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Marvel Snap: Balance Updates, Events, New Cards, and Bundles

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Marvel Snap is now in its second season of 2024, themed around the villainous Black Order. I’m looking forward to this season because I think it will give Thanos decks a lot of new tools to work with. As usual, you can expect new cards, variants, locations, and challenges during this season of Marvel Snap.

I routinely rank above 80 on the ladder and I’ve been playing Snap for 14 seasons now. As the season goes on, I’ll continue to keep you updated on all Marvel Snap has to offer in the page below, so keep it bookmarked for more!

Let’s go ahead and jump right into the latest goings-on in the world of Marvel Snap!

What’s Going On Now in Marvel Snap? (February 6 – March 5)

Black Order Season

  • Marvel Snap February 2024 Season: February 6 – March 5
  • Season Pass Card: Black Swan
  • Season Pass Price: $9.99 USD
  • Premium Season Pass Price: $14.99 USD
Marvel Snap Feb 2024 Season Black Swan

Black Swan

  • 3-Cost/5-Power
  • On Reveal: Until the end of next turn, your 1-Cost cards cost 0.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Black Swan’s introduction to Marvel Snap within the online community. Like many other players, I believe Black Swan is going to be incredibly useful for decks that utilize 1-Cost cards like Thanos, Zoo, and Bounce decks. While she may end up getting nerfed down the line, I would recommend grabbing the season pass to take advantage of this card while you can.

Marvel Snap Feb 2024 Season Super Giant

Super Giant

  • 4-Cost/5-Power
  • On Reveal: All cards played next turn don’t reveal until the game ends.

Super Giant is an interesting card that I think will find its niche in a few deck types. While I don’t think this card will be nearly as powerful as Black Swan, being able to prevent opponents from having their cards revealed until the end of the game can be a useful way to disrupt their strategy if played correctly. If you can predict when they’re going to play a crucial card in a Ramp deck, Super Giant could stop their strategy dead in its tracks.

Balance Updates

The most recent balance update for Marvel Snap attempts to buff the move archetype by making some of its key cards more useful. I like that Second Dinner is addressing how weak Spider-Man 2099 is, but I don’t think increasing its Power while also increasing its Cost is going to make it that useful. There are better 5-Cost cards to play and waiting until turn 5 would likely be too late in a match to make Spider-Man 2099 that useful. However, the buffs to Heimdall and Hulkbuster are welcome, and I think Hulkbuster is a way better card to play on turn 2 after playing a card like Human Torch or Deadpool on turn 1. It’s also nice to see that Luke Cage has had his ability reverted to affecting all cards on your side of the field instead of just in one lane.

Card/LocationOld New
Luke Cage2-Cost/3-Power
Ongoing: Your cards here can’t have their Power reduced.
Ongoing: Your cards can’t have their Power Reduced.
Spider-Man 20994-Cost/6-Power

The featured locations this week aren’t all that exciting in my opinion. Nidavellir just makes it easier for Shang-Chi to hit more cards. However, I do think you could pull off some interesting strategies with The Living Tribunal if you utilize the location to your advantage. Olympia is a nice reprieve from locations with adverse affects since it’s almost always beneficial to draw cards in Marvel Snap.

  • Nidavellir- Cards here have +5 Power. (2/7)
  • Olympia – Draw 2 cards. (2/11)

Spotlight Cache Cards (Jan 30 – Feb 5 )

If you’re missing Zabu or Darkhawk, I would definitely recommend using a Spotlight Key this week. While I think Super Giant is a decent card, Zabu and Darkhawk are consistently solid cards, making them must-haves for most players. While Darkhawk has been somewhat nerfed due to Blob’s addition, it’s still a powerful card. I think Zabu is one of the best staples in the game since so many 4-Cost cards can be improved by playing them a turn earlier.

  • Super Giant(Series 5)
  • Super Giant In-Hyuk Lee Variant (Series 5)
  • Darkhawk (Series 4)
  • Darkhawk Tribute Variant (Series 4)
  • Zabu (Series 4)
  • Zabu Kai Lun Qu Variant (Series 4)

New Variants

Each week, you can expect to find new variants added to Marvel Snap. These variants are obtainable from a variety of places, including the Season Pass, special bundles, Conquest rewards, or simply from the Daily Offer shop. With the introduction of Albums, collecting variants is even more rewarding, so be sure to check out this week’s selection of new variants to see which ones you’ll want to add to your collection!

February 6

Black Swan In-Hyuk Lee Variant
Super Giant In-Hyuk Lee Variant
Darkhawk Tribute Variant
Zabu Kai Lun Qu Variant
Ironheart Sway Variant
Gamora Miguel Mercado Variant
Ebony Maw In-Hyuk Lee Variant
Armor Fantasy Variant
Moon Girl Baby Variant
Elektra Dan Hipp Variant
Death Fiona Hsieh Variant

February 8

Magik Jeff Dekal Variant
Doctor Strange Kaare Andrews Variant

February 9

Sunspot Carnaval Variant

February 10

Scorpion Pixel Variant
Sera Chibi Variant
Human Torch Pixel Variant

Conquest Rewards

Gamora Miguel Mercado Variant (February 6 – March 5)

Conquest continues to be a controversial game mode for players who like Marvel Snap‘s bite-sized matches. This new Conquest reward variant for Gamora looks stylish. However, I’m not sure it’s worth grinding Conquest to get since Gamora isn’t that useful of a card in the current Marvel Snap meta.

