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Old School RuneScape | The Feud Quest Guide

Beneath the harsh desert sun, bad blood can easily boil over into a feud. 

South of Al Kharid lies a vast expanse of golden sands known colloquially as the “Members’ Desert.” But unlike the cooler region north of the Shantay Pass, heat and thirst can pose just as great a threat there as any bandits with bared blades. 

In OSRS’ The Feud quest, you must form an alliance with Gielinor’s greatest merchant as you seek to restore peace to the beleaguered town of Pollnivneach and locate his missing nephew.

Welcome to High Ground Gaming’s OSRS The Feud Quest Guide!

Kharidian Nights

Quest Requirements

  • Level 30 Thieving
  • 2k+ GP
  • Beers
  • Bucket (1, spawns during quest)
  • Fake beard (1, purchasable from Ali Morrisane)
  • Kharidian headpiece (1, purchasable from Ali Morrisane)
  • Knife (1, used to refill waterskins via the Kharidian cactus)
  • Leather gloves (1)
  • Shantay pass (1+ depending on transits made, purchasable from Shantay)
  • Waterskin (1+ depending on time spent on foot, purchasable from Shantay)

To kick off The Feud Quest Guide for OSRS, speak with Ali Morrisane at his merchant’s stand on the northern edge of Al Kharid. Over the course of the conversation, you’ll learn that his nephew – also named Ali – has gone missing in the desert town of Pollnivneach. He tasks you with tracking him down.

The Feud 1
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

Purchase the Kharidian headpiece and fake beard from him before setting out. Also consider the desert clothes, as they will reduce your water consumption if you choose to slog through the dunes on foot. 

Head south to the Shantay Pass, buy your pass(es) and waterskin(s) from Shantay, and load up at the bank chest on any equipment you’ll need – like some weaponry, food, a knife, and energy items. 

The Feud 3
Image: Jagex via HGG

As soon as you’re through the pass, the sun will begin its merciless work. Every minute and a half or so you’ll take a drink from any water-carrying item in your inventory. This can be extended slightly by wearing those desert clothes you (hopefully) purchased from Ali Morrisane. Should you find yourself lost and low on water, you can slice open a Kharidian cactus to replenish a bit of your stores, or refill at any water source in the towns you find along the way. 

First things first, we need to get to Pollnivneach. 

Pollnivneach Peril

The Feud 2
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

You can walk there, sure – or you could pay the rug merchant nearby to take a magic carpet ride. Either way, as soon as you’re in town you’ll want to head straight to the pub. Purchase three beers and use them each in turn on Drunken Ali in the corner.

The Feud 5
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

He’ll reveal that while he doesn’t exactly know where Ali’s nephew is, he does suspect that the disappearance has something to do with the ongoing feud between two local gangs: the Menaphites and the Bandits.

Up on the northern end of town is an area positively infested with Bandits. Speak with one and they’ll tell you that the feud stems from a Menaphite camel theft, which could possibly be settled so long as the Menaphites returned a camel. 

Down on the western side of town you’ll find the Menaphites. Speak to one of the thugs to learn that you may actually be dealing with a two-way camel theft situation – one of the rarest and most complicated of feuds to unravel.

Fortunately, there’s a discount camel store in town! 

The Feud 4
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

Speak to Ali the Camel Man (sensing a theme, yet?) and offer him 500gp in exchange for two camel receipts. But after giving the Menaphites and the Bandits each a camel receipt, you’ll discover that goodwill simply isn’t sufficient to broker peace. You’ll have to join a gang and handle business from the inside.

Ali the Operator, in or around his grand tent in the Menaphite part of town, will be your ticket in. Speak to him to join the Menaphites – but of course, it’s not quite so simple. He wants to test your skills. First, you’ll have to pickpocket three villagers in Pollnivneach to demonstrate that you’re a worthy thief. 

The villagers are a wary bunch. You may be able to pickpocket the first with ease, but the latter two will give you some trouble. They’ll require unique approaches.

Den of Thieves

The Feud 7
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

The street urchin beside the pub will help you distract a villager for a cool 10gp. But just as before, this new technique will only work once. Head back to Ali the Operator to obtain a blackjack. Equip it and knock out a villager to pickpocket them while they’re unconscious. With that, the first trial is done. Speak with Ali the Operator to be given your second trial.

