How to Find Bittergems in Deep Rock Galactic

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How to Find Bittergems in Deep Rock Galactic

The planet of Hoxxes IV is full of valuable and rare minerals. From morkite to gold, there’s no shortage of ores and minerals that can fetch a high price on the market. One of the more rare (and valuable) minerals you can find in Deep Rock Galactic are bittergems.

Bittergems in Deep Rock Galactic

We’ll go over everything you need to know about bittergems in Deep Rock Galactic!

What Are Bittergems in DRG?

Bittergems are a type of rare and valuable mineral found on Hoxxes IV. They’re bright pink in color and give off a luminous glow. Bittergems are not a typical ore, but instead are a type of large crystal that need to be dug out from the ground. Once you do so, you’ll need to manually carry the bittergem to M.O.L.L.Y to deposit it and get credit for finding it.

These rare minerals are not a crafting component. Instead, when you complete a mission after finding some you will be rewarded with lots and lots of credits. Naturally, they’re worth digging up and depositing. But just how do you find bittergems in Deep Rock Galactic?

Where to Find Bittergems in DRG

Signs of a bittergem in Deep Rock Galactic.
The tell tale signs of a bittergem. | Image: Ghost Ship Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

These rare and valuable crystals can spawn naturally in any of the biomes found on Hoxxes IV, favoring none in particular. The mission type that you select is also irrelevant, as it does not affect the spawn rate of bittergems. Just keep in mind that the spawn rate is very low, being only about 5%. Thankfully, since bittergems only serve as a source of credits, it’s not imperative to find them.

You’ll know when you’ve found a bittergem when you find a part of the cave that has bright pink crystals seemingly growing along the walls. Each one of these spots will only spawn a single bittergem.

When you are digging into the rock, aim towards the bright pink glow – this is where the bittergem is located. Simply mine away the rock until the bittergem falls out, and you’ll be able to deposit it in M.O.L.L.Y.

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