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Best Card Combos in Marvel Snap

Filling your deck with good cards is only half the strategy of Marvel Snap. The other half requires players to know how to effectively use those cards to their advantage. There are a variety of cards that provide great synergy when used in tandem, but a few combos in Marvel Snap stand out as being particularly powerful. That’s why we’ll be breaking down the best Marvel Snap combos that you can pull off to help give you the edge over your opponent.

10 Best Marvel Snap Card Combos, Ranked Good to Best

Let’s dive head first into the best Marvel Snap combos you can find and take a look at how to use them most effectively!

Multiple Man + Phoenix Force

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Multiple Man Phoenix Force
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

While this combo can be a bit tricky to pull off, it can give players a huge advantage if they’re successful. This combo relies on Multiple Man’s ability to put a copy at the previous location any time the card moves, along with Phoenix Force’s ability to revive one destroyed card, merging with it and allowing the card to move freely.

Multiple Man has a Cost of 2, so ideally he will need to be played on turn two. Players then need to destroy him using a card like Carnage or Deathlok the following turn. This ensures the 5-Cost Phoenix Force can be played on turn five at the latest.

If done correctly, the revived Multiple Man will have merged with Phoenix Force for a total Power of 8 and can move on turn six. This movement activates Multiple Man’s ability, giving players two 8-Power cards that can make a huge difference at the end of the match.

Luke Cage + Hazmat

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Luke Cage Hazmat
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Rather than powering-up your own cards, this combo focuses on decreasing the Power of your opponent’s cards. Hazmat is a great 2-Cost/2-Power card with the On Reveal ability to inflict all cards with -1 Power. Normally, this would come at the cost of your own cards’ Power as well.

However, Luke Cage can be played alongside Hazmat to remove the negative effects of this ability. Like Hazmat, Luke Cage is another 2-Cost/2-Power card with an Ongoing ability that prevents your cards from having their Power lowered. Playing these cards in tandem creates a combo that lowers the Power of all of your opponent’s cards while leaving your own cards unchanged.

Mobius M. Mobius + Wave

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Mobius Wave
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Mobius M. Mobius is a recent addition to Marvel Snap that has been causing quite a shake-up within the meta. He is a 2-Cost/3-Power card that prevents opponents from lowering the Cost of their cards while also preventing your cards from having their Cost increased. This can be a headache for players running bounce decks and other archetypes that rely on lowering the Cost of their cards.

However, Mobius can be even more devastating when paired with Wave. She is a 3-Cost/3-Power card with an On Reveal ability that sets the Cost of all cards to 4 until the end of the next turn. While normally this helps lower the Cost of more powerful cards with the downside of increasing the Cost of weaker ones, pairing Wave with Mobius can be greatly beneficial.

Together, player can increase the cost of their opponent’s weaker cards to 4 while removing the advantageous effect of lowering their more powerful cards’ Costs. In turn, they can lower the Cost of their own most powerful cards without worrying about increasing the Cost of their own weaker cards.

Kitty Pryde + The Collector

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Kitty Pryde The Collector
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Bounce decks are a popular archetype in Marvel Snap, and a key card within this deck type is The Collector. Given that the goal of bounce decks is to return cards to the player’s hand using the abilities of cards like Beast or Falcon, The Collector is a highly beneficial addition.

He is a 2-Cost/0-Power card that gains +1 Power every time a card enters your hand from anywhere other than your deck. This means the more cards that return to your hand, the greater The Collector’s Power grows.

With this ability in mind, Kitty Pryde is the ideal card to combo with The Collector, as her ability allows her to return to the player’s hand at the start of each turn and gain +1 Power. While she starts as a 1-Cost/0-Power card, Kitty Pryde can quickly gain Power if played early in the game. If The Collector is on the field, players can boost the Power of both cards each turn for double the Power potential.

Galactus + Alioth

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Galactus Alioth
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Galactus can be a controversial card within Marvel Snap. It’s a 6-Cost/5-Power card with the On Reveal ability to destroy all other locations if the player is winning that location and if it is their only card there.

This ability can be hard to counter, as most players aren’t expecting to go from battling for control of three locations to one. Galactus is usually played sooner than turn six by using cards like Wave or Electro, but this strategy opens the door for opponents to trump its Power on the final turn.

However, the recently added Alioth card can pair with Galactus for a near unbeatable combo. Alioth is a 5-Cost/3-Power card with the On Reveal ability to destroy all cards your opponent played at its location this turn, including unrevealed cards.

