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10 Best Baby Variant Art Cards in Marvel Snap, Ranked

Baby art card variants are among the most common Marvel Snap variants, but they also showcase some of the funniest artwork in the game. Getting to see some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains as adorable babies is endlessly amusing. As such, these variants have become some of the most popular in Marvel Snap. However, not all are equally endearing and some are much more sought after than others. That’s why today we are breaking down the best baby variant art cards in Marvel Snap, and ranking them based on how well they fit the character and how charming the artwork is.

Best Baby Variants in Marvel Snap, Ranked Good to Great

Let’s dive right into our list of the best baby variant art cards in Marvel Snap, ranked from cute to adorable!

Black Cat

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Black Cat
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Anti-hero and notable Spider-Man ex Black Cat playfully embodies her namesake in her Marvel Snap baby variant artwork. Much like a kitten would, this tiny version of Black Cat can be seen chasing a ball of yarn, ready to pounce on it. While typically Black Cat is known for chasing jewels and other valuables, it seems her cat-like instincts have taken over in this adorable incarnation of the character.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant She-Hulk
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

As a character with impressive super strength, there’s something comical about a baby variant of She-Hulk. Her baby variant in Marvel Snap in particular is endearing as it shows this small version of a hero with a typically massive stature punching a hole through a wall. While the usual sly smirk of She-Hulk is still present on her expression, the miniature build of this variant looks a lot less intimidating despite her active pose punching towards the player.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant Nebula
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Nebula is usually characterized by her cold, stoic personality, so it’s a fun change of pace to see her as a baby in this Marvel Snap variant art. She is portrayed with a wide, almost sinister grin on her face as she pilots a ship through the galaxy. The black and pink background of space along with the planets Nebula is zipping past make this artwork very active for the eye to look at. Meanwhile, attention is drawn to the center of the card where Nebula is firing a laser mounted on her ship despite being a baby.

Doctor Doom

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Doctor Doom
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

One of Marvel’s most intimidating villains is a lot less threatening when portrayed as a baby. Doctor Doom’s universe-conquering ambitions are present even in this infantile form as he is shown playing with dolls of heroes like Thor and Iron Man. Other characters like Deadpool, Hulk, Magneto, and even Galactus can be seen in doll form in this artwork. Although clearly a child, Doctor Doom is still clad in his iconic nuclear-powered titanium armor. The fact that he still wears a child-sized version of this armor makes this art all the more amusing and removes his intimidating elements.

Miles Morales

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Miles Morales
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Miles is really putting the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” moniker to use in the artwork as this adorable version of the hero can be seen hanging upside down giving a friendly wave. Aside from the iconic Spider-Man pose, Miles’ baby variant also has a look to its artwork that utilizes the red and black motifs of his suit as the background of this card. Not only is this a cute version of the web-slinger, but it is just as cool as the adult version of the character is.

Black Panther

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Black Panther
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

On first look, this baby variant of Black Panther comes across as more cool than cute. He can be seen perched atop a cliff with a moonlit backdrop behind him. The dark colors of his suit and the cliff are nicely contrasted against the yellow glow of the background. However, looking closer at Black Panther’s pose makes this card a lot cuter when considering his large proportioned head and arched back that give him more the appearance of a kitten than a panther.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant Deadpool
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

The Merc with a Mouth looks particularly comical in his baby art variant in Marvel Snap. Not only does he have the cute, baby-like proportions featured in this series of cards, but his pose slumped against a wall with suction cup darts scattered around his head is accurate to the kinds of hijinx a baby version of the character would get up to. He even has one stuck right to his forehead which prompts the pictograph “screw u” thought bubble above his head. The combination of these elements make this beloved character even more endearing.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant Morbius
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Of all the baby variant art cards in Marvel Snap, Morbius perhaps looks the most like an infant. As a vampire, it’s quite funny seeing a little Morbius drinking blood from a bottle. Additionally, he seems to be floating above a tombstone that reads “Nap in Peace,” which is a fitting epitaph for an undead baby. Not only is the composition of this art adorable, but the style itself has the feel of a children’s picture book that enhances the overall child-like design.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant Venom
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

While not a traditionally cute card, one of the best baby variant art cards in Marvel Snap is Venom. This card features the grotesque symbiote in a somewhat sillier form, but keeps menacing elements such as his iconic teeth and tongue. The best part about Venom’s baby art variant is the fact that he is holding and licking a Spider-Man lollipop. It’s a combination of unsettling and comedic that just works for a character like Venom in a child-like form.


Marvel Snap Baby Variant Galactus
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Following a similar theme to Venom’s baby variant, what makes Galactus the best baby variant art card in Marvel Snap is the fact that he is enjoying a lollipop made of the planet Earth. Far from being baby sized, this version of Galactus is still the planet-devouring monstrosity he usually is, but is a lot cuter in terms of proportions. The artwork also features heroes like Captain Marvel, Spectrum, America Chavez, Black Panther, and Blue Marvel attempting to stop Galactus. It seems their efforts are in vain as he is still happily licking a planet-sized lollipop.

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