Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooter set in a science fiction world. It sees you playing as a dwarf working for a large mining corporation called Deep Rock Galactic. The company sends you on dangerous missions to exterminate threats and mine valuable resources, one of which being the pretty-looking Enor Pearls.

But just what exactly are Enor Pearls? What are they used for in-game? What regions of the planet can you find them most abundantly? And how do you farm them efficiently? We’ll be answering these questions and more in today’s article one how to find and farm Enor Pearls in Deep Rock Galactic.

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How to Find & Farm Enor Pearls in Deep Rock Galactic

Without further ado, let’s get right into the guide!

What are Enor Pearls?

Enor Pearls are shiny objects found deep underground, and are one of several non-ore resources in Deep Rock Galactic. They’re very large, requiring you to carry them around with both hands. While being carried, they emit a bright light that can illuminate dark areas.

Enor Pearls are used in-game as crafting materials. You need them to craft a variety of different weapon mods and customization options for your dwarf. The amount needed varies greatly, but it’s always a good idea to stay stocked up, regardless of if you think you need them or not.

Where are Enor Pearls found?

You can find Enor Pearls within the rocks in three different regions: Sandblasted Corridors, the Salt Pits, and the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. They are significantly more common in the Sandblasted Corridors and Salt Pits, and are pretty rare in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone.

You know you’ve found them when you come across several dozen smaller pearls seemingly sticking out of the ground! If they are bright in color, there’s an Enor Pearl buried somewhere there. If they are gray and faded, that means your teammates already mined them for you.

You can also purchase Enor Pearls from a terminal to the left of the Shop Terminal in the Space Rig. The prices are overinflated, though, and not really worth the credits unless you just need a tiny amount of to craft your next upgrade.

How to Get Enor Pearls in Deep Rock Galactic

The best way to farm Enor Pearls is by picking the Driller on your next mission. The Driller uses oversized dual drills to bore through terrain quickly and easily. Launch a mission in either the Sandblasted Corridors or the Salt Pits. If you have a choice between the two, do the Sandblasted Corridors — it’s easier to mine through rock there.

Now just play through the mission and explore the cave as quickly as you possibly can. Once you find a spot of Enor Pearls, mine them out with your drills and drop them in Molly. Rush through the mission and focus on completing only the main objective and getting Enor Pearls, and you should be done pretty fast. Then just hit the button, return home, and fire up another mission!

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