The Best Pool (Series) 4 Cards in Marvel Snap, Ranked

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The Best Pool (Series) 4 Cards in Marvel Snap, Ranked

Pool 4 is one of the rare series of cards in Marvel Snap, and it's home to some of the game's strongest cards!

Marvel Snap introduces new cards every season with the latest additions ending up in either Series 4 or Series 5. Occasionally, cards will drop a series and become more accessible to players looking to collect them. However, with the addition of Spotlight Caches, series drops have become less frequent with January 2024’s being the first since Spotlight Caches were introduced. Now that more cards have been added to the Series 4 pool, there are even more cards available that I think are worth adding to your deck.

I’ll be breaking down the best Series 4 cards currently in Marvel Snap, explaining why you might want some and why others aren’t worth your time. 


I’ve ranked the cards below from good to great!

#12 Daken

Daken is an overall solid card that I have found to be quite versatile. From how I’ve used him, he can find a niche in both Discard and Destroy decks. Additionally, I think Daken is a great addition to these decks types that also feature Silver Surfer since he can benefit from Silver Surfer’s ability.

For being a 3-Cost/4-Power card, I think Daken has more potential than he would appear. His On Reveal ability adds a Muramasa Shard to your hand, which doubles Daken’s Power when discarded or destroyed. I’ve found the most success pairing him with cards like Colleen Wing or Killmonger to guarantee the Muramasa Shard can double Daken’s Power, but he also works well with cards that increase his Power like Silver Surfer or Nakia so that he gets even more Power when Muramasa shard doubles it.

#11 Silver Samurai

Part of the reason I like Silver Samurai so much is that he adds to the tools Discard decks have available for targeting certain cards for discard. Silver Samurai is a 4-Cost/5-Power card with an On Reveal ability that forces both players to discard the lowest-Power card in their hands. While this can be useful for taking out opponent’s cards like Arnim Zola and Iron Man, it can also help players target specific cards in their own hand as well.

I like to use Silver Samurai in most of my Discard decks since he pairs well with a card like Swarm, who is a great target for discarding since he’s replaced with two 0-Cost copies when discarded. Silver Samurai is a lot like Colleen Wing and Blade in this sense, which I find helps make the Discard archetype more predictable and less dependent on RNG.

#10 Snowguard

Snowguard has gone through a lot of reworks since she was introduced to Marvel Snap. She’s gone from what I believe to be one of the worst cards in the game, to a very useful card for a specific deck archetype. Snowgaurd’s 1-Cost and 2-Power make her a low-Cost option to play early in the game, but I believe it’s her On Reveal ability that adds both the Hawk and Bear cards to your hand that makes her really stand out.

The Snowguard Hawk card allows you to ignore all location abilities until the end of the next turn, while the Snowguard Bear allows you to trigger the location effect where it’s played again. What makes Snowgaurd even better is when she is paired with Loki to help you fill your hand with cards before using Loki’s ability to change them into lower-Cost versions of your opponent’s cards. From my experience, this can be a fantastic way of getting a bigger hand size for a very low Cost, and I think a lot of players are sleeping on Snowguard.

#9 Ravonna Renslayer

Ravonna Renslayer is another card that was released on the weaker side and has since been buffed to a place where I find she is quite useful in Marvel Snap‘s current meta. She is currently a 2-Cost/3-Power card with the Ongoing ability to reduce the cost of your cards with 1 or less Power by 1. While her ability has stayed the same, her Cost and Power have fluctuated, but I find them to be in a solid position now.

This card is best used in junk decks that utilize cards with negative Power like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin to fill your opponent’s side of the field with junk. With Ravonna Renslayer’s ability, the Cost to play these cards is reduced by one, meaning you can play them earlier in a match. I’ve found success with this strategy since most opponents won’t expect an early Green Goblin or Hobgoblin, and you can easily disrupt their strategy with these cards.

#8 Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde has had a wild Marvel Snap history, initially being pulled from the game due to a bug and undergoing multiple rebalances. However, she is now sitting as a solid Pool 4 card, and I’d say she is one of the best cards for the bounce archetype. While she has been stronger in the past, I almost always have her in my bounce decks.

