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Best Cards to Upgrade in Marvel Snap

While deck building and battling is the primary focus of Marvel Snap, knowing which cards to upgrade is almost equally as important. Upgrading your cards allows you to increase your collection level, which can help unlock new cards to make your deck stronger.

To upgrade cards, you’ll need both enough Credits and Boosters to do so. Each upgrade level comes with a different number of both currencies required to reach it. When trying to upgrade cards in the most efficient way possible, it can be tricky to manage these currencies to come up with the optimal strategy.

That’s why in today’s guide, we’re going over the best cards to upgrade in Marvel Snap and giving you some tips on how best to go about the upgrading process.

Marvel Snap Card Rarity Levels

There are a total of 7 rarity levels for each card in Marvel Snap.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

There are a total of six upgrade levels for cards in Marvel Snap beyond the base Common rarity. Each level requires its own specific number of Credits and Boosters to achieve, and yields a certain number of Collection Levels:

  • Uncommon: 25 Credits and 5 Boosters – Gain 1 Collection Level
  • Rare: 100 Credits and 10 Boosters – Gain 2 Collection Levels
  • Epic: 200 Credits and 20 Boosters – Gain 4 Collection Levels
  • Legendary: 300 Credits and 30 Boosters – Gain 6 Collection Levels
  • Ultra: 400 Credits and 40 Boosters – Gain 8 Collection Levels
  • Infinity 500 Credits and 50 Boosters – Gain 10 Collection Levels

Best Card Upgrade Strategy in Marvel Snap

Let’s dive right into our Marvel Snap card upgrade strategy guide.

Upgrade Common Cards First

Upgrade common cards first in Marvel Snap.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

As a general rule, the best cards to upgrade in Marvel Snap are ones still in their base form, which is the Common level rarity. These are cards that still have a gray border around them. To upgrade these cards, you will need 25 Credits and 5 Boosters.

Since the requirements for upgrading these cards is low, it’s a great idea to start out upgrading all of your Common cards before moving on to higher level ones that require more resources. This tactic will help maximize the Collection Levels you earn while spending the least amount of resources.

Maximize Your Credits

You'll need a lot of credits to upgrade your cards.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

A part of maximizing your upgrade efficiency in Marvel Snap is ensuring you’re not only using your Credits efficiently, but also capitalizing on every opportunity to earn more.

Credits can be earned in a variety of ways including through daily and weekly challenges and the free track of the Season Pass. Additionally, you can claim 50 Credits for free each day by visiting Marvel Snap’s shop tab.

You also have a chance to earn Credits from Collector’s Reserves once you reach high Collection Levels, however, this is not a guarantee. Keeping up with these tasks will ensure you have enough Credits to make upgrading cards manageable.

Maximize Boosters for Cards You Want to Upgrade

Maximize Boosters for the cards you want to upgrade in Marvel Snap.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

The other component necessary for upgrading cards in Marvel Snap are Boosters. Along with Credits, you will need a certain number of card-specific Boosters per upgrade level.

The easiest way to maximize your Boosters is to use the card you want to upgrade frequently in matches. You have a chance of earning Boosters for a specific card after each match, meaning the cards you use the most frequently will likely collect the most Boosters.

As such, some of the best cards to upgrade in Marvel Snap are the ones you find yourself using the most. You can also gain Boosters from certain bundles and from the paid track of the Season Pass.

Avoid Fast Upgrades

Avoid Fast Upgrades.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

While on the shop tab, you may be tempted to take advantage of the Fast Upgrade option available for some cards. This method of upgrading cards is usually not worth the investment and should generally be avoided.

The Fast Upgrade option exists for players who are short on Boosters for certain cards to spend extra Credits in place of the required boosters. However, Credits are the much more valuable resource, making this method ultimately a worse value than the traditional upgrade system.

Besides, if you really want to upgrade your favorite card, you’re likely already swimming in boosters from using it so much.

Split Your Cards Once They Reach Infinity

Split your cards when they reach Infinity.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

This may seem like an obvious strategy, but it can be a simple way to get brand new Common cards from ones you likely already have a ton of boosters for. The highest level for upgrading a card is Infinity, which requires 500 Credits and 50 boosters for a card at the Ultra level.

Once a card reaches Infinity, you’ll have the option to split it into two: one having the Infinity border around it, and the other being a variant with a special background in its base form. For each card that reaches Infinity, you will be able to receive a new split variant as a Common card.

Variants count as their own separate cards, meaning you can start from scratch on upgrading your new card as soon as another one hits Infinity.

Focus on Upgrading Your Favorites

Focus on upgrading your favorite cards in Marvel Snap.
Image: Second Dinner Studios, Nuverse via HGG / Drew Swanson

Once you’ve upgraded all of your Common cards, the best strategy from there is to upgrade your favorites in Marvel Snap. There is no best upgrade path for cards after you’ve upgraded all of your Common cards at least once, so focus on the cards that you find the most appealing.

Some players like to find a border that matches with the artwork on a variant they like. Others want to reach Infinity and get as many splits on their most-used card as they can. As long as you stick to the above guidelines, there’s not really a correct way to upgrade your cards further, so have fun upgrading your favorites however you like.

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Hopefully, this card upgrade strategy guide helps you to understand what are the best cards to upgrade in Marvel Snap. Let us know what your favorite card is in the comments down below!

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Happy gaming!


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