How to Farm Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

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How to Farm Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

Years after its release, Deep Rock Galactic is still alive and well with regular content updates. One of the best additions that came with these content updates is Machine Events, which can be completed in order to earn special and rare rewards (AKA loot)!

In today’s article, we’ll be explaining exactly what Machine Events are and how you can farm them in Deep Rock Galactic.

Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

What Are Machine Events?

Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Machine Events are a special type of encounter that you can find naturally inside caves during missions (excluding Deep Dives). Upon finding one, you can walk up to it and activate it to begin a side-mission/side-objective. But before you can activate it, you’ll first need to level up at least one of your dwarves to level 25 and promote them to their next rank.

The objectives that you can complete for Machine Events vary greatly. In one mission, for example, you’ll need to deal with a wave of special glyphids that can only be killed with melee attacks. During this mission, you’ll receive items that can be used to buff your pickaxe. These buffs allow you to more easily dispose of them. Kill enough of them within the time limit, and you’ll pass the event!

As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to walk away from the Machine Event with a huge variety of rewards if you manage to do it successfully. These are a good way to acquire weapon overclocks, which are special upgrades used for overhauling your gun. You can also get rare weapon cosmetics, as well. And of course, you’ll get quite a lot of credits from completing Machine Events.

How Do You Farm Them?

Example of machine events in Deep Rock Galactic
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

There are a few different methods you can find online for farming Machine Events, but I’ve found one method that works the best. To do this method, you’ll need to select a mission with its length rating maxed out. This is because the longer a mission is, the more likely it is for a Machine Event to generate inside the level. Next, set the difficulty as low as it can go.

After that, you’ll want to select the Scout class and start the mission. Once you’re in the mission, start zooming around the caves with your grappling hook until you find a Machine Event. Do the Machine Event if you find one, and then quickly finish the mission before repeating the process. If you don’t see one after a little bit of searching… just abandon the mission and go back to the drop pod.

After you respawn back at HQ, just repeat the first few steps I mentioned until you do find a Machine Event. This method is commonly used by many players, and it’s a decent way to stock up on Weapon overclocks. Speaking of which, make sure you have a good amount of Blank Matrix Cores before starting this method, as you’ll burn through them if you repeatedly find Machine Events.

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