She is a 1-Cost/1-Power card that returns to your hand at the start of each turn and gains +1 Power. I find she works best when used alongside cards like The Collector, Bishop, and Angela. The Collector gains Power every time Kitty Pryde returns to your hand, and she works well as a 1-Cost card that can be consistently played each turn to boost both Angela’s and Bishop’s Power.

#7 Man-Thing

With the recent nerf to Luke Cage, Man-Thing has become a more useful card than ever. It’s a 4-Cost/5-Power card with an Ongoing ability that reduces the Power of 1, 2, and 3-Cost cards at a location by -2. I find that Man-Thing is the perfect compliment to a High Evolutionary deck that focuses on reducing your opponent’s cards’ Power.

While I have encountered situations where Man-Thing will reduce the Power of my own 1, 2, and 3-Cost cards, you can counter this issue somewhat by playing Luke Cage at the same location. Placing Man-Thing at a location where your opponent has a lot of these lower-Cost cards can result in some drastic Power reduction, and I’ve found it’s a great strategy for getting Abomination on the field easily.

#6 Nimrod

I think Nimrod is one of the most underrated cards in Marvel Snap. This card can quietly be a huge threat in the right decks. I’ve used him in destroy decks with Shuri to great effect. While he may be a 5-Cost/6-Power card on the surface, he can easily add so much more value to your play style.

I like to combo Nimrod with Shuri, playing him on turn 5 after playing Shuri the previous turn, to double Nimrod’s Power. Then on the final turn, I’d play a card like Carnage or Venom to destroy Nimrod and activate its ability, which puts a copy of the card at each other location. The beauty of this strategy is that Nimrod is essentially immune to Shang-Chi, since being destroyed again would just create more copies!

#5 Legion

Legion is another deceptively strong card in Marvel Snap, and I’ve used him in many deck types with great results. He is already quite powerful as a 5-Cost/7-Power card. However, what makes Legion such a menace is his On Reveal ability to change all other locations to the one he’s played at.

I think this ability makes Legion a must-use card for any control or lockdown decks. I like to play Legion after Flooding a location with Storm so that all locations become Flooded and my opponent is unable to play anything anymore. Legion can also be a surprise for opponents who use Magik to transform a location into Limbo thinking they have an extra turn, only to have Legion change the location again and end the match early.

#4 Zabu

Even after Zabu was nerfed, he just went from having a fantastic ability to what I believe to still be a really good one. He is a 2-Cost/2-Power card with the Ongoing ability to reduce the Cost of your 4-Cost cards by 1.

Previously, he lowered their Cost by 2, making him an extremely powerful card. However, even reducing their Cost by 1 is quite good and I’ve used him with Sera to reduce their Cost even further.

While no longer the must-use card he once was, I still think Zabu is a very good and card and can fit into some of the best decks in Marvel Snap.


The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, or MODOK, has become a staple for discard decks in Marvel Snap. He is a 5-Cost/8-Power card with the On Reveal ability to discard your entire hand. I frequently win matches by using MODK in conjunction with other heavy hitters like Apocalypse and Hela.

I like to use the strategy of Invisible Woman, MODOK, and Hela to discard your entire hand and then bring all discarded cards back to the field on the final turn can easily turn the tide on your opponent. Plus, MODOK can help power up Apocalypse and guarantee it’s the only card left in your hand to capitalize on Dracula’s ability at the end of the game.

#2 Darkhawk

While a card like Blob poses a huge threat to Darkhawk, I still frequently see him used as the basis for some of the best decks in Marvel Snap. Darkhawk may be a 4-Cost card with a base Power of 0, but his Ongoing ability grants him +2 Power for each card in your opponent’s deck.

I’ve used decks that revolve around filling my opponent’s deck with junk cards and preventing them from playing cards to ensure Darkhawk gets the most Power possible. Cards like Rockslide, Korg, and Black Widow synergize well with Darkhawk thanks to this play style.

#1 Knull

To me, Knull is by far the best Series 4 card in Marvel Snap. Although he is a 6-Cost card with 0 base Power, much like Darkhawk, Knull’s ability is too good to pass up. He gains the combined power of every card destroyed in a match, making him a must-use card for destruction decks.

I use Knull in basically every destroy deck I try since he can reach insane potential Power levels in the right decks. I’ve run a strategy where I destroy Nimrod multiple times to gain copies of the card, then drop Knull for a massive Power swing on turn 6 that can be hard to counter.


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