Next you’ll be burgling the mayor’s villa and stealing his wife’s jewels. For this, you’ll need the Kharidian headpiece and the fake beard. Use one on the other to make a disguise, then equip it along with your leather gloves. Hide behind the large cactus out front first to ensure no one’s home, then use the key Ali gave you on the front door and make your way upstairs. If you search the bed, you’ll find a note hinting that the Fibonacci sequence has something to do with the proceedings. 

In fact, the combination to the hidden jewel safe is the first six Fibonacci numbers (1-1-2-3-5-8). Search the landscape painting beside the bed to find the safe, then enter the numbers. You’ll retrieve the jewels automatically when it opens.

The Feud 6
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

After turning in the jewels, Ali the Operator has one last request as proof of your loyalty. He believes that there’s a traitor in the Menaphites – and he wants you to root the traitor out. 

Interview the other Menaphites for a lead in your investigation. The thugs suspect it may be Traitorous Ali, of course. Bring this information to Ali the Operator and he’ll ask you to take care of the situation.

Back at the pub, you can talk to Ali the Barman to learn that the table and beer opposite Drunken Ali belong to the traitor. Then speak to Ali the Hag at her house up on the hill about making a poison. She’ll ask you to bring her a snake. And fortuitously, there’s a snake charmer behind the pub. Dropping some coins in the charmer’s pot will prompt him to give you a snake charmer’s flute and a snake basket.  

Use the snake charmer’s flute on the desert snakes around Ali the Operator’s tent, then take the captured snake to Ali the Hag. The next ingredient she needs is a bit of fresh camel dung. In order to induce sudden and particularly fresh camel dung, you’ll want to speak to Ali the Kebab seller in town and ask for a bottle of his special red hot sauce.

The Feud 9
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

Grab a bucket from inside the discount camel store, then use the red hot sauce on the feeding trough in the camel pen. They’ll provide you with some potent, fresh dung in short order. Use the bucket on the dung while wearing leather gloves to scoop some up. As long as the dung isn’t green, you’re in the clear. Otherwise you will need to try again.

Cast Them Out

Take the dung to Ali the Hag to get the completed poison, then use it on Traitorous Ali’s drink. Report your misdeeds to Ali the Operator, and he’ll grant you permission to speak to the Menaphite Leader just north of the tent.

The Feud 8
Image: Jagex via HGG / Mitch Gentry

He’ll reveal that he doesn’t care about the Bandits so much as he does world domination. And that simply won’t do. When you challenge his plans, he’ll pit you against a level 75 Tough Guy, then teleport away once you emerge victorious.

The villagers, surprisingly, aren’t happy that you drove out the Menaphite leadership. Now they’re worried about the power vacuum that the Bandits are poised to fill. Head back to the rug merchant on the north-west edge of town to find the Bandit Leader. Like before, he’ll have a Bandit champion battle you for supremacy.

However, he won’t leave right away. He’ll suggest you talk to one of the villagers to see if they’ll thank you for driving out the gangs. And sure enough, they have nothing but sour grapes to offer you. 

… Why were we doing all this again? Oh, right – Ali’s nephew!

After speaking to the villager, Ali the Mayor will appear in the middle of town. Speak to him to learn that Ali’s nephew is safe, having been driven out of town for his speechcraft and mercantile sleight-of-hand. He remains hidden for now somewhere in the desert, until such a time as his merchanting services are needed.  

Head back to Ali Morrisane with the news to complete the The Feud quest and The Feud Quest Guide OSRS.

Beneath the Desert Sun

Quest Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 500gp
  • 15,000 Thieving XP
  • Blackjack
  • Desert Disguise
  • Access to the Pollnivneach villagers, bandits, and Menaphite Thugs for Thieving training

That’s a wrap for The Feud Quest Guide OSRS!

You found Ali’s nephew, disrupted the balance of power between desert gangs, and ended up buying that Kharidian headpiece and fake beard from the greatest merchant in all Gielinor despite your best efforts. Just another day’s work for an adventurer such as yourself.


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Thanks for following along with The Feud Quest Guide OSRS. Have fun on future adventures in the desert. We’ll see you in the next guide.

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