Deep Rock Galactic – How to Get the Medical Gown

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Deep Rock Galactic – How to Get the Medical Gown

In Deep Rock Galactic, cosmetic items are a huge part of the game, allowing you to really customize your dwarf to make them look unique and stand apart from the crowd. While there are over hundreds of cosmetic items, one of the more unique ones in Deep Rock Galactic is the medical gown, and we’ll be going over how to get it.

Getting the Medical Gown in DRG

Going down and failing a mission is the only way to get the hospital gown in Deep Rock Galactic.
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Unlike most other cosmetics, you can’t buy the medical gown from the store or loot it during a mission. Instead, it’s “awarded” to you for ending up in the medical bay after a mission goes horribly wrong.

As such, the only current way for players to get the medical gown is to have the entire team go down and fail a mission. Once you leave the mission failed screen, your entire crew will respawn in the medical bay wearing your sterilized medical gowns.

If you somehow haven’t failed a mission yet, simply queue one up and jump off a cliff or let a pack of bugs maul you to death. Next thing you know you’ll wake up inside the medical bay with a massive headache and a clean medical gown wrapped around your body!

If you want to keep wearing the medical gown for your next mission, make sure you do not interact with the weapons terminal or the cosmetics terminal while its equipped.

Doing so will have the game put you back in your previous outfit, and you’ll have to repeat the process again to re-equip the medical gown. So just interact with the mission terminal, slam down a beer, and get back to work miner! You don’t have free healthcare with this job.

FAQ Hospital Gown

The medical bay is where you'll wake up (wearing the medical gown) after a failed mission in Deep Rock Galactic.
Image: Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross
  • Can you get the medical gown by jumping into the barrel mini-game?
    No. You will simply respawn inside your dorm room if you do this.
  • Can you get the medical gown by drinking a Blackout Stout?
    No. This will simply cause you to blackout and you will wake up inside the Space Rig still wearing your usual clothes/cosmetic items.
  • Can you purchase the medical gown or unlock it in a battle pass?
    No. Currently, there is no way to purchase or permanently obtain the medical gown. Your only option is to do the method described in this guide to wake up inside the medical bay wearing on.
  • Can you wear the medical gown during a mission?
    Yes! Simply activate the missions terminal, select a mission, and walk into the space rig wearing it to start the mission. You’ll be able to complete the mission from start to finish wearing only your medical gown.

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We hope you enjoy wearing your medical gown in Deep Rock Galactic and looking like an escape patient on missions.

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Happy gaming!

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