The Ultimate OSRS Jad Guide: Loadout & Battle Sequence

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The Ultimate OSRS Jad Guide: Loadout & Battle Sequence

Potions clink softly in your backpack — insurance for a fight you know will eventually come. The only light that guides you through the cave is the dangerous, orange glow of lava roiling through fissures in the surrounding walls.

The man (or perhaps beast?) of molten rock calls after you from the entrance he guards, his gravelly voice echoing around the chamber like the rumble of a volcanic eruption.

“You’re on your own now, JalYt, prepare to fight for your life!”

You sense movement in the far corner. Something emerges from the shadows — more lava beasts. It’s fiery bats this time, but you know that somewhere at the end of this gauntlet, TzTok-Jad — the Obsidian Fire Elemental — waits to test your mettle. On the bright side, there’s a positively radiant fire cape to herald the accomplishment of anyone who can defeat him. 

Welcome to the TzHaar Fight Caves. You’re about to engage in the fight of your OldSchool RuneScape life, and this OSRS Jad Wave Guide will help you emerge, glorious and victorious, on the other side.

OSRS Jad Guide: Preparing For Jad

Jad Guide 3
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

You’ll see a lot of options when you type “Jad Fight Guide OSRS” into the search bar, but most of them focus on best-in-slot gear and expensive inventory loadouts. Not ours. This is OldSchool RuneScape — taking an old-school approach is right in the name. There’s something magical about making a run at the lava cape with the best of whatever gear you have on hand. This guide will focus less on perfection in practice and more on fun, challenge, and encouraging growth across what will likely be multiple attempts at earning your prize.

And hey, some guy even beat Jad at combat level 3, so who’s to say you need best-in-slot gear to stand a chance? 

That said, we will be focusing on some decent and moderately expensive gear and items. Perhaps not exactly what you might have used back in 2007, but in keeping with that spirit (with a set or two of top-tier gear). Many items will assume you’ve completed some quests, but we’ll try to call those out specifically in case you have some last-minute questing to do.

Loadout Commonalities

Jad Guide 5
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Regardless of the loadout you choose, you’ll find a few commonalities. Namely, you’re going to want to be in the 60-70+ range for the level(s) governing your chosen corner of the combat triangle. More is always better. 

Likewise, you’re going to want at least Level 43 Prayer for all the overhead Protect prayers. And you’re definitely going to want to brush up on your prayer flicking — taking on Jad and his minions will thoroughly test your ability to toggle prayers at a moment’s notice.  

When it comes to items, all loadouts will mainly use Saradomin brews for healing with Super restore potions to offset the stat reduction. Saradomin brews heal (and potentially boost your HP over the maximum) to the tune of 15% of your current HP level plus two while also boosting your Defense by 20% plus two. However, it lowers Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged by 10% plus two for each skill, so the Super restore potions can make that back with their 25% plus eight returned. 

Super restore potions also restore Prayer to keep you topped off there, but you’ll likely want to bring a few Prayer potions to fill up empty slots anyway.

Of course, like the Pirate’s Code, the following loadouts are merely guidelines — feel free to tweak and experiment with variations as desired or as best suits your available gear.

The Melee Loadout

Jad Guide 4
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

For a good melee Jad loadout, you’re going to need a little more than rune armor and a dragon longsword. While the best-in-slot folks ready their “well, actually…” cannons, let’s take a look at a decent mid-tier equipment list. 

Equipment SlotItem NameLevel RequirementsOther Requirements
HeadHelm of neitiznot55 DefenseThe Fremennik Trials quest completed
BackObsidian capeNoneNone
NeckAmulet of gloryNoneHeroes’ Quest
RingWarriors’ ringNoneNone
WeaponAbyssal whip70 AttackNone
ShieldToktz-ket-xil (Obsidian shield)60 DefenseNone
BodyObsidian platebody60 DefenseNone
LegsObsidian platelegs60 DefenseNone
FeetDragon boots60 DefenseNone
GlovesBest-in-slot for your levelNoneRecipe for Disaster subquests required for metal gloves

It’s not the best, but it’s certainly good enough in the right hands. Make sure your hands are the right ones. For the melee approach, you’ll want to fill up your backpack with the following:

Item NameNumber to Take
Super combat potion4
Saradomin brew8
Super restore potion14
Prayer potion2

Maybe you’re really, really good at prayer flicking. If so, you could fill those last two slots with more Saradomin Brew. Just keep the Super Combat potion to keep your melee skills topped off and overcharged — you’ll need every bit of Attack, Strength, and Defence you can get. 

