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The 15 Coolest Card Variants in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is the perfect game for Marvel fans who love collecting cards. This is because the game features near endless amounts of variants of its iconic characters for players to collect. While some are more desirable than others, every player is sure to have their favorite. As the game continues to add new variants, it’s clear there are a few designs that stand the test of time and rise to the top of Marvel Snap variants. That’s why today we are looking at the 15 best variants in Marvel Snap and ranking them based on how good the design looks and how well they capture their character. 

Let’s jump right into our list of the best variants in Marvel Snap, ranked by how cool their art is and how well they represent the character depicted!

The cards below are ranked from good to great.

#15 Quinjet (Ghost Rider Variant)

Quinjet isn’t much of a character in the Marvel universe, simply being the jet that the Avengers travel in. However, in Marvel Snap it is a 1-Cost/2-Power card with the ability to reduce the Cost of cards that didn’t start in your deck by 1. What makes the Quinjet even more popular is its awesome Ghost Rider Variant that shows what happens when Robby Reyes AKA Ghost Rider takes control of this machine. The result is a fearsome Quinjet with a front like a burning skull akin to Ghost Rider’s Spirit of Vengeance. 

#14 Moon Knight (Midnight Suns Variant)

Marvel Snap’s recent crossover with Marvel’s Midnight Suns yielded some fantastic variants based on tarot cards. While each of these cards could be counted among the coolest in the game, the best of the bunch is Moon Knight’s Midnight Suns Variant. Appropriately, Moon Knight is depicted as the moon arcana from a traditional tarot deck. His cloaked persona can be seen holding the moon between his hands, and the black, white, and gold color palette only enhances the mystical quality of this artwork. 

#13 Iron Man (Rare Variant)

Arguably one of the most iconic Marvel characters is Iron Man. As such, his Marvel Snap appearance brings with it a handful of great variant designs. However, the best of these designs is likely the rare variant that depicts Iron Man in his classic costume. Not only is this variant a great throwback to Iron Man’s roost, but the active pose the hero is in surrounded by incoming missiles demonstrates the power and determination of Tony Stark in defending the world as an Avenger.

#12 Carnage (Dan Hipp Variant)

Dan Hipp variants are some of the most popular variants in Marvel Snap. Many players find this cartoonish art style a fun contrast to the other more serious depiction of Marvel characters on other variants. Out of all of the Dan Hipp variants in Marvel Snap, Carnage has to be the best. Carnage is normally a grotesque monster of a symbiote, and the Dan Hipp variant does a great job of translating this monstrosity into a bright, stylized card. The warm yellow and orange background colors are eye-catching, and the thick black outlines around Carnage help make the character pop while still giving him a menacing appearance.

#11 Man-Thing (Venomized Variant)

One of Marvel Snap’s newest additions also has one of the game’s best variants. Man-Thing was recently added as a part of Marvel Snap’s Bloodstone season, and with it came some incredible variant art. The best of these variants is the Venomized Variant, which depicts the already beastly Man-Thing as an even more horrifying abomination. Still dripping with swamp muck, this version of Man-Thing features Venom’s signature symbiote look, but gives the creature a large, drooling mouth on its abdomen. The addition of symbiote tendrils coming off of the creature is also a nice touch that enhances its gnarled look.

#10 Silver Surfer (Max Grecke Variant)

The cosmic herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer, has several awesome variants in Marvel Snap. However, the Max Grecke Variants is probably the coolest of these otherworldly designs. This variant portrays the Silver Surfer in an active pose, facing head on to the viewer. This pose combined with the dynamic background lines gives the card a lot of movement even without the in-game upgrades. The silver, pink, and purple color palette also help give the card a celestial feel fitting for the character.

#9 Magik (Tim Tsang Variant)

Although Magik has been a card in Marvel Snap for a long time, a recently added variant of hers may be one of the best in the game. Magik saw a bump in usage after she was changed from a 5-Cost card to a 3-Cost card. As a result, she has seen some popular new variants, the latest and greatest being the Tim Tsang Variant. This eye-catching art of Magik depicts her in a realistic style posed with her Soulsword. The background is a bright yellow which compliments her black armor, blonde hair, and affiliation with the X-Men. 