While this is a devastating ability on its own, playing Alioth on turn six after Galactus on turn five essentially guarantees victory for the player, since Alioth will destroy anything your opponent plays on the final turn.

Arnim Zola + Black Panther

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Arnim Zola Black Panther
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Black Panther is already a deceptively powerful card. He has a Cost of 5 and base power of 4. However, his On Reveal ability doubles his Power, giving him a total Power of 8. This Power can be increased further through a variety of card combos, but there’s a particular one in Marvel Snap that stands out as the most useful of the bunch.

Utilizing Arnim Zola’s ability can yield two Black Panthers for the player with crazy Power potential. Arnim Zola is a 6-Cost/0-Power card with the On Reveal ability to destroy one card at a location and play copies of it at the other two.

If Black Panther is played alone at a location on turn five, players can play Arnim Zola on turn six to destroy Black Panther and play copies of him at other locations. The best part about this strategy is that cards with On Reveal abilities activate them again when this happens.

As a result, players can go from having one Black Panther with 8 Power to two, with 16 Power each, for a major Power swing at the end of a match.

Wong + Mystique + Ironheart 

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Wong Mystique Ironheart
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Most On Reveal decks in Marvel Snap will want to take advantage of Wong’s Ongoing ability that allows On Reveal effects to happen twice at his location. As a 4-Cost/2-Power card, Wong isn’t typically played until later in the game. However, when played at the right time, Wong can set up a very powerful combo. 

After Wong is played, players can drop Mystique on the same location to double the number of times On Reveal abilities are activated. This can occur because of Mystique’s ability to copy the Ongoing ability of the last card you played.

To finish off this triple-threat combo, players can drop Ironheart on turn six to have her On Reveal ability activate four times and give three friendly cards +2 Power each time for a total of +24 Power across the board. This combo may require three cards to set up, but can grant a massive Power swing at the end of the game.

Shuri + Red Skull + Taskmaster

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Shuri Red Skull Taskmaster
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Another way to get a massive Power swing at the end of a game is by using the combo of Shuri, Red Skull, and Taskmaster. While this combo has seen some nerfs in recent months, it is still one of the most consistently strong combos in Marvel Snap.

Shuri’s ability doubles the Power of the next card played at the same location. Players should start by ensuring they play Shuri at a location that will be available to them next turn. 

The following turn, players can play Red Skull at the same location as Shuri to turn its 14 Power into 28 Power. Even though Red Skull’s ability give opposing cards at this location +2 Power, the total power this combo offers the player is well worth it.

Finally, players can play Taskmaster at another location on the final turn. Doing so allows Taskmaster to copy the Power of the last card played, that being Red Skull in this case. As a result, players end up with two 28-Power cards that can be tough for opponents to overcome.

Invisible Woman + MODOK + Hela

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Invisible Woman MODOK Hela
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

The combo of Invisible Woman, MODOK, and Hela can create one of the best discard deck strategies in all of Marvel Snap.

Invisible Woman is a 2-Cost/2-Power with the Ongoing ability that prevents cards at her location from being revealed until the game ends. The goal of this strategy is to play MODOK and Hela at this same location on turn five and six respectively.

To best utilize this tactic, players should fill their deck with high-power cards like The Infinaut, Giganto, and Magneto. This way, when the game ends, MODOK’s ability will activate first and cause the player to discard their entire hand. Afterwards, Hela’s ability will resurrect all discarded cards, allowing players to fill their side of the field with multiple high-power cards for essentially no cost.

Invisible Woman is required here to prevent MODOK’s ability from activating while Hela is still in your hand, which would nullify this strategy.

Daredevil + Professor X 

Marvel Snap Best Card Combos Daredevil Professor X
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

One of the simplest combos is also one of the best card combos in Marvel Snap. Lockdown decks are popular in the meta due to their ability to completely shut down opponents’ strategies.

A key card within the lockdown archetype is Professor X, a 5-Cost/3-Power card with the Ongoing ability that prevents any cards from being added or removed from a location. If players can play Professor X on a location they are winning, he essentially allows them a guaranteed win at that location. 

However, timing Professor X correctly can be challenging, as he needs to be played on turn five to be effective. If the player ends up playing him at the same location as their opponent and their opponent plays a higher Power card, they’ve effectively lost that location.

Luckily, the high risk associated with Professor X can be mitigated with Daredevil’s ability. It allows the player to see where their opponent will play their cards on turn five. Having Daredevil on the field before turn five means the player can play Professor X around their opponent’s cards and ensure they can lockdown a location without fear of losing it to their opponent.

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