Use the Saradomin brews to heal, offset with the Super restore potions, and keep yourself in the fight. Like all things melee, it’s quite simple on paper. The practice is where the rubber meets the road.

The Ranged Loadout

Jad Guide 7
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

For the Ranged loadout, I reached out to a good friend of mine who’s a bit better versed with bow, arrow, and blowpipe than I am. Because let’s be honest — an OSRS Jad Guide Blowpipe-free would be silly. 

This loadout falls on the more expensive side. Several best-in-slot items (or close to it) make an appearance here. But if you’re looking to deal some serious damage as a Ranger in the Tzhaar Fight Caves, this will be your go-to setup.

Equipment SlotItem NameLevel RequirementsOther Requirements
HeadVerac’s helm70 DefenseNone
BackAva’s accumulator50 RangedAnimal Magnetism
NeckAmulet of furyNoneNone
RingArchers ring (i)NoneNone
WeaponToxic blowpipe75 RangedNone
ShieldN/A (Blowpipe is 2h)N/AN/A
BodyKaril’s leathertop70 Defense/RangedNone
LegsKaril’s leatherskirt70 Defense/RangedNone
FeetRanger boots40 RangedNone
GlovesBarrows glovesNoneRecipe for Disaster subquests required for barrows gloves
AmmunitionHoly blessingNoneNone

The Toxic blowpipe is the star of the show here — the current best-in-slot Ranged weapon when it comes to raw DPS. You’ll need to charge it up with Zulrah’s scales and load it with darts before use. While that can cost a pretty penny, it’s worth it for the torrent of devastation you will unleash upon your foes. 

Since the ammunition is loaded right into the blowpipe, you can fill your ammo slot with a Holy blessing for that little extra Prayer edge. As far as the Ranger’s backpack goes, it should look something like this:

Jad Guide 6
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming
Item NameNumber to Take
Ranging potion3
Saradomin brew6
Super restore potion4
Prayer potion10
Stamina potion2

We see a bit of a different approach when it comes to the inventory. As a Ranger, you’ll want to supplement your Super restore potions with a few pure Ranging potions. Also, instead of relying entirely on Saradomin brews for healing, you can opt to bring some high healing items like Anglerfish along for the ride as well. If you’re not as comfortable with prayer flicking, the full complement of Prayer potions will undoubtedly keep you in the fight. Last but not least, the Stamina potions will keep you light on your feet — as you’re likely to be relocating a fair bit during the fight. 

The chinchompas are used like frag grenades to handle healers (Yt-MejKot and Yt-HurKot) even when you’re separated from them by a monster or two. 

The Magic Loadout

If you choose to run Magic in the Fight Cave, know that you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’s not impossible by any means, but it will be very challenging and very costly. If you’re a determined mage, you probably aren’t about to let that stop you, though. So let’s talk wizardry:

Equipment SlotItem NameLevel RequirementsOther Requirements
HeadAhrim’s hood70 Defense/MagicNone
BackObsidian capeNoneNone
NeckAmulet of the damnedNoneNone
RingSeers ring (i)NoneNone
WeaponAhrim’s staff70 Attack/MagicNone
ShieldBook of darknessNoneNone
BodyAhrim’s robetop70 Defense/MagicNone
LegsAhrim’s robeskirt70 Defense/MagicNone
FeetDragon boots60 DefenseNone
GlovesBarrows glovesNoneRecipe for Disaster subquests required for barrows gloves
AmmunitionHoly blessingNoneNone

The full Ahrim’s set, staff, and Amulet of the damned will give you a lovely bonus to critical hits and overall magic damage. Not to mention that this loadout allows you to cast Ancient Magicksassuming you’ve completed Desert Treasure (which you really should).