#8 Cyclops (Super Rare Variant)

Another X-Men character with an incredible variant in Marvel Snap is Cyclops. With the rise in Cyclops’ usage thanks to High Evolutionary, more players are getting to see some of his best  variants. The cream of the crop when it comes to Cyclops’ variants is his Super Rare Variant which features an intense action pose of the mutant firing his optic blast from his eyes. This variant has a lot of red energy swirling within, and the pained expression on Cyclops’ face is appropriate given the trials and tribulations Scott Summers has endured during his tenure as the X-Men’s leader.

#7 Knull (Super Rare Variant)

As the eldritch god of darkness and source of the symbiotes, Knull already has an edgy and sinister design. However, this look is even more exaggerated in his Super Rare Marvel Snap Variant where the true nature of his monstrous appearance is revealed. In this art, Knull stands with multiple gnarled limbs protruding from his back and mouths full of razor-sharp teeth on his knees. His face and mouth also adopt a look similar to those possessed by a symbiote with a grotesque tongue slithering out of it.

#6 Galactus (Flaviano Variant)

Galactus may be a controversial card in Marvel Snap, but he has some of the best variants in the game. The variant that best captures the celestial might of Galactus is his Flaviano Variant. This artwork depicts Galactus crushing a planet with a single hand. Additionally, the use of dramatic light and shadow makes the artwork pop even more. The purple, pink, and orange color palette is also a treat for the eyes.

#5 Mysterio (Super Rare Variant)

While not the most powerful card in Marvel Snap, the classic Spider-Man villain Mysterio has perhaps the creepiest variant in the game. Although Mysterio is a master of illusions that typically keeps his face hidden within his helmet, his Super Rare Variant in Marvel Snap reveals a horrifying look at his face. This detailed artwork shows a gaunt, sinister face behind Mysterio’s glass helmet. To add to the creepiness, eyes can be seen on the buttons of his cape.

#4 Darkhawk (Kim Jacinto Variant)

Darkhawk might be one of the lesser-known characters in Marvel Snap, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of some fantastic variants. The best Darkhawk variant has to be his Kim Jacinto Variant. This art envisions the hero in an almost anime-like art style with a heroic pose surrounded by crackling pink lightning. The color palette of this variant has to be its strongest point as the pink, purple, and teal all compliment each other immaculately.

#3 Ghost-Spider (Artgerm Variant)

Ghost-Spider is already a popular Marvel character, but her Artgerm Variant in Marvel Snap doubles her popularity. This is because the artwork for this variant also features Venom. In this variant, Spider-Gwen is portrayed as a Venomized version of herself alongside the symbiote host Venom. The style these characters are rendered in is not only beautiful but also gruesome and detailed. This variant was designed for fans of the Spider-Verse.

#2 Mobius M. Mobius (Dan Hipp Variant)

Marvel Snap’s Dan Hipp Variant for the recently-added Mobius M. Mobius card will surely delight many Marvel fans. Not only is this card rendered in Dan Hipp’s charming cartoon art style, but it features several cute references to Marvel’s Loki TV show. Mobius can be seen with a Loki election pin on his jacket while holding a Tempad from the TVA. To top it all off, Alligator Loki sits on Mobius’ shoulder as a reference to the fan-favorite Loki variant from the show.

#1 Kitty Pryde (Stormbreakers Variant)

It can be tough to choose just one card to represent the best of Marvel Snap given the sheer number of variants there are in the game. However, the Stormbreakers Variant for Kitty Pryde might just be the best variant in Marvel Snap. Kitty Pryde is already a popular character and powerful card in Marvel Snap. However, this variant has the sleek design and dynamic character representation to elevate her to even greater levels of popularity. The art is relatively simple, depicting the hero along with her dragon Lockheed emerging from a minimalist white background. The pose captures her ability to phase through solid matter and features the fan-favorite Lockheed not portrayed in her default artwork.

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