The Ultimate OSRS F2P Firemaking Guide (1-99)

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The Ultimate OSRS F2P Firemaking Guide (1-99)

Spark the flame, light the way. 

Ok, so Firemaking in OldSchool RuneScape isn’t the noblest or most heroic skill. Instead of wielding Ancient Magicks, slaying dragons, or bringing peace to the kingdom… you’re just lighting fires. But don’t let that discourage you. 

Firemaking may be one of the easiest skills in F2P OSRS to level up due to its simplicity. With a tinderbox and a full inventory of logs, you’re well on your way. The cost is still substantial, but perhaps less significantly so than some other skills you could buy resources to train. This combination of attributes makes it the ideal Netflix-and-Level F2P skill, and it may well be the most attainable Level 99 for most accounts.

Time to set things ablaze. Welcome to the 1-99 Firemaking guide OSRS F2P edition.

OSRS F2P Firemaking Guide: Disco Inferno

OSRS F2P FM Guide 1
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

RuneScape’s tutorial provides you with everything you need to start leveling Firemaking: an axe and a tinderbox. If you plan to source the logs yourself, you’ll likely want to upgrade your axe as you move into higher tier trees. But we’ll leave the Woodcutting part for another guide.

Whether you source your logs by axe or coin, they’ll all be ashes in the end. 

Like a Phoenix

OSRS F2P FM Guide 3
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

You’ll start any stretch of your Firemaking adventure at a bank. Any OSRS F2P Firemaking guide that says otherwise may be selling something.

Equip your best axe (if Woodcutting concurrently), grab a tinderbox, and fill the rest of your inventory with logs. Use whatever logs provide the best experience for your Firemaking level. Simple as that. 

Due to the animation where your character stoops low to start the flame then steps away, the easiest way is to find a long, clear stretch of road running East to West. Straight through the heart of Varrock and the area around the Grand Exchange are ideal places for this. If you want to level Woodcutting or need a change of scenery, feel free to experiment with the road through the heart of Falador or the area around Draynor Village.

OSRS F2P FM Guide 4
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

You’ll start with normal Logs, moving on through Oak, Willow, Maple, and Yew — the highest level tree that F2P players have access to. For our F2P Firemaking guide OSRS, we’ll end up touching on all of them. You’re likely to spend more time with the Willow and up logs, not just due to their higher experience per log, but due to cost reasons as well.

No other reagents or tools are standing between you and Level 99 at this point, just lots and lots of logs. Let’s take stock of the wood-covered road before us. 

Wood TypeExperience Per LogTarget LevelNumber Needed

It’s a pretty straightforward run. You’ll get to Maple relatively quickly, then spend the most time in Yew as there’s nothing for a Firemaking OSRS guide F2P writer to cover after it. Despite the lack of variation, you do have a few options in how you approach the grind.

Depending on the whims of the Grand Exchange, you may find that either Maple or Willow logs might offer a better gold-per-XP ratio on any given day. If you find your wallet hurting from Yew logs, you could switch to cranking out some inventories of the previous two wood tiers as needed. 

You could also take a little extra time to pick up the ashes left behind from a row of fires. Because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, you may find that ashes could fetch a tidy sum on the Grand Exchange — often more than the logs themselves cost for Maples and below. This could help recoup losses incurred if you’re purely purchasing logs for your Firemaking run. 

Wrapping Up the OSRS F2P Firemaking Guide

OSRS F2P FM Guide 2
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

However you go about it, you’d best settle in with Netflix, YouTube, or a good audiobook. You’ve got a relatively mindless grind ahead of you. But if you’re hot off the heels of an attention-intensive grind like PrayerCombat, or Runecrafting, perhaps a little productive inattention is precisely what you need. 

The OSRS Firemaking guide F2P may be brief, but it’s no less of an achievement for it. Once you’re 99 Firemaking, get your skill mastery cape and wear it with pride. You’ve burned more logs than most people saw their entire lives. And that’s a feat worth celebrating with a small burst of fireworks and a merry tune. 

If you plan to cut all the logs you’ll be burning, you’d best stick around for more guides to come!


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