Ancient Magicks Blitz or Barrage spells will be your go-to offensive spells here. That means you’ll need lots of Death runes, Blood runes, and Water runes. At least 82 Magic is required to cast the best Blitz spells. And you’re going to need them if you want to survive.

Item NameNumber to Take
Blood runes4000-8000 (less for Ice, more for Blood)
Water runes6000 (only if planning to use Ice Blitz/Barrage)
Death runes4000-8000 (less for Blitz, more for Barrage)
Saradomin brew10
Super restore potion5
Prayer potion10

Aside from the runes required, the items you’ll need for a Magic run are like a familiar song. Saradomin brews for health, Super restore to recover the Defence you’ll need to survive, and Prayer potions to keep those overheads up. 

The Pure Loadout

Look, I get it. Some folks like their pure characters. Time to shift gears into the OSRS Pure Jad Guide part of this presentation.

But frankly, you’re going to have a rough go any way you slice it. Maybe not level 3 combat rough, but rough nonetheless.

Depending on what kind of pure you are — Strength, Ranged, or perhaps even Magic — you’ll want to take the best of the loadouts above and swap out anything that you simply can’t equip. There won’t be a clean-cut guide for your situation, unfortunately. And anyone who tells you differently is selling something. 

But your tenacity and raw determination led you to level a pure account thus far. I have no doubt those same attributes will lead you to victory. If you have a good pure loadout, send it to us. Perhaps we’ll do an update to this piece with specific pure loadouts that produced fire capes. And your name will be immortalized for all the High Ground Gaming crew to see.

OSRS Jad Guide: The Fight of Your Life

Jad Guide 2
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

When you’ve got your back to the wall and fighting just to survive another wave, you’ll want to take every advantage you can get. Consider the picture above — there’s a handy sweet spot by that Italy-looking chunk of rock where you can keep the big boys at bay while you’re landing Ranged attacks or spells. If you’re rolling melee, you’re not quite so lucky. So keep on top of your prayers, and you’ll do fine. 

You’ve got to survive sixty-three waves of increasingly difficult odds if you want to reach TzTok-Jad. And then, once you make it, you need enough gas in the tank to finish what you started. It’s a tall order any way you look at it.

Perhaps a little foresight can help you grind your way to the top. Rather than enumerate every wave in turn, let’s shine a spotlight on the monsters you’ll be facing in the order you’ll see them. Knowing is half the battle, of course. The other half is glorious violence. 

MonsterAttack Style(s)LevelStarting WaveTactics
Tz-Kih (Fiery bat)Melee221Keep at arm’s length to avoid Prayer drain.
Tz-Kek (Pile of lava)Melee45/223The level 45 breaks into two level 22 variants when killed. Does recoil damage when hit, so consider tanking.
Tok-Xil (Lava brute)Melee/Ranged907Can hit hard with Ranged attacks; pray Ranged at a distance if you can
Yt-MejKot (Lizard wizard)Melee18015These ones heal themselves and other monsters; higher priority
Ket-Zek (Thicc Salamander)Melee/Magic36031Slams you with Magic attacks. Try to avoid with sweet-spotting until you can focus down.
Yt-HurKot (Gray Lizard Wizard)Melee10863Sole purpose is to show up at the end and focus heal TzTok-Jad. Try to distract instead of killing to avoid respawning.
TzTok-Jad (Thiccest Salamander)Melee/Magic/Ranged70263This is it, the big boy himself. Study his attacks to learn when to switch overhead prayers. Keep the healers distracted so he won’t heal. Good luck.

Wrapping Up the OSRS Jad Guide

Jad Guide 1
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

So, you made it. Either you conquered Jad, or you’re well on your way. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t sweat it. No one’s ever made the first Jad run

Maybe you’ll be the first. Or maybe more practice is in order. Either way, I hope this TzTok Jad Guide OSRS spectacular has set your feet on a sure path to claiming the fire cape for yourself. 

We’ll see you in the next guide. 


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