the back of the Memorial Hall and purchase the promotion.

If you have any questions on how to promote or how to level up faster, consult our Promotion Guide.

52. Corporate Climber

Description: Promote any two Dwarves at least once.

Difficulty: Easy

Difficulty: Easy

Same as “Movin’ On Up,” but with two classes.

53. Hat Trick

Description: Promote any three Dwarves at least once.

Difficulty: Easy

Same as “Corporate Climber,” but with three classes.

54. Full Team Ahead

Description: Promote all four Dwarves at least once.

Difficulty: Easy

Same as “Hat Trick,” but with all four classes.

55. Silver-Tier Employee

Silver Tier
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Earn a Silver promotion.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll have to promote a class four times in total to reach Silver tier. This is a total of 1,260,000 EXP.

56. Gold-Tier Employee

Gold Tier
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Earn a Gold promotion.

Difficulty: Medium

You’ll have to promote a class seven times in total to reach Gold tier. This is a total of 2,205,000 EXP.

57. Pro-Team

Description: Earn Silver Promotions for all four dwarves.

Difficulty: Easy

Promote each class four times each. If you’re struggling to grasp the hang of one of the classes in particular, check out our class guides for all the tips and tricks you’ll need!

58. Legendary-Team

Description: Earn Gold Promotions for all four dwarves.

Difficulty: Medium

Promote each class seven times each.

59. [Hidden] Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics
The most reliable one on the Space Rig. | Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: You purchased a Mod in every tier for Bosco.

Difficulty: Easy

Simply head to the terminal tucked in the corner to the right of the Equipment Bench to modify Bosco. He’ll only appear on Solo missions or when you’re the only dwarf in a public game. You can customize him either for damage or utility, so go for whatever you think is best suited.

60. [Hidden] It’s My Party

Description: You’ve hosted and successfully completed 50 team missions from start to finish.

Difficulty: Easy

Despite the achievement’s description, all you have to do is host a Public mission and complete it. No one even has to join the game for you to get credit towards the achievement.

61. [Hidden] Lone Wolf

Description: You’ve completed 10 solo missions. Impressive.

Difficulty: Easy

You have to specifically run Solo missions. If they’re Public games or Friends-Only, it will not count towards this achievement. We recommend upgrading Bosco to make them even easier, as he will accompany you on all of them.

If you really hate running Solo missions, we recommend setting them to Hazard Level 1 and selecting missions with Length 1 to reduce the amount of time needed to finish them.

The Driller and Scout tend to have the easiest time navigating maps, so we recommend playing one of them for the missions.

62. [Hidden] Bosco, You’re the Best

Description: You’ve completed 100 Solo missions. Most impressive.

Difficulty: Easy

Same as above, but 100 times.

63. Performance Matters

Description: Complete 10 Milestones.

Difficulty: Easy

In your character’s personal room, if you look to the left, you’ll notice the Key Performance Indicator panel. Interacting with it will show you various Milestones that you can complete, such as finishing ten Morkite Mining missions or collecting 25 Alpaca Blooms.

Whenever you complete a Milestone, head back to the panel and click on the completed Milestone. This will collect the Perk Points rewards and advance the Milestone to its next stage.

64. Management Approves

Description: Complete 25 Milestones.

Difficulty: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Same as above, but twenty-five times.

65. Feelin’ Perky

Description: Unlock 10 Perk Nodes.

Difficulty: Easy

Whenever you complete Milestones, you can collect Perk Points from them. After collecting enough Perk Points, you can interact with the Key Performance Indicator panel again and click on the Perks tab at the top.

There, you can spend your Perk Points to unlock various activatable and passive Perks that help your character out on missions. You have to unlock each Perk one by one, with certain tiers locked behind unlocking enough of the previous tier. Once unlocked, head to the Equipment Terminal to equip them to your character.

66. Mustacho

Description: Purchase five moustaches for one character.

Difficulty: Easy

Once you have some spare credits and minerals, head over to the shop on the Space Rig and buy yourself five mustaches for one class. The cost doesn’t matter, so pick your favorites.

67. Total Makeover

deep rock galactic achievement guide wardrobe
Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Customize each accessory slot of a character.

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll have to obtain a different accessory for each of the ten customizable slots before you can obtain this achievement. You can purchase most of what you need from the shop on the Space Rig.

New options for the Paint Job be obtained from upgrading your character’s armor in the Equipment Terminal. As for Victory Moves, you can either unlock them from the Season Terminal or from infusing Matrix Cores at the Forge in the Space Rig.

Once you have them, walk over to any of the customization lockers to edit your character’s appearance. Make sure to swap to a different accessory in every slot (including Victory Moves). Exit the customization menu, and the achievement should unlock for you.

68. Mutated Scavenger

Image: Ghost Ship Games & Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Description: Successfully complete 20 missions tagged with Warnings from start to finish.

Difficulty: Medium

You’ll notice that some missions have a flashing red symbol next to them. This indicates a Warning that changes the mission in some way to be more challenging. Most of them are relatively minor threats like increased presence of Rival Robots or enemies spawning small leeches when they die.

However, be wary when the Warning consists of “Low Oxygen” or “Haunted Cave.” These two are by the far the most problematic Warnings to deal with. Low Oxygen makes it so that you have to constantly manage your oxygen bar by returning to Molly or Resupply Pods to refill. Haunted Cave spawns a giant invincible Detonator that stalks your team the entire mission without rest. If you see these two Warnings, consider if it’s worth going on the mission you’ve selected.

69. Veteran Diver

Description: Complete any 5 Deep Dives.

Difficulty: Easy

Difficulty: Easy

Completing either a Normal or Elite Deep Dive will give you progress to this achievement. However, completing each Deep Dive will give you progress only once per week, so it’ll take you three weeks minimum to get this achievement done. If you feel that Elite Deep Dives are still too much for you, make that five weeks to do the normal one.

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