Medal Shop Rewards (Feb 6)

RewardMedal Cost
Mystery Variant150 Medals
1 Silver Ticket15 Medals
150 Credits300 Medals


Marvel Snap’s bundles give you the chance to spend some cash on exclusive variants as well as in-game currency like Gold, Credits, and Boosters. While some bundles need to be purchased with real-world money, others can be bought with in-game Gold. The selection of bundles on offer changes frequently, so check back here often to see which bundles will be coming up in the next week!

Well-Suited Superheroine (Feb 6 – March 5)

The season-long bundle this month comes in with a pretty good overall value. I like this Ironheart variant, and the resources you get for the cost are fairly substantial.

  • Cost: $14.99
  • Ironheart Sway Variant
  • Ironheart Sway Avatar
  • 1,000 Credits
  • 1,500 Gold
  • 155 Ironheart Boosters

Token Tuesday (Feb 6- 7)

While 1,400 Gold can be a pretty steep price, 1,000 Collector’s Tokens is a great value for that price. Token Tuesdays are usually a great value, so I’d jump on them if you have the gold and want to maximize its value.

  • Cost: 1,400 Gold
  • 1,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 105 Boosters

Rocket Power (Feb 6 -10)

While this Moon Girl variant is cute, the bundle overall is odd. 2,050 is such an odd number of Collector’s Tokens to get since it’s not enough for a new card and 50 Tokens isn’t helpful at all since no cards ever have 50 Tokens in their cost. I would probably skip this bundle.

  • Cost: 2,500 Gold
  • Moon Girl Baby Variant
  • Moon Girl Baby Avatar
  • 2,050 Collector’s Tokens
  • 155 Moon Girl Boosters

Booster Pack (Feb 10 – 11)

Booster Packs are almost never worth the price. I’d always advise you to avoid them.

  • Cost: 300 Gold
  • 250 Credits
  • 65 Random Boosters

Double Trouble (Feb 8- Feb 14)

I think this is a pretty solid bundle overall. It has a slightly higher price tag than other bundles, but nothing as crazy as some. Plus, the variants look great and 3,000 Collector’s Tokens is a good value.

  • Cost: $39.99
  • Magik Jeff Dekal Variant
  • Doctor Strange Kaare Andrews Variant
  • Magik Jeff Dekal Avatar
  • Doctor Strange Kaare Andrews Avatar
  • 3,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 750 Credits
  • 310 Magik Boosters
  • 310 Doctor Strange Boosters

February 2024 Mystery 1 (Feb 8 -10)

The overall value of this bundle is somewhat underwhelming for the price given that you can get more Gold for a lover cost. However, a guaranteed Premium Variant isn’t a bad offer and makes up for the lower amount of Gold.

  • Cost: $9.99
  • Premium Mystery Variant
  • 700 Gold


Marvel Snap’s 2024 Roadmap Revealed

Marvel Snap 2024 Roadmap

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has released their roadmap of planned content for 2024, which features some exciting new features in the works. Some of the new features coming soon to the game include character mastery, album improvements, in-game events, and more customizable card features. I think a lot of these new additions will help improve the game and I’m most excited to see what kinds of in-game events Second Dinner has in store.

Additionally, Second Dinner addressed some features that are still in development, such as clans, an in-game graveyard, booster vats, and collectible borders. I can’t wait for the in-game graveyard since this has been a highly-request feature since Marvel Snap launched. I also think booster vats have the potential to make target farming for booster way easier and reduce some of the grind of upgrading cards.

Second Dinner also says there are other features that they have started conceptualizing, like new game modes, new boards, and new card mechanics. However, these features are still in early development and are a way off from release. Still, I think it’s clear Marvel Snap fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming year!


With Albums being a new feature for Marvel Snap, it’s understandable that there would be some growing pains with their implementation. I can see them being largely designed for players who are willing to drop serious cash to obtain all the variants they can, but that isolates free-to-play users almost entirely. However, since they have no bearing on gameplay, they are still a better source of monetization than a pay-to-win setup.

New Album: PANdora’s Box (PANDART STUDIO Variants)

Marvel Snap PANdoras Box Album

Card Variants Needed

  • Blue Marvel
  • Human Torch
  • Death
  • Lady Sif
  • Professor X
  • Shang-Chi
  • Mister Negative
  • Sunspot
  • The Infinaut
  • Deathlok
  • Shuri
  • Phoenix Force


Cards UnlockedReward
61,000 Collector’s Tokens
9She-Hulk PANDART STUDIO Variant
12She-Hulk Emote

What’s Coming Up in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap updates weekly with new cards, variants, challenges, rewards, and more. As such, there is a lot to look forward to each week of any given season. Looking beyond the weekly updates, there are also new monthly seasons to anticipate as well. With all of that content to look forward to, be sure to check back often to see what Marvel Snap has on the Horizon.

Artgerm Shop Takeover (February 29 – March 1)

The Black Order season closes with a shop takeover feature Artgerm card art variants. I love the style of Artgerm cards and am excited to snag some new variants during this event. It’s always hard to save up enough Gold for your favorite variants, but I definitely recommend doing so if you like the look of Artgerm’s cards.

Looking Ahead to Next Season (March 2024)

Despite the Black Order season having just started, there has been datamined info about March 2024 season of Marvel Snap. Themed around the Avengers vs. X-Men, this season is set to introduce some important missing characters from Marvel’s two biggest teams. While not a lot is known about the season just yet, more info is likely to come out as we approach the season’s start date. As such, you’ll want to keep an eye here for future updates about Marvel Snap’s next season!


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