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Deep Rock Galactic: Cosmetics Guide + 15 Best Cosmetics

Accessorize your Miner in style!

Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best live-service FPS games. Not only is its gameplay action-packed and filled with variety, but its monetization system is one of the most pro-consumer systems out there. Getting the cosmetics you want can require some grind, but it’s usually manageable.

So just how do the cosmetics work in Deep Rock Galactic? What are all of the different items you have available? How can you unlock them? What are some of the best-looking ones available? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this article on the best Deep Rock Galactic cosmetics!

Deep Rock Galactic: Top Cosmetics Summary

Without further ado, let’s get right into my summary table of the best cosmetics in Deep Rock Galactic.

Below, I go into detail about what makes each cosmetic unique and worth obtaining.

Cosmetic NameCategoryHow to Obtain
Corporate MarineHeadwearAccessory Shop
Frizzy HandlebarMoustacheAccessory Shop
Three Point LandingVictory MoveCargo Crates
MK5 Engineer SuitArmorAccessory Shop
First BloodHeadwearThe Forge
Outback HunterHeadwearAccessory Shop
Scary Rubber MaskHeadwearThe Horror of Hoxxes (2022) Event
Braided Abundance — ArmoredBeardThe Forge
Beaked Plague MaskHeadwearThe Forge
Industrial FacemaskBeardThe Forge
Lunar Festival WidebrimHeadwearHoxxes Lunar Festival Login Reward
Gloomstalker MK2HeadwearPrestige Assignment 60
Savage Full – ArmoredBeardThe Forge
Iron CyclopsHeadwearThe Forge
Skeleton CrewHeadwearSupporter Upgrade DLC

Different Cosmetics Explained

There are currently ten different categories of cosmetics you can use to customize your character. These categories are as follows:

  • Armor
  • Armor Color
  • Helmets/Headgear
  • Beards
  • Mustaches
  • Eyebrows
  • Sideburns
  • Hair Color
  • Skin Color
  • Victory Moves

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to deck out your dwarves and make them look unique and interesting. You can apply cosmetics independently to each of the four classes, meaning you can customize your Gunner without affecting the look of your Scout.

You can apply any unlocked customization items from a special terminal located right next to your dorm room. From here, you can preview your look to make sure you’re nice and spiffy. You can also save up to six different custom outfits at once!

Unlocking Character Cosmetics: Accessory Shop, Assignments, & Performance Passes

Before you can start customizing, however, you’ll need to unlock some cosmetics. The first and most obvious means of getting new getups is through the Accessory Shop. This unique-looking terminal is in the middle of the space rig, in between the Drop Pod and the Abyss Bar. Simply walk up to it and press the interaction button, and you’ll open a menu that shows all the different categories of stuff you can buy. Note that only eight of the ten categories are available through the Shop — Armor Colors and Victory Moves aren’t up for purchase (more on that later).

Next up are Assignments. Right next to the Mission Select Terminal and left of the entrance to the Drop Pod is the Assignment Terminal. From here, you can select from several different Assignments. These are linked missions that you must complete in a series, which ultimately reward you with some kind of item. There are some special cosmetics that can only be unlocked through specific Assignments.

Finally, we’ve got the Performance Passes. These are limited-time season passes that contain new and original content with each season. You can unlock items by completing challenges and missions, then checking in at the terminal right next to the Drop Pod. There are a variety of exclusive items you can get this way, including the Armor Colors and Victory Moves that aren’t available in the Shop.

Don’t worry about missing out on last season’s content, though! At the end of each season, the exclusive cosmetics are made unlockable in the regular game through Blank Matrix Cores and Cosmetic Overclocks.

Unlocking Character Cosmetics: Blank Matrix Cores & Cosmetic Overclocks

Blank Matrix Cores are items earned by completing a special weekly assignment called “Weekly Core Hunt.” If you complete special machine events during missions, you can spend one Core to unlock an item (either a weapon mod or a cosmetic). Machine events spawn randomly in missions, and will have you do objectives such as defending an area for a period of time.

You can also unlock these Cores by completing Deep Dives. These are a special type of endgame mission that’s actually three missions in a row, completed back-to-back. To get started on a Deep Dive, visit the terminal left of the Abyss Bar, next to the big glass window. Be careful when starting up, as if another player leaves mid-game, you won’t be able to replace them!

The Deep Dive terminal is right next to the Forge, which is where you’ll open your Cosmetic Overclocks once you unlock them. Just be warned — they require credits and materials to unlock, and it can get a bit spendy.

Deep Rock Galactic: The 15 Best Cosmetics (Excluding Armor Sets)

With our overview of cosmetics out of the way, let’s get into our picks for the 15 best cosmetics in Deep Rock Galactic!

Note that these are ranked in no particular order, and we aren’t including any of the armor sets in the game.

There are some awesome armor sets, like the Scale Brigade set and those from the Robot Rebellion and Roughneck DLCs, and they deserve a ranking of their own.

Let’s get to it!

Corporate Marine

Starting off our list is one of the most recognizable headpieces in the game, Corporate Marine! This is a really cool space marine-type helmet that has been available in the Accessory Shop for a very, very long time. It’s a pretty common one to see in public lobbies due to its easy access in the Accessory Shop and the fact that it just looks so cool.

