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Marvel Snap: The 10 Best Steampunk Variant Art Cards

Marvel Snap has tons of different types of variants for its card art that players can collect. With a variety of themes based on specific characters, artists, or genres, there are a range of different types of variants for each of Marvel Snap’s cards. One of the coolest themes for card art variants is Marvel Snap’s steampunk variants. These cards offer redesigns for popular characters that fit within the classic steampunk aesthetic and take their base characters to a whole new level. That’s why today we are breaking down the 10 best Steampunk variant art cards in Marvel Snap, ranked based on how well their variant captures the character and how well it fits the steampunk theme.

Best Steampunk Variant Art Cards in Marvel Snap, Ranked

Let’s get right into our list of the best steampunk variant art cards in Marvel Snap, ranked from faithful to fantastic!


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Hulkbuster
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

The massive suit of armor used by Iron Man to subdue the Hulk as necessary gets a fantastic steampunk makeover in its Marvel Snap steampunk variant art. Machines tend to stand out the most when converted to the steampunk aesthetic as they change from a modern and sleek design to a more clunky yet charming look. This is the case for the Hulkbuster which sheds its futuristic look for an old school steam powered design. Most notably, the Hulkbuster now has two rockets on its back with tubes interconnected throughout its body.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Cerebro
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Professor X’s mutant-detecting helmet Cerebro also receives a retro technological downgrade in its steampunk variant. The original X shaped visor is replaced by goggles iconic to the steampunk aesthetic and most of its metal components are now made of copper. It also has a more rudimentary design with exposed wires all over the helmet and the standard steampunk tubing connected in the back.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Sentinel
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Available through the Day of Future Past season pass, the steampunk variant for Sentinel does a great job of transforming this mechanical monstrosity into a more archaic version of itself. The design blends elements of the steampunk and biopunk aesthetic, enveloping the Sentinel in smog as it towers over a city. However, it still includes classic elements of the steampunk genre like the tanks on its back connected by tubing to the rest of its body. Plus, the green and magenta color palette makes this card quite striking to look at.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Falcon
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Falcon’s steampunk variant incorporates elements of the steampunk inventor trope to give this hero a unique interpretation of his classic design. Rather than a futuristic wingsuit, Falcon is wearing minimal armor with wings made from what appears to be canvas and feathers. The mechanics of his wings feature multiple large gears, another common feature of the steampunk genre.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Yellowjacket
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

What seems like an odd choice of a character to receive a steampunk variant actually works quite well in this art style. Yellowjacket’s insect-like design is enhanced within this aesthetic with his helmet featuring bug-eyed goggles and the exposed wiring throughout his suit looking like hairs on the legs of an insect. The bronze plating of Yellowjacket’s armor completes the design by fitting with the usage of bronze in the steampunk aesthetic while keeping his titular coloring.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Wasp
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Like Yellowjacket, Wasp is another insect-themed character to get a fantastic translation to the steampunk look in her steampunk variant. Her helmet, while not as distinctly bug-like as Yellowjacket, fits her character and gives her a more archaic sci-fi design. Her wings aren’t the same low-tech fabric look of Falcon’s and instead have a more organic feel to them. Unlike Yellowjacket, Wasp doesn’t feature any exposed wiring and instead sports a more classic outfit with plates of armor covering her underclothes. The inclusion of the old-school microscope and test tubes in the background is also a nice touch.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Bishop
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Bishop’s steampunk variant leans more into the “punk” side than the “steam” side. His outfit is less mechanical than others, but it still has the distinct combination of leather and belts that is common within the steampunk genre. The gun in Bishop’s hand is more inline with the classic steampunk look sporting a copper plating, oversized scope, and tubing throughout the grip. The blue, copper, and red color palette are a great callback to Bishop’s original design while altering it just enough to give him a clear steampunk feel.

Moon Girl

Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Moon Girl
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Everything about Moon Girl’s steampunk variant looks like it was pulled straight out of the genre. Her outfit checks all of the steampunk boxes with its leather belts, copper armor, and frilled collar. She’s even wearing the classic steampunk goggles. Add in her steam-powered skates and Devil Dinosaur sporting some copper armor in the background, and this card has everything a steampunk fan could ask for.


Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Destroyer
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

Destroyer is one of the best steampunk variant art cards in Marvel Snap because it encapsulates the threatening mechanical nature of the character while also portraying it as a fantastic representation of a steampunk automaton. From its glowing chest plate to the exhaust vents on its back, the steampunk variant for Marvel Snap’s Destroyer card has all the hallmarks of a steam-powered machine. The color palette of this card also fits nicely in the steampunk aesthetic with its orange background contrasting with the silver of the Destroyer. The added details of the exposed wiring along its body only adds to the overall feel of this design.

The Infinaut

Marvel Snap Steampunk Variant Infinaut
(Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse / Drew Swanson)

The only card that better fits the mechanical steampunk look better than the Destroyer is the Infinaut. This imposing figure in the Marvel universe shows how well his cosmic origins blend with the steampunk aesthetic in this card. His mechanical suit features bronze plating and exposed wires, as well as glowing light bulbs on his helmet and shoulders, further enhancing his retro look. The red and green lights on his suit comically look like traffic lights in this design, but that only adds to the charm and appeal of this Marvel Snap steampunk variant.

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