Frizzy Handlebar

So this next one looks a little bit ridiculous. The reason it’s such as great cosmetic is that you can combine it with some goggles to look like Dr. Eggman! That alone justifies the purchase of this mustache. This is a pretty popular combo to see in games with randoms, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with Dr. Robotnik in your next mission.

Three Point Landing

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Our next cosmetic is a victory move, and arguably one of the coolest in the game. It’s the Three Point Landing! This is an animation/emote that plays in a Mission Success screen. Your character will leap down from the sky and land gracefully on the ground before slowly standing up with style. It’s a pretty badass emote, and one that is definitely worth unlocking.

MK5 Engineer Suit

Up next, we have the MK5 Engineer Suit. This is one of several cosmetic armors that you can unlock in the game that doesn’t require any of the DLC packs. This is the perfect outfit if you are an Engineer main who wants a look that stays true to the style and lore of DRG. It gives the Engineer class a much more complex, stylish look filled with wires and all sorts of electrical doo-dads. It may not pass safety regulars, but dang, does it look good!

First Blood

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

This next one is a pretty underrated headpiece. It’s a hair option that gives your character long, black hair with a red bandanna, effectively making them look like Rambo! Considering how gung-ho the dwarves of Deep Rock Galactic are, I would say that this is the perfect-looking cosmetic for them. It goes pretty well with some of the lighter armor in the game.

Outback Hunter

For the next cosmetic, let’s talk about a personal favorite of mine, Outback Hunter! This is a really good hat that looks like something you’d find in Australia. It features a brown cap with alligator teeth decorating the top. It is especially fitting for the Scout due to the fact that he carries a marksman rifle as one of his primary weapons. This type of gun fits perfectly for a hunter!

Scary Rubber Mask

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Up next we have the Scary Rubber Mask! This is a pretty recently released cosmetic item that came out during the Halloween event earlier this year. It is a Halloween mask that makes the player character look like the guy from Mission Control! It’s a mask painted green to reflect the color light cast onto him. It even comes complete with the headpiece and a microphone! Sure, there are better-looking masks in the game, but this one gets points for its humor and uniqueness.

Braided Abundance — Armored

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Next up, we have one of several beards in the game. Braided Abundance — Armored is a traditional-looking beard that would fit in perfectly with a high-fantasy setting. The beard is armored up with some metal on both of its braids to provide a little bit of protection in combat. Personally, I like the look of this one better than its gilded variant, and the armor makes it (somewhat) appropriate attire for wearing into the mines.

Beaked Plague Mask

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Taking the next spot we have the Beaked Plague Mask! This is a really spooky-looking headpiece that gives you a medieval European-style plague doctor mask. The thing is well-modeled, and it has a brown hood going around it, which looks great. I think it would have looked better with a big hat, like what you typically see worn by a plague doctor, but this still looks really great.

Industrial Facemask

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Up next, we have the Industrial Facemask! This is a really badass-looking gas mask that falls under the “Beard” category in the cosmetics menu. It is really, really good, and it reminds me a lot of something out of a STALKER game. This facemask was originally a part of a Performance Pass from an older season. You should be able to find it in either a Cargo Crate or as a cosmetic overclock.

Lunar Festival Widebrim

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Next, we have one of my absolute all-time favorite headpieces — the Lunar Festival Widebrim! This is an east-Asian style farmer’s hat. It is absolutely dripping with detail, such as the black feathers coming out the top, as well as the charm dangling out of the side. This is a pretty rare hat, and it could only ever be obtained during the Lunar Festival Event, which occurred earlier this year in part of January and February.

Gloomstalker MK2

Up next we have the Gloomstalker MK2. This is a special cybernetic-themed helmet that looks like something straight out of a cyberpunk movie! The helmet has a very sturdy, square-ish shape to it. It features several cameras on the front of the mask to help the wearer see. Overall, it’s a very cool and intimidating-looking headpiece. You can unlock it by completing its respective assignment.

Savage Full – Armored

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

For our next pick, we have another really great beard, the Savage Full — Armored! This is a non-traditional beard that gives your dwarves dreadlocks with some light metal armor. It looks really cool, and it reminds me a lot of the beard Drago Bludvist had in How to Train Your Dragon 2. You can only unlock this cosmetic via Cosmetic Overclocks.

Iron Cyclops

Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Next, let’s talk about the Iron Cyclops headpiece! Like the Gloomstalker MK2, this is a scary-looking cyberpunk-themed skin. I can’t really decide which of these two I like the most. The Iron Cyclops features a bright red light across the face, and the helmet itself has a very sturdy look to it. The mouth is exposed, so this is a good helmet to wear alongside your favorite style of beard.

Skeleton Crew

Last but not least, we have the Skeleton Crew helmet! this is a special item that you can only get if you’ve purchased the Supporter DLC for the game. It is a black and white diver’s helmet with a skull modeled to look like the developer’s logo! It looks really spooky, and it’s one of the best cosmetic items they’ve ever released in Deep Rock Galactic, in my opinion.

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